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08-11-2007, 02:29
Saved this for my 5000th post

I wan this thread to contain you're 40k gaming history, your 1st battle, your best moments, you hopes for the future.

Here's my 40K story

It was Space Crusade's fault i got embroiled in 40K, used to play it at my mates, and used to frequently get hammered by the Chaos Dreads, then my friend got a Space Marine Army which i helped him paint (Ultra Marines before they were uber popular), then he got some Nids and we started to play (2nd ed rules), he was a bit of a beard (2 Regenerating Carnifexes, when they could take out squads on their own, i believe each one was about 300 points after upgrades), but we had fun on sunday mornings, i then bought my 1st ever models and paints (it was a single space marine, a high elf and 2 goblins, a brush and 4 paints, Chaos Black, Skull White, Blood Red and Goblin Green), painted the Space Marine Red, then Black, then Green (yep he looked like Veteran Trooper Smik from TSOALR), but i was hooked, then my mate at school gave me some WD's 140-150 (missed out a couple, but i got them at a later date), i loved the stuff, so rich with stories and background.

Decided to do a Space Marine army, and did Blood Angels, except Blood Angel Red was actually Orange, they then became the Aurora Chapter and finally Space Wolves (i still think i did a good job on my Blood Claw Sgt and Ragnar). I then sold my marines to buy xmas presents.

Then the bug hit me, the new IG, i was enrapture by the background for the Catachan Jungle Fighters and Cadian Shock Troops, so i ventured into the world of Mail order, ordered the Catachan Sgt and Meltagunner, Valhallan Sgt and Flamer and Cadian Sgt and Flamer, (7.50 +2.50 p&p) i then bought the Mordian Iron Guard boxed set and expanded that with a heavy weapon team and 2 Sgts, and then other bits and pieces like the Mordian, Catachan and Cadian Lts i then bought some Mortars (on the day Centurius was realeased, what did i go and buy, Mortars instead of investing in him long term),i bimbled along quite nicely, until i hit uni, then i have money, i did BA again, and also a Tallarn force (in my infamous 'tale of 1 gamer'). when i left uni in 1998, i made a foray into chaos doing an all metal Khornate army (44 for 10 Possessed!!!!!), then Eldar on the release of their codex, did a Catachan Army too (did Alaitoc, with loads of Rangers), tried to get the missus to do Dark Eldar

Then got a job at GW!!!, well the armies just racked up, did a fully mechanised Steel Legion army (spent 90 on Chimera's alone), Scythes of the Emperor, Tyranids (3rd Ed), Tank Company, Super Heavy Tank Company and Ultra Marines. I then left GW, and dropped their stuff for a few months to concentrate on Napoleonics, but got back into GW by doing an IW army including lots of FW goodies, and another Ultra Marine Army, selling stuff off as i went along

Then the big hit, found out that the missus had thrown out my Mechanised Army, 2 out of the 3 Baneblades i had, and lots of other stuff besides (5000 all told), so started again, this time with Elysians, and this time i actually got them all painted to table top standard, and in between, did an Arbites army a Sisters army and a bit of a Daemonhunters army.

Last year, I bought some Vostroyans, and did some more Marines, the marines are still with the ex missus, as are the Vostroyans and i sold off the Elysians to fund my move down south.

My current project is Renegades with Alpha Legion backing and it will be an Apocalypse army

As for gaming, best moments have been:
Wiping out a 5 man Termie squad with 1 IG
An epic battle between a bike mounted Captain and an Eversor Assassin
A Dread taking out 3 Phoenix Lords in a mega battle)
My Baneblade wracking up 23 kills in a Tank battle
Watching a single Scarab Swarm take out a Warhound titan
My Elysians never winning a game
My Cannoness and a Lolf Priest Duking it out

My hopes for the future: to get my Renegade finished for march so i can play my 1st game of Apocalypse

The floor is now open to you

08-11-2007, 02:39
Then the big hit, found out that the missus had thrown out my Mechanised Army, 2 out of the 3 Baneblades i had, and lots of other stuff besides (5000 all told)

*threw out that sort of stuff*?!?!

dear god I'd have killed someone.

