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As I am certain that I will get more than some people telling me I am crazy and have no clue what I am doing or over reaching I wil go ahead and state now this is just a 1st draft of my background and ideas. I am asking for feedback on em and ideas on how to tweek this list. So it is known I am using MKV or earlier on all armor and MKIV Dreads. I have gotten the army ideas for the HH books and have read all multiple times. So I do have some standard fiction I am basing this off of. Thank you for your input and heres the idea:

Post Isstvan III History of the Luna Wolves

As the sky started to alight with the falling of the bombs from the fleet arranged over head. As the final bombardment rained down on the survivors of the loyalists many contemplated facing death with open arms rather than continue to live in a universe where battle brother killed battle brother. But it was Saul Tarvitz and Nero Vipus who would not let this be. Saul had known of the deep bunkers and their hangers designed to withstand a heavy planetary bombardment. So it was here that he led the remainder of the forces with him. Luna Wolves and Emperor’s Children alike followed him down into the catacombs and bunkers bellow the choral palace. There they weathered out the bombardment. Once it had ceased and the fleet peeled off to Isstvan V in preparation for the drop site massacre that was to come there, the remaining survivors of the treachery of Isstvan III returned to the blasted surface and searched through the rubble for any other survivors and to police up equipment and ammunition for they did not know what was to come. It is during this time Nero Vipus and the remnants of Locosta Squad went in search of Garviel Loken and Tarik Torgaddon. In the remains of the sanctuary where the Mournival had fought each other Nero and Locosta found the body of Tarik under the rubble and then after much digging they found Capt. Loken. His body going into deep meditative stasis as it fought to stay alive. If it were not for the quick actions of the few remaining apothecaries Capt Loken would surely have fallen that day. But with luck he lived but did not come out of his stasis until the survivors were well off of Isstvan III.

This happened by chance and fortune. The Fleet sent by the Emperor to call Horus to account had stopped at Isstvan III to recon the damages wrought by the Warmaster’s fleet. There they found the survivors of the devastation and found the true extent of Horus’s treachery. But with some luck this discovery was to save some of the members of the fleet sent to face Horus. For Vulkan, Corax and Ferrus Mannus each sent a ship to escort the survivors back to Terra as they proceeded on to Isstvann V to face their brother Horus. The survivors were a rag tag band of about 2300 marines and a few Ancient Dreadnaughts comprising mainly Luna Wolves and Emperor’s Children, but some few members of the Death Guard and World Eaters still lived. With the least coming from the World Eaters as during the defense the loyalists put up, they threw themselves recklessly into close combat with their traitor brethren. Once back to the Sol system and within reach of Terra they were placed at Luna Station where they rendezvoused with the survivors from the Eisenstein, and Saul Tarvitz was once again reunited with Capt Nathanial Garro and Iacaton Qruze with his brethren Capt Loken and Nero Vipus. This also allowed the remaining Death Guard to reunite and share the tale of their struggles. The hardships that these men had endured had hardened them for the battle to come and had united them all in a way that was to never be broken. For as the Warmaster’s fleet approached after the drop site massacre these survivors joined the forces on Terra in defense of the Imperial Palace. Here they could be seen working together and shunning support from the other legions and Imperial Army troops. This was to set a precedent and standard for things to come.
For after the battle for Terra was done only around 1600 of the Isstvan III survivors were left. For their actions they were given a choice, be distributed amongst the remaining loyal legions, join the permanent defenses of Terra, or reform as a legion or legions. This was not a small thing to weigh as this was the future of not only themselves but their heritage as legions and service to the emperor. After much talk and debate on it the survivors decided to reform as the reconstituted Luna Wolves. With the surviving members of the Luna Wolves (Sons of Horus), Emperor’s Children, and an only a handful (fewer than 50) Death Guard joined to create this new Luna Wolves legion. So at the start of their journey to rebuild and reform they numbered only a little over 1100 strong (exact numbers are impossible to find as records have been lost or destroyed). They were given the battle barge Emperor Ascendant to use as their home and base of operations as legions home worlds had been cleansed for the treachery of the respective legion. This left the marines of the new Luna Wolves with no base to draw troops from, so they set forth to the far reaches of the universe to find the war bands and battle contingents of their respective legions sent forth to do battle in the name of the Emperor but not tainted by Horus and his treachery. This led them to bring in a few corvettes, transports, and cruisers of strike groups that were sent to the far reaches of the universe by Horus to keep them from interfering with his plans. This raised the legions numbers to well over 5000 strong, as they gained more loyal Luna Wolves, Emperor’s Children, and Death Guard.

It was the second founding which saw a large rift form between the Luna Wolves and the other fellow legions. It was here when the legions were to be disbanded and reformed under the form the Ultramarines designed and saw fit to try and enforce on all the surviving legions. Capt Loken and Capt Tarvitz with Capt Garro all attended the conference to decide the fate of the legions. And after much debate they walked out stating that they would seek justice from their traitorous brothers, and would do such as they saw fit and as the Emperor set forth before his entombment into the golden thrown. For the members of the Luna Wolves had seen the ugly and twisted head of religion forming in the Imperium ever since the end of the Battle for Terra. And had seen its thoughts start to creep into the legions and their actions started to manifest as such. This dismayed the survivors of Isstvan III and the brethren that had come together with them to reform the Luna Wolves. For they had seen firsthand what religion could do, and the belief in such, the men of the Luna Wolves and their fleet do not see the forces of Chaos as gods but as intelligent malevolent beings invading our universe from their psychically built and controlled one. The personnel of the Luna Wolves fleet believe in Imperial Truth and this is the cause which has split them from their brother legions the most. This has also set them on many a collision course with the forces of the inquisition. Who at times has gone so far as to call them heretics. But for some unknown reasons refuse to actively prosecute an exterminatus or purging of them. Though some speculate that this is due to ability of the Luna Wolves to preserve and expand its high technology and equipment as well as the fact that their gene seed over all these millennia has yet to mutate as all. In fact there has been no change in the amount of technology or level of technology in the Luna Wolves since the time of the Heresy. This is due to the fact that unlike the rest of the Imperium who has degenerated into a superstitious society full of fear and religion, ruled by a theocracy of the High Lords of Terra. The Luna Wolves see technology and medicine as science and teach it as such to all they have with them.

