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Rambunctious Clott
08-11-2007, 14:19
I'm planning on using units of swordsmen as parent units with detachments of handgunners and halberdiers. What is the opinion on this?

And also, is it worth giving halberdiers shields?

08-11-2007, 14:38
It works fine for me. Halberdiers aren't that great as a parent unit, but are fine as a detachment, since they pack a decent punch. Free Company make a pretty good detachment as well, as do Archers, who can double as skirmisher screens for your troops.

I always feel that, if you have the points, giving shields to any unit that can take them is worth it, simply to protect them from shooting a little more.

Chaos Undecided
08-11-2007, 14:39
I think a formation setup as above is pretty standard and should work fine.

Giving the Halberdiers detachment shields would give them a little extra protection from missile fire, which as a counter charge unit they may well attract but I dont think many people bother upgrading these units unless they have points going spare. If you were to take them as a parent unit then shields would be a more worthwhile investment.

08-11-2007, 14:43
If you've got a few points knocking round at the end of army creation then there's no reason not to give the harlbardiers shields. At the end of the day they're only really useful as detachments but the fact that they hit quite hard on the charge makes up for the lack or armour IMHO.


08-11-2007, 16:54
I'll throw my voice in with the rest in saying that Halberdiers make good detachments, sometimes even great detachments! As parent units, I wouldn't bother with them unless you wanted to be a major background stickler. I've seen a good-sized parent unit of Swordsmen with a detachment of Halberdiers and Free Company perform very well, especially considering the whole "unit's" relatively low points cost.

As for Shields...I can't really say. I'd see giving Halberdier detachments Shields as an option, but by no means necessary.

08-11-2007, 17:02
I have a small force of Empire and decided that a unit of Halberdiers was the way to go. They have yet to do well. :(

Looking back on it, spearmen of swordswmen as the main unit would have been a better choice, with the Halberdiers as the support. So am now thinking of building up a unit of Swordsmen and using some of the Halberdiers to make a detachment.

08-11-2007, 17:54
I'm planning on using units of swordsmen as parent units with detachments of handgunners and halberdiers. What is the opinion on this?

It works well.

And also, is it worth giving halberdiers shields?

If you have nothing else to spend the points on, I suppose.
Seriously though, how often do people shoot up your halberdiers, and how much would the shield save help them when it happens? C
onsidering that the only reason to shoot a halberd detachment would be to get them below US 5, and you'd have to kill at least six of them, and there are higher priority targets out there; I don't usually bother, and my armies are all fairly shooty.

Rufas the Eccentric
08-11-2007, 19:37
The issue has been discussed frequently on Warhammer-Empire.com. Statisically, Swords are better than Spears which are better than Halberds. However the differences are not as great as some would say. Halberds are more fluffy.

The greatest benefit of detachments is not how many enemy they kill, but the +1 flank bonus and stripping the opponent of their rank bonus.

Now that that unit strength is the sole criteria for gaining these benefits, many Empire Generals take 9 man detachments in a 3x3 formation. This allows them to be compact and easier to protect. Any kills the detachment gets are just a pleasent surprize.

08-11-2007, 22:14
Personally im with rufas a mean detacments effective strip up to 3 ranks off your oppened and then give you +1 for the flank...

I run 25 swords parent with 9 Swords as a detacment as for the extra point the 4+ save is just ace... and they normally cant kill all 4 :D but hey thats my 2 cents

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