08-11-2007, 02:47
My favorite gaming moment was a 3,000 point battle (2nd ed) with my Eldar versus some generic space marines. In the true character of the Eldar, I spent three turns manuevering into position, then let 'em have it. my Swooping Hawks dropped grenades on one scout squad after another, my Howling Banshees and Harlequins wiped out the assault marines in one turn and Jain Zar took out two dreadnoughts, 5 terminators, a terminator-armoured commander and a chaplain. However, I still lost by 5 VP's! (And I told that entire story without using any of those irritating contractions or netspeak!):evilgrin:

08-11-2007, 03:04
Then the big hit, found out that the missus had thrown out my Mechanised Army, 2 out of the 3 Baneblades i had, and lots of other stuff besides (5000 all told), so started again, this time with Elysians, and this time i actually got them all painted to table top standard, and in between, did an Arbites army a Sisters army and a bit of a Daemonhunters army.

If my GF threw out my Steel Legion I would have dumped her on the spot and burnt down all of her shoes (and she has MANY shoes) and her car. Of course, she knows how much I love my minis.

How on Earth did you manage to not explode with anger? Are you a robot, cuz I'd love to meet a real robot?!

08-11-2007, 03:30
I played my first game of 40k at the tail end of Rogue Trader, on a board entirely built up out of a vast Lego collection. I played 1000pts of Eldar vs two Chaos armies and an Ork army. I lost, but what fun!

From there, I quickly started building up an Eldar army, proxying in those cheap, green army men to represent what I didn't have.

2nd ed came along, and my friends and I liked playing big games, not less than 5000 pts, which under 2nd ed, meant these were all-day affairs. 2nd ed is also when I purchased my first copy of the rules, and with the rules came the beginnings of my 2nd army, Space Marines.

I'm now the happy owner of a sizeable Eldar army, a company of Dark Angels, an IG Regiment, Daemonhunters (which can be fielded as either an army or as allies), the beginnings of a Chaos army, and perhaps in the future, some Tau.

Some of my favorite moments:

-A 2nd ed game, back in high school, played in my mom's untilled garden, under a full moon, the field illuminated by Christmas lights.

-Beating my friend Jeff's Tau (He's an excellent player, certainly better than me; I have yet to beat his orks)

-All those moments when my Ravenwing Speeders would make their jink saves, then proceed to lay waste to enemy opposition.

-The game where I annihilated a Space Wolf player, 1200 pts, no losses.

08-11-2007, 03:56
First game:
This was about 3 days after I bought my first models. *sigh* The memories! My friend had been into the game for about a month more than I had been and had some more stuff. It was my Crimson Fists versus his Dark Angels. All I had was a termie lord, and 2 squads of normal troops with bolters (I had no idea what a las-cannon, powerfist, etc meant back then!) He then opened up with his VINDICATOR and blew me away in 2 turns. I asked him if it was an unfair game and he said NO! Basically he justified his use of a Vindicator by saying that if I could get to his back armor I could glance it :eyebrows: Get to the back of it? What, if I survive the ordinance blasts and the rest of his army coming down on me?! :confused:

Best moment during a game:
There was a beginner who was learning to play at my local GW. Since the staff had their hands full (i.e. were too busy to get off their backsides and do some work!) they asked me to give this kid an intro game with his brand new Tau army. So I did. Then some vetrans came in and started to give me funny looks at the decisions I was making, eg, choosing to move forward and NOT rapid fire, charging my chaplin with no tank killing abilities at the kids tank, etc. You get the idea, I was doing things you would NEVER do during a game. When one of the vetrans girlfriends asked me why I was making silly moves I whispered to her I wanted the kid to win his first game ever. I basically said what was the point of having this little kid come away from the game feeling bad if I thrashed him. Wouldn't it be better if he went away feeling happy with his win with his brand new army? She looked at me for the longest time and wondered if I was for real. Apparently no one she had met had been so selfless :angel:

Hopes for the future:
Now that I have completed my Black Templars (5k), Tau (1750) and currently finishing my Chaos army (1500) I want to move onto a new Apoc army. As mentioned in another thread I want to do a company of marines called the Sons of Dorn and throw in 3 Bandblades. Beyond that I can not say...

