View Full Version : Please some advice with 500 point list with HE in Warband campaign.

09-11-2007, 16:31
Here is the list I have at the moment.

5 Archers x 2 = 55 points each
15 Spearelves w/FC = 160 points
10 White Lions w/FC = 180
1 Great Eagle = 50 points

500 points ... with the White Lion champion being the commander.

Another list I have is the following:

5 Archers = 55 points
15 Seaguard w/sheild and FC = 205
10 Pheonix Guard w/FC = 180
1 Great Eagle

500 points. PG Champ being the leader. 4+ ward save and cause fear would be nice.

I keep trying to figure out a way to have a Hero but with their cost going up it's a tad hard.

I guess I could but it would take up the special infantry. Errg ..

09-11-2007, 16:36
HE spearmen are, in their current incarnation, a dirt cheap and rock solid troop slot, stick a hero in it and take something fast to take out any would-be flankers. Don't know a GE is enough.

09-11-2007, 16:48
In the last few games we had, the GE was good at march blocking and getting the "cross fire" ruling in there when I broke a unit or two.

How about this??

5 Archers
15 Spearmen with FC
6 shadow warriors
1 GE

That should leave me some points for a commander ... but no magic items. At this moment I control the one hex withthe tower and grants points to magic items.

Hold on ... I think I have it.

5 archers
18 Spearelves with FC
5 Shadow Warriors with Shadow Walker
1 GE
1 Hero with HA, GW, LB

Still have 7 points, and I still have a roll for a magic item points.

10-11-2007, 12:32
Great Eagles are only US3 and so are not capable of 'crossfire'. They are best at war machine/mage hunting, march blocking, or drawing fanatics. Another use is to send them into a combat with another unit that you know you're going to win, so with his 3D6 pursue you catch the enemy more reliably.

A Bolt Thrower would really dominate... so would Ellyrian Reavers and Tiranoc Chariots. Small games accentuate how effective firepower and maneuverability are.

I wouldn't spend any points on archers at 500 points...

Shadow warriors are really good...

Spearelves are best just 5 wide to get maximum static CR. I've done the statistics before. About the only time more attacks is better is when you're fighting something really squishy, like skeleton spearmen. Anything with a HW/shield light armor and you're best off with ranks.

I like a Noble with the Radiant gem for some magic as well as awesome fightiness. 3 Dispel dice with +1 is too good to pass up, even at 500 points.