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[SD] Bob Plisskin
09-11-2007, 08:11
Wrote this a while ago and found it again. Sorry my literary skills aren't very good!


The Rise of Farseer Kh’t Ru Zel


Like all inhabitants of the White Serpent Craftworld Warseer Kh’t Ru Zel was more than proficient with a jetbike. His personal jetbike was more an extension of his conscious self than a simple piece of machinery, indeed there was a rather simple reason that he understood the bike so well and that the bike understood him perfectly. Kh’t glanced at the spirit stone on the right of the jetbike’s front canopy, briefly remembering his father in his mortal shell, psychically thanking him for his continued assistance. Kh’t was gifted with an extraordinary psychic ability. Many of his contemporaries saw as a blessing for the White Serpent and urged him to attempt to read the future on a much grander scale than in the heat of battle. Kh’t himself would have liked nothing more than to be able to predict the future on a scale of years and for his entire craftworld. There was only one problem, one thing which held him back; the Great Enemy. If there was one thing which indicated to Kh’t that he was destined for greatness it was the ferocity that Slaneesh clawed for his soul whenever he dared use his abilities. Kh’t was terrified that if he did attempt to look so far into the future, daring to open himself up to the warp so completely, that Slaneesh’s daemons would find him and the fate that every Eldar dreaded most would befall him. The truth was also very evident to Kh’t, the White Serpent was dying and if he and his kin were to survive to pass the craftworld onto the next generation then skirmishes like this one would need to be avoided, they could not afford the attrition of fighting battles that were not absolutely necessary to fight.

Currently the Warseer was leading a small strike force, the aim of which was to sabotage a particular sensor relay and allow the craftworld to pass undetected through this imperial controlled region of space. The relay was located on the only moon of the seventh planet in a single-star system; it was placed here to be in the most inhospitable place in the system. This particular moon had formed an atmosphere which meant that the sub zero climate was rendered all the more dangerous by swirling winds which for any lesser species would have been a great hindrance, but the Eldar’s vision was much superior to that of the Mon’keigh and the technology of their jetbikes easily compensated for the wind currents. What Kh’t found almost laughable was that the Mon’keigh had thought this place would make it difficult to assault the relay, whilst the truth was the harsh environment was to the White Serpent’s advantage giving them perfect cover for a lightning strike.

The strike force was situated atop a ridge, below them in the valley ahead was the relay they sought to destroy. Kh’t ran a quick systems check on his jetbike, the shuriken catapults were functioning perfectly and the grav-engine’s only fault was that it was missing the accelerator dampener; a modification Kh’t’s father had made centuries ago. Without speaking a single word Kh’t ordered the rest of the strike force to his position. From behind him came two groups of six guardians mounted on their jetbikes, they travelled in tight formation; a column of two by two, the lead two in each formation mounted on shrieker jetbikes; which were armed with shuriken cannons under the front canopy. Travelling along with these two squads was a vyper jetbike, its armament consisting of twin shuriken cannons crewed by twin brothers, the psychic link between these two was so strong that Kh’t found it difficult to issue orders to just the individual. For all intents and purposes the vyper was crewed by a single entity. The final element of the strike force then materialised to Kh’t’s left, the squad of 6 Warp Spiders including the exarch Dh’rlan checked their webspinners and signalled their readiness for battle. Kh’t could never understand the attraction of the path of the Warp Spider, of all the aspects of Khaine that had temples on the White Serpent it was the one which he had never studied before becoming lost on the path of the seer. What Kh’t could not grasp was the warriors’ willingness to travel through the warp, no matter what tactical advantage surprise gave, nothing was to him worth the perils of the warp.

The plan of attack as drawn up back on the White Serpent was simple, the majority of the force would act as backup while the Warp Spiders would teleport inside the generator building and plant a number of explosive charges before exiting the area and blowing the generators. It was a very simple plan and had one very important outcome that needed to be upheld at all costs; no imperial would know who had attacked them. The White Serpent’s existence was a secret that needed to be closely guarded, the craftworld was one of the smallest to escape the fall and has only survived this long by avoiding any sort of attention, among their own race the craftworld was often referred to as the Serpent’s Ghost due to it’s ability to disappear for many centuries at a time. Due to this requirement, this ‘creed’ by which the entire craftworld survived there was a very strong emphasis on speed and firepower in all walks of the warrior path, close combat was held in disdain by almost every Eldar on the craftworld, who much preferred to shower their enemies with shuriken fire.

