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07-11-2007, 19:32
Hey y'all I have a bunch of my old high elf models sitting around waiting for the new army book on saturday... so here's a list I came up with, I played a quick over the phone game with a buddy using it last night, and we had a really close one (I lost due to that damned vampire count book that does danse macabre)

Heavy armor
Star lance
Star dragon

mage, lv 2

Mage lv 2

10 Spearmen
Full Command

10 Spearmen
Full Command

10 Swordmasters
Full command

10 Swordmasters
Full command

White lion chariot

White lion chariot

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

my main problem as I played the game was that my friend bogged me down with skellingtons that he conjured and charged with the danse macabre. I would probably have had more magic items, but I haven't been able to steal a copy of the army book from my store yet.

I could also use a hand with tactics. I love fantasy, but I haven't been able to play a lot, even though I work at a GW hobby center. Please, any help with army comp and tactics would be GREATLY appreciated. Personally, I really don't like archery in fantasy, so I'm not using archers, just some bolt throwers to supress monsters

Here's my deployment (planned):

| |
| [Swordmasters] [Swordmasters] |
| [Chariot] [Bolt Thrower][Spears][Spears][Bolt Thrower] [Chariot] |
| [Lord on Dragon] |
|_________________________________________________ ______________|

Basically, a hard core of spearmen flanked by bolt throwers, with the two scary flanks, hard hitting swordmasters and fast chariots to discouragemy enemy from flanking me, if they try for a hard push up the centre I can sweep the chariots in to crush the offending mon-keigh. (oh yeah, mages are high magic, courage of Anareion ftw?)

07-11-2007, 19:50
To my mind the only thing magic items is needed for in a HE list is protection. Anything else is a bonus, and I know quite a few people who'd rather have a few more troops.

I like your list, but I'd be inclined to go with Sea Guard or archers instead of a unit of Spears, but you've said you're not going to take archers so...

With the models you have there, I'd be inclined to go more with a refused flank. Put your chariots together to support each other, and send them off along with your dragon, while the rest try and advance in the centre, with your RBts on the opposite flank

07-11-2007, 20:21
I'd add that some dispel scrolls would certainly be a boon if you know you're facing a magic dependant army such as VC although for an 'all comers' approach it may be less mandatory.

With your VERY small infantry units you have the obvious problem of low static CR coupled with the low unit strength working against you with a fear-based army.

I'm not sure how the points break out but it seems you've spent a train-load on the lord-dragon combo. Would taking a lesser dragon free up enough point to bulk your infantry (at least the spears who fight in 3 ranks) up to 15-strong?

I think the primary problem you have is that your infantry line is simply not solid enough to take much of a pounding. The swordmasters can likely fend for themselves with the speed of asuryan but the spears with only S3 attacks aren't going to fare nearly was well.

07-11-2007, 21:18
Dragons range from 230ish to 350 in points, if I remember correctly. so going for a younger dragon would save we about 100 points, enough for a few scrolls or some defensive items, I'l know more once I get my own copy of the army book, or some more spearmen.

Seaguard may be an interesting choice, but then I'd have to spread my line out which would leave them weak in case of an assault. I actually, do have almost 500 points of archers on my model shelf, but they've never recouped their points cost for me.

The way I see it, I'm trying to use a chariot and dragon to double team my opponent's hardest hitting unit, shatter it and scatter it to the winds, harry my opponent's large weak units with fury of khaine and phoenix fire.

The swordmasters are used to either discourage a flank assault due to butt kicking, or to move forward in case the opponent hangs back. Spearmen are used to flank units the swordsmen charge. The reason I like a 10 man unit is that when they charge, they get all 10 attacks, so I don't feel like I'm wasting the third row.

And yeah, I know that Mr. Dragon, is a HUGE point sink, but against even chaos knights she gets 6 attacks (may be 7, I can't remember) and the lord gets 4 of his own, both str 6-7. A flank charge by that should kill 3-4 knights (rounding up).

The only other choice I might make is to have Korhil mounted in a Lion Chariot. Do you guys think lion chariots are worth the points? 140 pts for m8 with 4 s5 lion attacks and 2 s6 rider attacks I know cannons are the suxxor, and by that I mean teh roxxor, against chariots, so do you think I might want to exchange them for dragon princes/silver helms/elleriyan reavers?

07-11-2007, 22:53
There are plenty of things (runed up dwarf bolt throwers come to mind) that can really ruin your chariots day but if you like them (they look great) then take them. The cavalry option is really a completely different troop with a fairly different role and so changing one for the other will alter your play style. Frankly the cavalry can better keep up with your dragon since they can march whereas the chariots cannot.

As to the issue of the seaguard and frontage, you can decrease your frontage the turn before your opponent charges and still benefit from ranks even if you decrease your stand-and-shoot response.