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09-11-2007, 13:36
Hi everybody. I am somewhat new to warhammer and I have played about 10-15 games so far. I am scheduled to participate in a smaller tournament in about a month and have made this army. This army is based on magic, raising and fear control. Play testing have been good, 3-1 for me. Wins versus Darkelfs, empire and wood elfs and loss against chaos hordes of khorn. The army is a theme based on magic and I like it more or less. I post it here so that you guys can comment it and If something comes up I can make some last minute changes.

Necromancer lvl2 Book of Arkhan

Necromancer lvl2 Staff of Damnation

Necromancer lvl2 Rod of Flaming Death

20 Zombies full command

20 Zombies full command

10 Skeleton Warriors Full command, spears, shield, La

10 Skeleton Warriors Full command, spears, shield, La

6 Dire Wolves

20 Grave Guard Full command, shield

3 Spirit Hosts

Total Army Cost: 1500
Casting Pool: 8
Dispel Pool: 5
Models in Army: 92

09-11-2007, 14:24
It could work really well if you can raise alot, but if you face an army with a decent amount of DD and some scrolls you'll have some trouble. Maybe increase the size of your units to givfe them better survivability until you can raise more.

09-11-2007, 19:42
Yea, that’s what happened with the chaos. He had 7 DD and nasty troops. It worked fine at first and I could raise about 25-35 units, but then I got sloppy and lost a necro to he’s daemon. After that I couldn't use half as much magic as before.

But If I get more skellies, what should I get rid of? I like 3 necromancers with bound spells, but I guess I can get a Wight lord and banner of the barrows or something...

10-11-2007, 20:47
hmm. i suggest losing a unit of zombies in favor of more skellies.

in 1500 points i find that 3 block core units is good enough. you can raise a unit of zombies if you really want them with ease with just 2 lv 2 invocation spells.

and if you can it would not hurt to increase your graveguard to 25 as that will allow an extra rank and a bit more surviverability to a unit you cant raise back to full health

it looks like a good competitive hoard army though and your win record is good so keep up the good work on that part.

also when up against armys like chaos and other CC only armys with not much shooting i suggest keeping your necromancers outside of units but just behind them.
leading from the rear as it where as they can still be targeted in CC even without a chalange being called apon them.

good luck with your next necro advantures

11-11-2007, 14:08
you should consider 3 fell bats they are really good at taking out lone wizards and war machines

you should consider 3 fell bats they are really good at taking out lone wizards and war machines. otherwise, looks good.

11-11-2007, 19:41
id drop some zombies to beef up the skellies slightly

11-11-2007, 20:52
Ok, Ill try to drop a zombie regiment and boost the skellies by 3 each and get 5 more Grave guards. About the fell bats: I don’t have any but I've been thinking about buying some. But with the new VC book coming out soon ill probably wait and see if they change something in the fell bat area. Ill playtest some and post the results.

15-11-2007, 18:32
Ok, I have play tested a little. I used the old list in two games and the new in two games vs the same armies I played with the old ones. This is the results:

I only had a DE player to play and heís newer to the game then I am, but Iím thank full for him putting up with me.

New list vs Heavy magic DE with lost of fire power: Massacre victory for the VC.
Old list vs same army: Major victory for VC.
Old list vs CC DE army: Massacre victory for the DE.
New list vs same army: Massacre victory for VC.

The conclusion is that the 2nd zombie regiment is unnecessary even if its nice to have a extra bunker for my necromancers. The skellies need at least 4 more models each to survive and make more impact. The wights donít really need more models if you support them. A dispel scroll is nice to have just in case.

I can say that luck and experience made the difference for at lest half the battles and I need some more play testing to improve on my list.