08-11-2007, 04:28
Being quck with it. My first and so far only army after 6 years is space marines, Dark angels.

I got into it simply told..by luck. I was lucky enough to win some money at a slot machine in atlantic city one weekend. 600 dollars to be precise. So..with that extra scratch I needed to something to spend it on. I went with a friend to an independent retailer. Was talked into it by said friend..I though the marine battleforce was a bit expensive. Though he swore up and down once I got it I didn't need to get much more.

From when that happend..and alot of moments good and bad..and hundreds and hundreds of dollars later. I still am not all set with all I could need. So needless to say..my friend did lie. Though if it wasn't for that slot machine, and my own friend. I might never have gotten into 40k..which would be a darn shame.

Best moments..the couple of ambush missions I played as DA with a Tau counter part. We got royally messed up..I don't think it was possible for us to win either of the three times we did it. Was a hell of a battle though and stories to be told from everywhere.

Hopes for the future..to finally be done collecting models for a bit!!...though with apoc..damn the want for those baneblades..and wanting some thunderhawks.

08-11-2007, 05:50
Then the big hit, found out that the missus had thrown out my Mechanised Army

This may sound silly but did she ever say why she threw it out? Did she understand it was important to you and maybe throw them away innocently? Or was she jealous you were spending more time with small plastic models than spending "quality time" with her :p

08-11-2007, 06:00
I played my first game with my space wolves against my friends sallies of course i won because he pulled punches and took it easy on me he gave me advice manuever options he even bought me a Ven dread and a crusader he even painted them for me before we played our game it was a 2,500 pt game if i remember right i spanked him but i say in my first game i got the hang of it then the second game it was a draw because like me it was my 1st game technically and his 5th game but it was all in good fun. We even had a guy that worked there refereing the game so he made sure we didnt make a mistake playing the game.

next game it was me and him vs two other guys who both played orcs 2.5k sallies and SW vs 5k worth of orcs all infantry yea i almost crapped my pants when i saw the horde.

His armor protected my razorback and crusader carrying BC's and Termies my iron priest with the termies in the LRC sense i only had 5 termies in it. tracks got knocked off his pred so we popped smoke and disembarked. my grey hunters were on foot behind them and his sallie devistator squads he had in a rhino accompanyin ours made up a firing line when the horde was close enough my BCs counter attacked and it was pretty much a gaggle after that.

Oh BTW if my gf had gotten rid of my army especially if i had 5k pts man i'd been PO'd i think my head would of exploded.

vulcan raven
08-11-2007, 06:46
notice how boogle refers to her as his ex-wife after the trashing of the armored company.

I'd refer to them as the late such and such after that.

anyway on with my story

started on a misty preimary school morning 9 years ago, a friend of mine brought some to school and we had a quick game in the play-ground, and proceded to swear black and blue after the teachers didn't let us into the library to play games. got into high-school and thengot some khorne bezerkers to paint up, eventually i got my starter box-set and proceded to paint up the models and started the path along the ruinous powers, then went to dark angels, because i wanted the imperials for a bit, also my parents were scared i was going to go all daemonic on everything.

so dark angels here i come, only because i had painted the marines in the starter box as fallen angels to use with cypher in my chaos army. and obtained 15 marines short of a full company of marines about a two years before apocalypse came out. then moved to eldar for a while and am thinking about either nids or imperial guard.

i still have all my models about 250 if i could be bothered to count them.

favorite memories
-=-fast and the furious in the high school library twice a week
-=- having a massive battle where a robocop proxied as a daemon prince with a bezerkerglaive and daemonic flight (proceded to wipe out about 1500 pts)
-=- in the same battle had a chaos dreadnought (made out of lego) loose half of it's weapons and immobilized, then proceeded to regenerate everything and proceded to spank the pesky wolf scouts that did it
-=- having one tau firewarrior sustain combat against 3 remaining assault marines for 2 turns before killing two, lasting another 6 turns and then dying (last models on the table)
-=-using 4 librarians against a camping imperial guard player and fury of the ancienting him to death

