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Draik the red
08-11-2007, 09:26
Hey guys

This is my first crack at making a 2000 pt army list so if you can give me some hinters on what I could change or how I could play.


Gorgutz Ead' unter
Black orc warboss 145
boar 24
sheild 3
heavy armour 6
Waboss Ironclaw's Waagh! Cleava 100
278 pts


Drakor the Red'n'Crazy
Black orc big boss: 85
Heavy armour 4
collar of zorga 5
nibblas itty ring 20
114 pts

Hooligan Tuesday 85
Lv 2 night gobbo shaman
85 pts

Kranxor Banawava
orc big boss standard bearer, 95
light armour 2
biting blade 5
boar 16
guzzlas battle brew 15
133 pts


20 night gobbos 60
full command 20
spears 20
3 fanatics 75
175 pts

19 big uns 171
sheilds 19
full command 30
220 pts

20 night gobbos 60
bows 0
full command 20
80 pts

10 spider riders 130 pts
full command 30 pts
160 pts


5 boar boyz 110 (retinue for Gorgutz)
full command 38
148 pts

20 Black orcs
full command 38
sheilds 20
318 pts


Guzzla Bigbone
Giant 205

The general plan is to use the night gobbos with the fanatics to break up the enemy along with the warboss and boar boyz. The infantry go in behind and mop anything left. The Spider riders are there to get around towards enemy artillery and other shooting. The giant is there to take out any big things along with chomping up expensive infantry and cavalry (Tomb guard, grail knights, dragon princes, temple guard, hammerers ect.)

08-11-2007, 13:06
I'd suggest a few less points on characters and bulk out your core choices (the army seems a touch small for an O&G horde) and lose the waagh cleaver: 100 pts for a magic item is lots! even if it does wound automatically with no armour saves... if you take martogs best basha (15pts) you become ws8 so hitting almost everyone on a 3, s6 so anyone toughness4 or less (almost everyone) you are wounding on 2s with a armour save modifier of -3 (beating most armour...ok not all but most!)you gain killing blow so any 6s to wound ignore saves anyway and you save 75 points to spend on other fun stuff (eg an ironback bour (get those impact hits!!)
Also the giant will be a pin cushion... all giants are! Against TK, wood elves and dwarves it will be lucky to last until turn 3 but should it get into combat it will be awesome, its just 205 points that are easily lost when the giant is shot gets upsetting (i remember using 2 giants against dwarves once, t the end of turn 2 both were dead and i was weeping as it was a night gobbo horde!)

But thats all IMHO, good luck with the list!