Kh’t used his jetbike’s sensors to scan the area in the valley below; there was no need to look at any screens or readouts for his father talked directly to him, unfortunately he brought bad news. Kh’t now had to change the plan of attack, there was no way a covert action could take place as there were life signs within the generator building, lots of them. For some reason since the intelligence was gathered the imperials had decided to change the formation of the imperial guard stationed here, maybe the generator had been attacked previously. It didn’t matter, what did matter was that there were now 30 stormtroopers on guard duty, the majority of which were stationed around the generator, there were also number of heavy weapons located in defensive positions. The imperial’s heavy weapons were crude but effective, Kh’t’s scan had shown there were 4 heavy bolter positions in front of the generator building. The Eldar of the White Serpent have grown to fear the heavy bolter; due to its high rate of fire it was easier for the imperials to shoot down a fast moving target. Also situated at the front of the building was a lascannon emplacement, this posed less of a threat due to its single shot and long recharge nature. A single hit from a lascannon would be devastating to any member of his team but Kh’t knew that as long as they kept moving; the mon’keigh wasn’t skilled enough to hit them. The problem lay more with the stormtroopers held up in the building, Kh’t knew he couldn’t fight a drawn out battle and the attack needed to be over as quickly as possible, he had to get them out of the building and wipe them all out at once, was that possible with the small force he was provided?

Kh’t had Dh’rlan order one of his squad set one of the charges a kilometre behind them and then return to the squad. When the squad member returned from this task Kh’t ordered the strike force ready to attack and triggered the explosive. Kh’t felt his battle lust taking over, this was his favoured moment in any battle, waiting for the right time to strike, watching your enemy fall into your trap. The ease with which the Mon’keigh were tricked almost made it more enjoyable to watch but by now Kh’t wasn’t thinking of trivialities, his powerful emotions instead taking over his mind completely; urging him to fight. Kh’t watched the stormtroopers exit the buildings and form a defensive line behind the heavy weapons teams. He then saw the sergeant order his men forward, moving to scout out the noise, Kh’t thought the sergeant would took perhaps half his men, but the fool was taking all. The tension in Kh’t’s muscles was rising, he could feel his body pulling itself towards the combat, every ounce of his physical self was urging him to kill. Not yet. Kh’t’s powerful mind was struggling to stay his body, holding out for the stormtroopers to be in the perfect position, far enough away from the heavy weapons. The time was right. He stopped holding back and with that both his body and mind issued the charge, no words were spoken but a monstrous roar issued from his throat and the order to charge screamed from his mind with such ferocity that even a number of the stormtroopers below were visibly shaken.

As they saw the jetbikes and vyper pour down the valley sides the imperial heavy weapon teams readied to fire their weapons, concentrating on the enemies ahead of them, trying to aim through the snow storm, they did not see or hear the Warp Spiders. The heavy bolter on the far left of the formation opened fire on the nearest jetbike squad, only 2 bolt rounds left the chamber before the gunner fell to pieces. The webspinner is a particularly harrowing weapon to witness in action for anyone who lives long enough to think about it. The weapon fires a net or web-like pattern of mono-filament fibre, which is a material thin enough to slice through muscle and bone with ease, the victim is literally diced. The screams of the ammunition loader alerted the other heavy weapon teams to the ambush and the other heavy bolters started to turn to face their would-be assassins. Dh’rlan activated his jump generator and appeared directly in front of the gunner who was turning fastest, the gunner managed to get his hand to his combat knife before Dh’rlan opened fire with his dual webspinners. The gunner crumbled to the floor as Dh’rlan disappeared. Within five seconds the rest of the heavy weapons teams where wiped out, the trench they had been situated in was now stained red, the melting snow making it seem like the ground was bleeding.