after all that i believe that i've written more lists than santa claus

08-11-2007, 08:16
My first Army was necrons back when they where just a WD article and only had a few minis. My best mate got me into all the GW stuff when he showed me so WD mags. Played the Necrons cuz I thought it was cool that they where a race of robots. My first game was with 5 necrons out of the box got slaughtered against against two squads of SM. Played necrons until the new codex came out then I obsessed over Necrons and getting almost 8k of them and not a single plastic model excepted for the monolith and a single box of warriors. Then I moved to Tau when the first tau codex came out love the suits cuz they looked like anime (I watched a lot mech anime). Then went thought a lot of different armies, SM, IG, DE, Tau again, ELDAR, and now back to necrons for apocalypse. With a few things that picked up along the way never really leaving necrons. I now have 10k worth of necrons and thats without any upgrades plus the only FW item they have. Also learned to play BFG, Epic, and normal Warhammer.

some of the best moments are with my best mate playing 4k worth of points on the weekends and having a great time panting and converting things up with them.

one of the best games I played 2k worth of necrons and did not fail a single WBB roll the whole game.

also when my tau fire warriors beat and smashed a unit of bezerkers that charged me.

what do I hope for in the future well a new Necron FW item and a new codex maybe a new C'tan

08-11-2007, 08:50
This may sound silly but did she ever say why she threw it out? Did she understand it was important to you and maybe throw them away innocently? Or was she jealous you were spending more time with small plastic models than spending "quality time" with her :p

Nope apparently it was because we were moving (i never said we were), and she didn't want to lug all of that stuff with us, how i kept control, i still don't know to this day, being married i suppose was the reason

09-11-2007, 00:16
well when i was young(about 8) i used to snatch my dad's old rogue trader book from his gaming library (mostly d&d stuff), and read it, and i would get my dad's "retired minis" ( i supposed a peace offering to leave his good ones alone)when i was about 13, I got the 2nd ed box set, my parents were divorced at this time, so I had no one to play against (out here in 93 the gaming scene was kinda scarce) so I played against my self until about 95, when I started recuiting people, (almost everyone I play I have either sold or gave an army to), so for almost 20yrs, 40k has been in my life, and so have the bad comments of regular life being reduced to game rules (a buddy of mine was hit and his IBA saved his life, and my response was "well a 5+ save is worth something eh?") i think warchild has a better idea on how my first game with a real opponent went, i canna remember to well anymore

09-11-2007, 00:28
I first started when the blood angles codex was released for 3rd edition. Id been watching games workshop stuff for long enough and finally an army suited me. Blood raving, good?!, lunatics. I started with the basic paints set and the store models, 5 of those stiff statue marines and the old starter set with the dark eldar. After I eventually completed my company of Angels, yup 129 infantry models, 13 rhino chasis, 3 landraiders, 15 dreads and a custom dropship later, I wanted more. But being done with them I expanded into the realm my brother left vacant, his nids. Grabbing a respectable ammount for cheap I quickly built it into a splinter fleet and then some representing over 212 models and more then 4k points. My last venture took me to the guard, where I still am at this moment.

Memorable moments, ah the horror...

Killing all the models in a tyranid army by turn 3... in a 2k point match...

Having all my blood angels dead by nid shooting by turn 3... only a rhino and a dread was left...

Dante cleaving through a tyrant and his 3 guards single handedly.

Rolling for a 31 strong dc... before the chaplain got his roll...

Having a single guardsman with a lazgun kill my chaplain...

My Leman russ kill my entire storm trooper squad when he scatterd off the hull of a predator... they were about to melta bomb it...

As for the future, I want more storm troopers and sentanels for my guard. Wouldnt mind revisiting my marines and replacing some of the older models either, but I havent been driven to do either lately.

Ivan Stupidor
09-11-2007, 00:54
I'd been aware of (and in love with the background of) 40k for a while before actually getting an army. The release of the IG codex and plastic Cadians pushed me over the edge, and I've got 50 men and tanks beside me on my desk awaiting completion, and over twice that holed up in boxes...

I don't remember my first game. I think I put down my first squads of Cadians in support of a friend's Space Wolves and watched them get slaughtered by Tyranids.

