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08-11-2007, 19:09

Tomb king
Blade of mourning
vambaraces of the sun
armour of ages

Liche Priest(Hierophant)
Cloak of the dunes
hieratic jar

Liche priest
casket of souls
2 x dispel scroll


24 x skellies
HW & S
Full cmd

24 x skellies
HW & S
Full cmd

5 x Light horsemen

2 x swarm

3 x chariots (tomb king to join this unit)
full cmd
Std of the cursing word


25 x tomb guard
full cmd
icon of the sacred eye

4 x ushabti



08-11-2007, 19:22
I think you are better off giving the tomb guard icon of rakaph and putting the tombking in there with destroyer of eterneties. That adds a lot of killy power to the unit that will just stay there the whole game, blade of mourning just doesn't cut it as there are so many stubborn/unbreakable units you will be fighting.

Also, tombkings RELY on their heros, I would get all the liche priests you can fit and try to get one with staff of ravening. And if you want a mobile go get 'em list, try taking a bone giant or two as that will really add to your list, you don't need FULL command just banner on units, champion MAYBE.

Also, with a large tombgaurd unit, you don't need anymore large blocks of infantry, I'd maybe change one of those skeleton warrior units to a unit of 20 archers as they really add to your army and you can reform into fighting ranks to hold units for a flank when about to be charged. And light horsemen are kind of useless, take a unit of carrion to help march block and such.

http://z4.invisionfree.com/Khemri/index.php is a great source for new TK players, I think you will learn a lot from it.

08-11-2007, 19:38
If you're wanting a chariot king I'd take Flail of Skulls, Collar of Shapesh and the Chariot of Fire. As for his unit, the Standard of the Cursing Word doesn't cut it. I'd go with either the Mirrage standard for protection or the Icon of the Sacred Eye for killing power. As Mortetvie has said, you need to max out your characters with TK. TK, LP, LP, LP is common although I prefer swapping a LP for a Prince. The perfect compliment to the casket is a Screaming Skull Catapult and I'd definately look at taking one.

08-11-2007, 22:25
Dont bother taking the HW and sheilds on the skelles, just keep the bows and stick to 8 points a pop and use them as a tar pit to trap for your ushabti.

Light horsemen got to go .... There are just better things in a tk Army, Namely a screaming skull.

Personally im A Fan of HLP, LP (Casket), Prince x 2.

Also Is 1 scorpion enough ? I find 3 is amazing as it can either clear a artillary hill in 2 turns or take on units togther if need be.

09-11-2007, 20:32
Always max out your number of liches - tomb kings rise and fall in their magic phase.

Esco Thomson
10-11-2007, 02:37
Wow, way too much command here. Why are you paying points for musicians which really accomplish next to nothing here?

Also, give up a scroll and get your casket liche the Collar. Keep the 2 swarm in front, and it's not much, but that will add some charge protection, and give the possibility of transfering snipe shots to the swarms.