View Full Version : Vamps and Tomb Kings in a doubles tourny?

09-11-2007, 02:12
hey there
there is a doubles tourny coming up at my local GW store and as me and my house mate both play one of the undead armys we thought that combineing them would be kinda cool and hopefully some what powerful.

what do you guys think about this? The tourny is 2000 pts so 1000 points per player with the whole army counting as one in the force organization thingy.

we would really appreciate any ideas about powerful combos or what the best type of army would be.


Lord Raneus
09-11-2007, 02:29
Well, with VC and TK together it seems you have potential for strong magic and lots and lots of Undead being summoned (whether with Invocation of Nehek or the TK incantion that brings them back to life), from my limited experience with them.

09-11-2007, 02:49
No! The traitor vampires must be purged from Khemri!


Depending on how you interpret the spells it could be amazing! One notes that TK Incantations and VC Necromancy only work on Undead, so DOW choices in either army cannot be affected, etc... but most models from either army are certainly undead!

It wouldn't make a lot of sense though :) What, TK Summoning works on Black Knights but VC Summoning doesn't???

But think of it... Smiting and Urgency working on Black Knights....Tomb Scorpions attacking to the rear supported by summoned Zombies and Skeletons....Hellish Vigor on a charging Bone Giant!!!!!!

I recall seeing the flowchart for official doubles tournies, and VC/TK alliances I believe are not allowed, similar to High Elf/Dark Elf and Empire/Chaos alliances and the like. However, if its not an official doubles thing and they let all spells affecting "Undead" affect models from both armies...

Could be quite interesting!

09-11-2007, 08:30
Sounds interesting.
A few observations:

1) You must clarify the magic rules. Most other armies have magic/magic items specify that their own type - e.g. Bash 'em ladz uses the phrase, 'Orc unit'. The Incantations can be cast on 'Undead' units so technically can be cast on VC units but will the organisers allow this.
Other Undead rules also need to be clarified - march if the general is within 12".

2) What about the Hierophant? He must be present. Will only the TK section crumble or all Undead, if he is slain. Similar problems if the general is VC.

3) Choose a Prince instead of a Thrall if you need to make the choice and Liche Priests instead of Necros, Tomb Guard (w magic banner) instead of Grave Guard, Black knights instead of Skeleton Horsemen. Other must have units - SSC, Scorpions, Tomb Swarm, the fast VC units - Wolves or Bats, Zombies.