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08-11-2007, 07:58
Seems no one I know has ever used a daemonprince before, so I'm just curious here...

1) What points costs do they shine at/become weak at? That being said, are their points costs considered fair?

2) In what kind of chaos army are they good in?

3) What's the most 'optimal' build in terms of price vs killyness?

Just wondering why noone uses daemonprinces anymore, which I think define a big aspect of Chaos.

08-11-2007, 13:23
it is because at best they only have a 5+ ward save and can go pop easily if beaten in combat, A tooled up chaos lord with the chalice is cheaper, has a decent armour save, has more options

1) I think they are overpriced in points at the moment, a exalted does most jobs just as well for cheaper, 500 point is too much to spend on a lord that can die in a instant cheaper the better, hence exalted daemons

2)Undivided just for the option of lores

3)an undivided DP with spellbreaker, soul hunger and maybe diabloic splendour, with upto 3 levels of magic depending on how magic heavy you list is (more wizards, less levels on the daemon prince)

I am considering using a daemon prince with radiance of dark glory, spellbreaker lvl 2 wizard supported by a exalted daemon with blade of the ether, screamers and furies and a unit or 2 of horrors

08-11-2007, 16:48
I have very little experience when it comes to Daemon Princes in Fantasy, but I have seen a Daemon Prince with Soul Hunger and Blade of the Ether do quite well. From what I gather he's a little light on defense though, and could be taken out rather easily by some armies.

I'm fairly certain that if I ever get around to building a Chaos army, I'll be trying out the DP. They seem like an interesting choice, and one that could possibly be very effective. As M_M already said, I think the reason you don't see that many Daemon Princes out there is that, for the most part, the Lord of Chaos is a more...reliable(adequate word escapes me at the moment) of choices. Also, spending points in a Chaos army seems to be a carefully done business. So many of your units are costing you a lot already, that dishing out the massive amount of points required for a DP isn't always something many Chaos players are willing to do. Particularly when it comes to something as potentially vulnerable as the DP.

In my inexperienced eyes, the DP is a bit of a high risk, high investment choice to make imho. Of course when it comes to most things of this nature, that means there is the potential of an even higher return in your favour. Or, it could be a complete bust:) The DP strikes me as a rather risky choice, is what I'm trying to say. So compared to the efficiency and reliability of a Lord of Chaos, the DP is a much less likely choice for most to make.

08-11-2007, 17:04
I haven't seen much fantasy DP use, but have seem them more than a few times in 40k.

They tend to be fragile things, easily taken down, due to most opponents panicking and shooting all they have at it until it pops.

I can imagine fantasy being similar, with cannon/bolt throwers/wizards etc all being directed at it until it's gone.

08-11-2007, 17:10
It's probably even a bit worse for the DP in Fantasy, actually. They seem to be even more vulnerable to enemy firepower, particularly spells. In 40K I run a DP, and he usually performs very well, and proves to be pretty durable if used even mildly well.

I think a DP in Fantasy suffers quite a bit more for the most part. Also, the points cost for a DP in 40K are comparatively low compared to a Fantasy DP, much more so actually. Not that the points from the two systems correlate much, if at all. But in terms of the points a DP uses up from your army's total, the 40K DP is much, much less of an investment imho.

08-11-2007, 21:32
1) What points costs do they shine at/become weak at? That being said, are their points costs considered fair?

2) In what kind of chaos army are they good in?

3) What's the most 'optimal' build in terms of price vs killyness?

1. They are bad at any points level
2. None. really they suck. Weaker and less surviavble then a chaos lord and take a hero slots aswell as a lord..
3. Take a chaos lord instead. Hell you can even squeeze a CL and a exalted in the cost of a daemon prince.

08-11-2007, 22:17
that, and the DP doesnt even negate ranks! its only us4. and terror is nice, but for the points, i'll take a dragon, thanks.

they are honestly, one of the worst hero or lord level critters you can take.

the only time i'd take them is maybe MAYBE a deamonic legion, but why would you need to with GD? now THOSE are a different bag o beans all together!