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07-11-2007, 18:05
Here's my armylist for my witch hunter themed army that includes the main part of the models that I have.

Empire Witch Hunter Army


Arch Lector in War Altar w. Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Enhanced Shield, Doom-fire Ring 282p
---I dont have this one yet but I think it will work well and will look good as the center piece of the army.

Witch Hunter Captain w. Battle Standard, Pistol, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Sword of Might 116p
---There's probably no need for bsb, but this one will make a great model and with Empire the reroll for LD is always usefull.

Acolyte (Wizard) w. lvl 2, Power Stone and Dispel Scroll 145p

Acolyte (Wizard) w. lvl 2, Power Stone and Dispel Scroll 145p
---My way of using wizards with the wizard and sorcerer killers.


25 Spearmen w. Shields and Full Command 170p
- Detachment: 9 Freemen 45p

25 Swordsmen w. Full Command 175p
- Detachment: 9 Freemen 45p
---The main army. I like lots of infantry, but there's the question on the deployment space so I thing two main blocks are enough.

18 Flagellant Warband 180p
---There's no leaving home without these and they also suit the theme.


Great Cannon 100p

Great Cannon 100p
---One mortar could also work, but cannons are vital...

5 Mounted Witch Hunters (Pistoliers) w. Musician 97p
--- Also suits the theme and they can redirect enemy for the Flagellants and Knights.

5 Knights of Inner Circle w. Musician and Standard w. Warbanner 179p
---I guess one hammer is must. What knights would work with hunters?


Hellstorm Rocket Battery 115p
---Destroyer of all unholy, but only when it actually hits... Prefer this over the blaster...

Holy Water Thower (Halfling Hot-pot) 50p
---Point filler and a nice conversion when it's done. Also kills knights nicely...

Total: 1999p

That's about it. For the lores I was thinking mainly Fire and Light as they suit the theme. I could use toughts about this. Is there anything that will majorly hurt me on this list (except hellstorm, damn missfire 2's...)

-Pioneer :D

07-11-2007, 18:18
as for lores, you could also take death or shadows, as all inquisitions are quite dark in some points
i think its quite an even list
i thought flagelents could only be a core choice if a warrior priest was included in the army. i cant see a lot of static shooting though, bar artillery, but i dont know if its a problem or not
as for what could hurt you, if one block of 25 is shot at lots and flees, thats 1/2 your core army gone, which leaves you rather open, depending on the deployment and terrain, to flank/rear charges/ letting your opponent de-fuse your artillery ect.

07-11-2007, 18:41
Overall I think the list is workable.

branbleten, his general the Arch Lector is technically a warrior priest so allows the flagellants-as-core.

Frankly I'd think about downgrading the knights to plain as a rabble of witch hunters doesn't strike me as the kind of army to be supported by the cream of the military crop.

There was a black-gobbo article (games-workshop.com) on a witch hunter army including some nice conversions for both knights and pistoliers which might serve as a guide regarding what/how to do your knights.

Lastly, I think you absolutely need a BSB with this list but that's just me.

08-11-2007, 17:27
Thanks for the replys.

The lack of skirmishers is troubliing me. With them would come some more movebilety, but as Empire only has those a bit too expencive archers, I don't think they are worth it.

What kind of formations and army types should watch-out for? For one, Wood elves army with major amount of skirmishers has been hard for long time. Also my friend who plays with VC likes to use only the mutant blocks and full necromancers and necro lord that will spawn more and more mutants to the table. I know that I have some dispel power to repel the magic, but I could use some tactics anyways...