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09-11-2007, 04:52
ok i have re thought my list and talking to some friends about it i have come up with this what do you guys think???

Vengess "the golden one"
dwarf lord
master rune of kragg the grim
rune of fury
rune of cleaving
master rune of gromril
rune of iron
rune of iron
great weapon
(basically 5 str 7 attacks is better than 6 str 6 IMO and the armor runes are there so he can actually take a beating not just dish one out =D)

rune smith
master rune of balance
rune of spell breaking
great weapon

rune of fury
rune of cleaving

master rune of swiftness
rune of fury


vengess' chosen
23 long beards
great weapons
full command
magic standard
rune of battle rune of battle
(unit is in 4 ranks of 6 including Vengess)

vengess' counter
8 miners
(acts as a detatchment for the long beard unit)

20 warriors
full command

20 warriors
full command

12 quarralers

10 thunderers



organ gun

have 16 points left what should i add or what should i change or remove completely??

09-11-2007, 12:31
With the extra points I would probably just give the quarellers shields. I find that you never really know how an army will work until they are in the battle. But this looks like a pretty solid force.

In the long term you might think about getting a BSB in there, or maybe another runesmith. I find if people know they are playing dwarves they tend to either beef up their magic, or cut it out completely. I've played against people who have had as few as 4 magic dice, and as many as 16.

Good luck!

09-11-2007, 13:15
Here are my thoughts.


First off, dwarf lords are slow and without an anvil, you’ll be lucky if he ever sees combat as everyone will avoid him like the plague. I never take a lord without master rune of challenge allowing him to dictate the movement phase a little better.

If you are going to take a lord, I would always, always put him on shield bearers. +2 AS, 2 extra S4 WS5 attacks and US3 meaning immunity to killing blow. Real bargain for the points. With rune of stone you get 1+ AS and all the other benefits, for only 5 pts more than MR of Gromril.

Agree that 5 S7 attacks is better than 6 S6 attacks, but 4 S6 attacks are still very good and so much cheaper. Given that you will invariably be hitting last against any enemies that pose a threat, I find it is usually much better to kit up a dwarf lord for defence and then rely on the GW to be enough.

I recommend shield bearers, rune of stone, rune or resistance, MR of challenge and GW. This give you a 1+ rerollable save even while using your GW. If you really want to be rock solid throw a rune of steel in there. You should have seen my opponent's face when he charged me with Grimgor and a bunch of black orcs and he accepted my challenge.

"Ok, 7 attacks (rolls) that's 5 hits, I wound you on 2s"
"No, I have rune of steel, so you wound me on 4s"
"(rolls) 2 wounds"
"Ok because of steel, you are hitting at S5, so I have a rerollable 3+ AS (rolls) both saved"

I cut him down in 2 turns without taking a wound.

Lastly, I know it can save you against that AS ignoring weapon or failed LOS roll, but I don't find a 5+ ward save to be worth it.


This is how I kit them up, but I would add a shield as it gives you the flexibility to choose the best weapon combo for the situation.


I find a BSB incredibly useful for a dwarf force, which is all about standing its ground. Consider swapping one of your thanes for a BSB with MRoGromril. Would use the thane of pain for the other (MRoSwiftness, rune of fury, rune of cleaving). Always put 3 runes on a dwarf weapon, or just stick with the GW.


I would out them in ranks of five, the extra models are helpful to absorb shooting casualties and make sure you retain your full rank bonus. I also never use GWs as the extra +2 AS always seems more useful as you will be striking last and +2 S is no good when you are dead.


Can be useful for war machine hunting or similar, but I doubt you will get to use them as a detachment. Your enemies will be faster than you and will flank this unit, or charge it directly. A unit of slayers can be very useful for holding a flank due to their unbreakability.


Solid. Consider going over 20 to take a few shooting casualties and retain rank bonus.

Shooting guys

I always give them shields. This gives them a 4+ rather than 6+ AS in HtH from the front, fast cavalry etc will have to think twice about charging you.


Always take cannons with rune of forging. Not sure you need 2. Consider swapping one out for a tooled up bolt thrower (one with engineer and +1S) for more reliable chariot popping.

Organ gun


Hope that is of some help

10-11-2007, 03:32
can shield bearers join a unit???

erm long beards have great weapons and shields so if i can choose wether to use shield and hand weapon or shield

im thinking of taking out the thunderers and then filling out the warriors to 25 models each
and some runes on the war machines.

the character is like that because i have been playing character bash games alot latley and he was in a unit of 5 long beards same set up as this and he took out 4 chosen knights after they charged and the unit champion took out the last 1 i was suprised and amazed and delighted but it was god rolling on y part =D

10-11-2007, 11:48
i was also thinking of putting the lord on an oath stone and or in a unit of hammerers instead of the long beards

11-11-2007, 07:51
Hammerers are nice, Stubborn, AND Immune to fear and terror when they're with the Lord.
But man, they're a pretty big point sink. And they drop pretty fast too with their 5+ save.
Personally, I would choose Hammerers over Longbeards. Cuz Longbeards would cost 1 point more to have same set up. But then again. It would be nice to have a block of unit in the middle of your set up to stop panic...
Well, sorry I can't be anymore help. But this is all that comes to mind at the moment

11-11-2007, 08:02
what about iron breakers in a unit of like 29 or sumtihing in 5 ranks of 6 with my lord??

11-11-2007, 09:06
i just had a crazy idea. i figured that i could take off 1 rune of iron give him rune of brotherhood and stick him in a unit of long beard rangers give him a pistol aswell and then scout them into the enemy lines (this way he has more chance of getting into combat) unless its a fast cav list D=