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08-11-2007, 10:26
okay after weeks of deciding i chose Chaos! tired of being the good guys and feel like steepin on some imperial toes.

If you vote for a god plz tell me how you think this will benefit me or what option it will open up for me and feel free to suggest a color scheme with 2-4 colors.

I need ideas for a backstory for my own chapter from some of you veterans who know the 40k universe like the back of your hands.

I already have a name set for them they are gonna worship all the gods but really focus on Khorne because close combat is fun but i wanna use psykers and sorcerers as well.

Now this project i'm starting i want a paint scheme, backstory, a leaders name he can be dead, but a successor to carry on, some equipment advice, units you think would be cool.

Now if your helpin me come up with a backstory or idea they like to dismember there enemies and use there bodyparts to decorate there armor.

if you want you can kind of think of it as your own project as i'm having writers block when it comes to a story.

after i get this all how do you say organized and what not and draw up some chapter logos to decide what i want. After you guys give me a color scheme idea i'll post the ones i like and set a pole and everyone can vote on them.

08-11-2007, 10:50
so... what name have you decided on. that's really the best place to start.

08-11-2007, 10:52
Death Dealers or Warp Stalkers both sound very cool and if i go with the second name I could quite possiby spin a back story off of it.

08-11-2007, 12:59
Death Dealers are awfully close to Eldar Harlequins, so I'd go with Warp Stalkers ;)

As for your god, I've always liked Tzeentch and Nurgle (blasphemy, I know) but if you want to go for Khorne go right ahead.

An undivided army with khorney flavoring certainly works, for a color scheme I suggest something dark to go with their name, something that helps them be sneaky and foreboding. I'm not sure of specific colors, that's up to you.

This (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/csmp.php) might help.

08-11-2007, 13:01
Why do you want us to decide for you. Just pick a god you like the look of, and go with that one.

Getting other people to choose for you is a sure-fire way of choosing a god you feel no allegience for.

08-11-2007, 13:01
Khorne; Berserkers and Brass Scorpions and lots of red and brass. That should do it.

Sister Sin

08-11-2007, 13:30
agreed on Warp Stalkers (Death Dealers sounds really naff). if you've got some ideas for background already throw them out here and hopefully we can toss some ideas back your way, and you can pick and choose till you're happy.

personally i'm inclinded to agree with ==ME==. two gods are better than one (its sadly a part of the fiction that people are inclinded to skip over these days). i wrote some background fiction about the various marks of chaos (just trying to mull the concept over in my mind) and wrote about a Renegade Chapter who ran in to great misfortune alot of the time because of their duplicitousness between Khorne and Slaanesh, and of another Champion who ran into problems when he had dedicated himself to Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Nurgle, because when he won his next major battle, all three Gods decided to turn their favour on him at once. his head fell off his body split in two and turned inside out in a writhing mass of tenticles.

its a dangerous thing to do, but the only way to gain infinite power is to bargain with each of the chaos powers individually.

ps. sorry i missed your PM

08-11-2007, 13:36
A nice idea I had a while ago but was too lazy to actually do (coupled with the release of the new codex) was a black base coat with body length flames starting at the feet and ending at about shoulder height.

And warp stalkers sounds GREAT!

08-11-2007, 14:06

You should of corse, read the codex first the gods are (of corse)

Baised on your posts, and how you want to wallow in buckets of your fallen foes blood, i would say Khorne
However i have no idea what the new rules are like, every one seems to love Slaaneshs powers

08-11-2007, 19:14
Nurgle is my personal favorite, I really like the Death Guard, and the Cleaved renegade chapter in the new codex looks really good too.
If you want to go the DIY route i reccomend Nurgle themed renegades, but instead of the standard greenish, diseased colours I'd recommend a colour scheme showing the tattered finery of the chapter from before its fal to chaos, maybe a nice deep blue that has been rusted and corroded by nurgles blessing. Also I recommend converting your marines to have spikes on top of the helmets. (like the german pickelhaube) I did that with my space marine veterens and it looked good.

08-11-2007, 20:00
Don't forget tzeentch can be pretty nasty in cc too. I'm currently running a squad of thousand sons with warptime backed by a squad of tzeentch vanilla marines with powerfist and 2 plasma guns. The 1k sons get into rapid fire range and mess things up a bit. Then when they're charged, they hold the line with their 4+ inv saves while my other squad charges in to support them. Nothing demoralizes an opponent like watching all his anti-meq firepower barely scratch them.

08-11-2007, 20:06
I'd say go undivided. Why? because if you have an undivided icon and say that it's a khorne icon one game and slaanesh the next it's not as bad as trying to pass off khorne as slaanesh, so it keeps your options open. Cult units:

Khorne: I'll hit you but you won't fall down
Nurgle: You'll hit me but I won't fall down
Slaanesh: I'll shoot you and you'll fall down for cover!
Tzeentch: You'll fall down dead

Choose your favourite :D

08-11-2007, 21:45
Well visionary if i hit them of course i want them to die lol I dont wanna get the punchin bag feeling, keep hitting them and wind up with swore nuckles or shoot them and end up with no dead enemies and an empty magazine. But it also would be nice to not fall either.

And i think i'm sticking with Warp Stalkers because Death Dealers is a bit bland sense almost all chaos names are similar even if they dont use the same words.