For memorable moments, I'd have to choose Commissar Tran going toe-to-toe with the Nightbringer and winning. (Okay, "winning" = "managed to last until Phase Out". But it was still three rounds of combat!) Or Lt. Kyr's first freight train to drop that Devilfish. Or his second one. Or... well, let's just say no one brings AV12 or less vehicles within 12" of him anymore.

Plans for the future include getting those unfinished models finished, completing my Inquisitorial Storm Trooper conversions, and maybe starting a second Guard army.

Chaplain Ark
09-11-2007, 02:22
my story started by going to hang out with my friends. I went to a friends house and another one of my friends was there, and they were starting to play a 40k game. not wanting to sit around and do nothing, i asked to join in. fortunately, it was a 1000 point per side game and the one friend had 2000 points worth of tau, so i borrowed some fire warriors and a tank plus some other stuff and popped myself in a corner and fired at both people.
two favorite parts of the game was the tau guys comment "hes never played a 40k game in his life and he placed the tank in probably the greatest spot on this battlefield on his first try." and when my necron playing friend left his scarabs right in front of me and did nothing with them for three turns.

Later that day we went to a GW, and i remembered seeing SM somewhere before, and i was hooked. From then on it was a stint with Chaos, then Eldar (3500 points worth) another stint with tyranids, Apocalypse IG, and soon to be Orks once the new codex comes out.

My favorite ever moment was when my Emperors Champion, (before he turned into a player killer, see the Dedicated to your army thread.), held off 3 wraiths, 5 immortals, and 4 pariahs for 2 turns of CC, and won.

09-11-2007, 04:07
Wow Boogle, you got into hobby almost exactly same as me!

I started off playing Space Crusade (don't those models look dated now?) and then sent off for the space marine, elf, goblins, paints and brushes. Still got my space marine somewhere and all things considered he looks pretty well painted. Then like you I fell in love with then new metal IG, though I went for the Cadians.

Best gaming moments:

Setting up the battlefield and preparing for my first battle (1000 points, 2nd ed) at my house waiting for my friend to arrive. My Dad told me not to beat his army too badly or he wouldn't want to play me again. But my Cadians mercilessly gunned down his orks anyway, and he did come back - in fact we spent the next 6 years happily blowing each other's armies to bits!

Thursday night and Sunday morning participation battles at my local GW store in Reading.

Fighting a massive 1 on 1 battle against the eldar (2nd ed still) and it ending exactly a draw - I think we each scored 36 victory points.

My last apocalyptic battle in 2000 before I moved away from my gaming group where my Imperial Guard, allied with more Imperial Guard smashed a huge Eldar Army.

Plastic Cadians! Buying an army of over 100 of them, even though I had no one to battle against. And then spending the next three years painting them to the best of my ability.

09-11-2007, 04:14
I started around the time of the current Ork codex release. My first few games were against Eldar. With my new Black Templars (early third Ed, I liked the picture on the box) Needless to say, these 500pt battles were not wins.:cries: My army cosisted of Two Tactical squads, an Assault Squad and a commander with blt pistol and power weapon- "converted" to be the EC.

I eventually got Nids, then got more nids. Still getting nids, can't have too many. (I can currently bring 18 troop choices)

I'm working on guard and a SM 10th company army.

09-11-2007, 04:55
Started in 2nd Edition when I was about 9yrs old? Possibly 10? Played Space Wolves, won quite a lot, left previous school (so nowhere to play anymore) Properly came back this year playing at my local GW, playing mainly Witch Hunters, though I have Dark Eldar and Necrons on the go as well as Orks waiting on the new codex.

Easy E
09-11-2007, 12:27
My first game was the "Battle at the Farm" scenario from the back of the main rulebook. We used teh cardboard counters from the back of the book and played. I think it was me versus my cousin. I don't remember who won.

After that, I started an Eldar army and started recruiting my friends to play with a nice glossy advert from a Dragon Magazine. There was one store on the other side of the world (about an hours drive) so I used mail order a lot. This was back in the days when you could get an entire squad of 5 aspect warriors in metal for $9.99 (US).