Up on the valley slope Kh’t and the rest of the jetbikes accelerated towards the stormtroopers who were now unprotected at the base of the slope, the vyper was leading the charge between the two groups of six jetbikes and Kh’t was set at the back. Although most leaders liked to be at the forefront of the charge Kh’t knew that tactically he was more important where he could witness the battle unfold in front of him. The Imperial sergeant ordered his men into a defensive formation and the las-fire started to rain in their direction, in response the twins opened up fire with their dual shuriken cannons, targets where difficult to hit as the stormtroopers had thrown themselves to the ground, Kh’t could see the sergeant issuing orders on the ground. Reaching out with his mind Kh’t tried to single out the sergeant’s thoughts, single out his psyche. Seeking out an enemies mind to destroy it was a process the Kh’t feared greatly, in order to destroy the mind he needed to single it out from the myriad of others, some belonging to the enemy, some belonging to the great enemy. Many of the minds called to him, drawing him towards them with promises of great success and the fulfilment of all his desires. He felt his emotions being altered by the daemons in the darkness, it takes great mental strength, even for an Eldar, to ignore one’s changing emotions and remember that your growing greed, lust, anger is all just a ploy by the great enemy. Kh’t found the sergeant’s mind, a task only accomplished so easily due to centuries of experience. Kh’t had a particularly simple technique for destroying the minds of his enemies, all Seers had differing techniques which they favoured to use to weaken the mind of the enemy but the killing blow was always the same. Kh’t used a technique that brought him no pleasure but was simply the most effective way to break the enemy. He started by reading the future that surrounded the target and replaying it back to them, picking out and showing them the deaths of their comrades, their friends, their family and finally of there own imminent death. Now Kh’t stopped holding back the mental barrier that hid his mind and soul from the denizens of the warp, creating a beacon that was swarmed to by all the foul, greedy spawns of chaos, hungry for the prized Eldar soul. As they converged on the conjoined mind of Kh’t and the sergeant, Kh’t broke the link and returned to his own body, replacing the mental barrier. There was no remorse for what he had done but still Kh’t pitied the man, to be found by the denizens of the warp was a fate worse than death. Kh’t watched as the sergeant stood up from his defensive posture, holding his head in his hands, he was screaming so loudly that several of his men took this for an order to charge, standing up and starting to scream also. The Eldar of the White Serpent did not pause and a storm of shuriken rounds flooded the stormtroopers, those that had stood to charge fell, all except the sergeant, Kh’t had trained his troops well. The remaining stormtroopers, watched their comrades fall to the ground shredded by the lethal shuriken discs, their sergeant continued to scream and then they saw why as his hands fell to his side and the blood pouring from his eyes, ears and nose was revealed. In a moment of blind panic every remaining stormtrooper abandoned their position and fled towards the relay building, only to be greeted by the Warp Spiders and their lethal Deathspinners.

The charges were set, the generator destroyed, the relay disabled and the White Serpent was able to continue drifting through space unmolested.

09-11-2007, 08:32
Nice fluffy story, well written, but too lazy to read. >.<

[SD] Bob Plisskin
11-11-2007, 06:40
Please comment!


11-11-2007, 08:36
The story flows rather literally

comments like describing why a heavy bolter is feared by the eldar. I guess you could say lots of substance, but lacking style to make it really captivating.

you've got some damn cool ideas though

He started by reading the future that surrounded the target and replaying it back to them, picking out and showing them the deaths of their comrades, their friends, their family and finally of there own imminent death. Now Kh’t stopped holding back the mental barrier that hid his mind and soul from the denizens of the warp, creating a beacon that was swarmed to by all the foul, greedy spawns of chaos, hungry for the prized Eldar soul.
the 'show your death' part, yeah thats nice, but then what he does with his own 'fate image', linking it with the human's and then 'passing' it to him.

That is pretty awesome. The substance, that's the substance

but it just sits in the middle of a long paragraph. The way it is written is plain, but your content is really fun.

11-11-2007, 12:46
Very groovy, wish I could write that well.