View Full Version : pre-primarch legion symbols

08-11-2007, 19:28
what did the marines have on there shoulderpads before the primarchs where found? Was it simply the legion number or was it already a symbol? If so, did any of them remain the same before being reunited with the primarch as afterwards.

Deus Mechanicus
08-11-2007, 21:59
Im guessing just the numbers

Commander Dante
08-11-2007, 22:37
In Desent of Angels it is clearly stated that the symbol of the winged sword was only incorperated into the chapters heladry AFTER Lion el'Jonson became the leader. So before it would have probably been a I. and i assume it must have been the same with the other legions. Because it would be pretty coincedential if the heladry was there before the Primarchs named thier own legions.

Leftenant Gashrog
09-11-2007, 08:30
The Death Guard had both a name and a symbol (Dusk Raiders and a hand respectively), but I dont believe anything similar has been said about any of the other legions yet.