I will remeber two things from those first edition days. One was my Avatar using the exarch power sustained assualt to mow through three space marine squads single handedly. Second, was a fire dragon surviving shooting from about 25 space marines for 3 turns. Good times.

I also started an Ork army towards the end of first edition and into 2nd edition. I loathed Virus Outbreak! You pretty much were forced to buy a 50 pt piece of wargear or your entire army would potnetially be wiped out in one turn. In hindsight, I wish they had a piece of wargear to protect me from the 10 terminators unloaded all 12 cyclonic missiles in 1 turn to create a 1 foot blast radius that essentially killed everything in turn one. I would pay the 50 points for that.

Thrid edition say me concentrate on orks. Choppas ruled. I especially loved facing off against Plague marines. This was when I started branching out into one off games and tournaments. It was a whole new world. I lost steam for that scene when I consistently owned an IG palyer at the store, then I faced him once in a tournmanet and lost. Then, I hear him bragging to his mates about how he owned me so badly. Kinda irked me, since I had played this guy multiple times before and it had always been a gentlemanly event. Then, to get dogged. I lost interest in tournaments and pick up games as my experiences degraded from that point.

Once 4th edition came around, I convinced my old mates to dust off the old pewter. It has been roses ever since.

09-11-2007, 13:13
I started off in the Rogue Trader Days and have been hooked ever since. My first and only army has been through various incarnations but is still basically the same (Lunar Wolves/Sons of Horus/Black Legion). The models may have been sold of and replaced over time, but it's still where I'm at. I just love the idea of playing the army whose leader started off the biggest event in the fluff. They are the reason why their are Chaos Marines in the first place and I'd sill be playing them even if the rules sucked.

As for some of my favourite moments. Well:

Abaddon spanking Eldrad in CC, only to be spanked back by Maugan Rau.

My Daemon Prince with standing the shooting of not one but two 1500pts armies (passing six 5+ invulnerable saves and countless armour saves).

My dreadnought killing off an Emperors champion, a five man tactical squad and 12 assault marines in CC, killing the last four when he detonated from a powerfist hit. The two survivors then got mown down by a CSM squad.

For the future I'm looking to add a lot more to my Chaos army. I've got 4500 points at the moment. I'm looking to add a Traitor tank company, three baneblades, four units of Havocs, 2 more units of daemons, a greater daemon (Verminlord model) a unit of raptors, five more bikers, a unit of Plague Marine and a unit of Noise marines. I've yet to calculate how many points this will give me, but it will easily be approaching 10,000.

09-11-2007, 13:33

Mine started with WD 141, a little bit after that, i bought a reaver titan, and that christmas me and my brother got Epic, making marine, chaos and ork armies. After playing lots of epic the space wolves were released via WD and both me and a friend were umming and aahing over wether to go space wolves or eldar. My brother chose chaos. Eventually i went eldar when my friend brought a bunch of spacewolves, my first painted models were 3 Dark Reapers, i dont have them anymore tho, i dont know who got them!

Over the years since then, Epic kind of fell by the wayside as i got more and more into 40k, though its something i'd really like to get back into. I started a Guard army when the metal catachans were released originally as cultists for Chaos and its now a 2500 strong Catachan force, with a baneblade on the way.. lol

After eldar and guard, and making a few bits and bobs for my brothers Chaos army, i made a fully fledged black legion army of my own which actslike the core for the tzeentch, khorne and nurgle armies wehave between us. I used to have a slaaneshi army but sold them all on ebay about 7 years ago when the other factions grew. Loyal space marines [started as a friends cast-offs], then Dark Eldar [the first army i built from the ground up in 3rd edition] Orks [which have become my true love] then Tau [first batch painting project built and painted en masse] Necrons [an excellent batch project with a great metallic effect] Tyranids [ditto for beetly carapaces...] and now i'm in the process of finishing my Marines using the Dark Angels rules and i have the components for an Inquisition force in boxes, a couple of squads of grey knights and sisters, plus a rhino, immolator and Penitent Engines.

I need to sort out my Orks for the new codex too, and am planning a long term campaign with my friends building up to a big apocalyptic battle at some stage.

