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07-11-2007, 16:28
I used to choose lots of level 1 spells like the basic fireball from death, fire and life in order to get the maximum amount of spells to case per turn, thus giving me as many free dice as possible, but I have now seen that sometimes the better 10+ spells do far more damage than multiple fireballs..

Pitt of shadows on undead or the 6th metal spell against knights (though it is much more annoying to have one of them scrolled)

So how do you pick your spells for your slann as we have so much freedom in doing so.

09-11-2007, 00:05
You're correct in noting that the 'machine gun' Slann is the most efficient way to generate bonus dice for a 2-gen... The problem is that you're liable to run out of cost-efficient targets for S4 magic missiles.

I generally don't run 'em 2nd Gen, to be honest. They're only really dice-efficient (as noted above) if you're treating them as S4 artillery pieces - but they cost more than, say, a full set of DE/HE bolt throwers, which aren't all that killy for their points to begin with!

I usually stick to a 4th gen with a 'rounded' spell selection. At least one magic missile is still a good idea, as the Slann is the only unit in the army other than your Salamanders (who can't be everywhere) who can easily take out enemy support troops at range.

Even with the Diadem, I don't think the Plaque of Tepok's worth it on a 4th-gen anymore, so I usually go with a 2-2 or 3-1 roll on two lores, where the first is usually the Lore of Death.

...Death because it's well-rounded and has no 'bad' spells. It has no uber-bombs either, and you've got to get lucky for it to work as crowd control, but it also gives you some versatility. Oh, and a bog-standard Magic Missile as the default, which is fine by me.

For the other lore, I obviously vary it depending on what I'm facing. Metal can be a no-brainer against some armies (and I almost always take Burning Iron in 2250 points, since I can sneak the Bane Head onto the Slann in that list!), and against others I'll take a risk and roll a die or two on Beasts - the problem being that the default is fairly useless unless you keep your JSoD very close to home. Life is the other 'metagame' lore, but it's been too inconsistent in my experience to be worth spending your Slann's spells on.

The final option is to just go all out and roll all spells on Fire. Really, this is just against horde armies with low leadership and low toughness, where you're counting on gutting as many units as quickly as can to eliminate their effectiveness and cause panic tests. Sometimes worth it against elvish armies too, but it depends on their magic defense. :evilgrin:

10-11-2007, 07:31
It depends on what I am playing against. A friend plays VC...so I am always rolling Light and hoping for a 6. Cuz when I get it, it is devastating.