On top of that, i have a couple of Necromunda gangs , zombies and flagellants which i intend to use as lowgrade scum/conscripts for my imperial/chaos armies, and 3 BFG fleets for imperial, chaos and orks

I suppose ideally, i would one day do a huge Ork/Imperial/Chaos campaign involving BFG, Epic and 40k/Apocalypse games to actually get some milage from them, otherwise i might as well sell them off on Ebay at some stage.

Memorable gaming moments include killing an unkillable psychic shield/conversion field/Biking uber tough Dark Angels librarian by shooting him and hitting the bike and scoring a "engine explodes killing the rider instantly" result during 2nd Edition, a space wolf techmarine with some sort of fast moving invisibility shield throwing a vortex grenade at my farseer and fumbling it onto his own head [2nd ed...] and slightly more recently, a squad of 6 basic striking scorpions carving their way through a whole tau gunline while a wraithlord and hammerhead duked it out. There is the ongoing series of games against my most regular opponent which end in a draw more often than a win/loss [and even our win loss ratio seems to be a tie too]

Newer games of 40k dont seem to have the detailed things which stick in the memory [as per the fumbled vortex grenade etc etc] but are much more enjoyable as a whole, being less focused on what characters do.

forgotten hero
09-11-2007, 13:53
My Gaming History,

started way back when in something like 96/97 when i bought the 2rd edition big box set but i never played a game for about a year or two until the 3rd edition came out with the box set containing Marines and Dark Eldar i believe, i traded my Dark Eldar for a mates marines (we bought a set each).

then about 3 or 4 months later, we decided to have our first battle and to this day my favourite battle ive EVER had.

it was something like 750pts each i think.

i had, a commander with power fist, bolt pistol and terminator honours, 5 terminators 1 with heavy flamer, 10 marines, missile launcher and flamer, 8 marines flamer in rhino, dreadnough with lascannon


commander with bolt pistol, lightning claw, 5 terminators 1 with heavy flamer, 8 marines missile launcher, 5 marines missile launcher, vindicare assassin and dreadnought with lascannon.

it went down to the wire, his commander vs mine!!! he won because he got to attack first and killed him, but it was the best battle ever, very close through out. and we had the biggest laugh even if it did take like 5 hours to play because we where litterally reading the rules as we went, im sure ther where many mistakes, but who cares!

then after about 3 years of collecting Crimson fists getting upto about 2k pts, then i went onto eldar and built that army uptil about 1.5k and then i stopped for about a year, then i found my old crimson fist commander one day while trying to get something that had fell under the bed and i decided i wanted to start again, i found the odd marine about the place and few broken eldar, but nothing to build a force out of.

so went into GW and they where really pushing the Armaggedon, and i loved the look and ease of painting Black Templar and ive collected them ever since.

ive built up 2 other armies, one being Necrons, ive got them up to about 2500pts, and my latest army is now Mech Eldar and ive taken them to 5 tournments in the past year and a bit, coming in the top 15 in all of the tournments, the biggest beings well over 50 (about 64 IIRC) and ive won one tourny but the turn out was crap, only about 12 players and only 3 battles which i won very very easily with my 3 falcon, 12 quins and 6 fire dragon list ;).

i still collect Necrons, Marines and Eldar, but ive only play with the eldar now and ive leant the Necrons to a mate.


09-11-2007, 13:55
I started early in 2nd ed. I was given the boxed game for xmas and started to play blood angles. I sold all the orks to a friend and we would play exactly the same battle over and over again on his kitchen table. He always had an army twice the size of mine and always won but it was fun.

Then I had lots of school work and college and got out of it for a while, third ed came and went and I wasn't really interested. Then I got a decent jopb and started again. Threw out about 200 worth of poorly painted very old minis and started again with a marine army (skull bearers) and a huge nid army.

I was playing a group in brighton, all pritty good players and had a very good winning streak until one player very closely beat me. It turned out he cheated me of victory (i hadn't read the rules for the death company properly).

Best moment is 2nd ed: Mepheston and an assault squad in a rhino running over about 60 gretchin before getting out and him suffering from the blood range and spent the rest of the game having a grot BBQ.

Best Moment in recent history: killing and entire deathwing army on turn 2 using nothing but hormagaunts.