This is even true to the servitors, technicians, fleet crew, and attendants in the service of the Luna Wolves. All are taught about science and technology, from its basic principles to recreation and repair of all items the fleet uses. This had lead to the ability of the Luna Wolves to retain all of the implants of the space marine creation process as well as keep a completely mutation free gene seed. Not only this but their equipment and ability to use it remain at Pre-Heresy levels, to the point that no other group can. For it was lost in the superstition and fear to follow in the rise of the religions of the Emperor and Machine Spirit as well as the departure of the Primarchs. Many have wondered how the Luna Wolves can operate as they have for so long with such little base of personnel to draw on as the constant war in the universe would surely deplete their ranks to the point of crippling the fighting ability of the Luna Wolves. But this is not the case as they have started outposts on one of the fringes of the universe in a sector of space once visited by the Luna Wolves. One populated by a race of men, humans, who knowledge of their existence has been lost in the ages, one known only as the Interex. These men who live in peace with the universe and fight only Chaos with the allies they made with the Eldar. It is through contact with the Interex that the men of the Luna Wolves found the ones with latent psychic abilities within their ranks, and started their training to protect them from chaos and hone their power. But this alliance with the Interex was not to last for long, since the Interex would not give up their alliance with the Eldar. So the Luna Wolves and Interex spilt ways, but stay friends aiding each other as needed. With the Luna Wolves keeping the existence of the Interex secret in hopes that some time in the future that with their aid the Imperium can destroy the traitor forces and again set forth on the great crusade and restore imperial truth to the universe and imperium.

Tactics and Equipment of the Luna Wolves

The Luna Wolves are the masters of the assault and dropping to a surface via ship launched drop pods and fighting decapitating strikes to the enemy forces. To this end they have very few fast mobile forces in their command. They only command a handful of Land Speeder units and a few Companies of Assault Marines, with no bike units to speak of. Also they work with older, what is considered dark age technologies from the height of the Imperium. This along with the Luna Wolves standard procedure of salvaging equipment left on the battlefield and repairing it. Has led to their extensive use of Artificer Armor and repairing and updating older models of Marine Tactical Armor, also this along with the rift between the Luna Wolves and the other marine forces has led to their lack of tactical dreadnaught armor or more commonly known terminator armor. Due to the assault nature of the Luna Wolves they do not use heavy weapons in their tactical squads instead opting out for the use of an extra assault weapon, with plasma guns being the weapon of choice amongst almost all marines. Also this tactical doctrine has led to the limited use of armored forces and the almost nonexistence of rhino transports in combat. For the Luna Wolves prefer to use their might in numbers and tactics in dropping into position instead of slower moving armored vehicles. This has led to the extensive use of Dreadnaughts. But it is their knowledge of older technologies and their application that enables the amount of Dreadnaughts in the service of the Luna Wolves. With many being in service since the days after the Heresy, as well as some, as is the case with Ancient Rylanor since before the Heresy. Many have questioned the extended longevity of the Luna Wolves and suggested that the fact that some still live that saw the Heresy unfold, and even saw the unification of Terra happen, means that they are tainted with chaos. But this has been proven time and time again as false. It is now proven that the true original gene seeded marines will continue to live until they are killed in action. Which is a blessing and a curse, but one that has aided the Luna Wolves on their quest for justice and the restoration of the Imperium and its true ideals.

The use of Chaplains to encourage the marines, as well as to be one in which the space marine can confide in has long been with the legions and as such has always existed within the Luna Wolves. But unlike the Chaplains of other marine units they do not preach imperial dogma or divinity of the emperor, but imperial truth and service to the imperium and the unification of man is what is taught by these dedicated few. Also the psychically gifted have found their talents of unreplacable use to the Luna Wolves. For the Librarians of the Luna Wolves have devoted their time and minds to protecting themselves and their brethren from the immaterium by study and constant vigilance. For these latent psykers, slowly through the years have come to surface and it has been found through research and study by the Luna Wolves that all marines are innately “gifted” with some portion of psychic abilities. Though the Luna Wolves do lack one thing and that is Tech-Marines. As these are trained by the Scions of Mars, and as such believe in the machine god. Though this does not mean that the Luna Wolves are without technicians or even marines with technical knowledge, they in fact have many trained technicians and technologically adept marines. This comes from knowledge of science and the workings of mechanics. Not faith and ritual.

This has made them outcast from the basis of Mars tech. But this severing came many millennia ago before the cult of the machine god and cult of the god emperor took hold. So that when the fissure happened it just became practice for all to pass on their knowledge to the next. And to save all scientific research and mechanical know how on computer file and written word, this has preserved much for the Luna Wolves that other marines are unable to attain or understand. As to them it is faith and ritual which drives their equipment while it is science and reason which does so for the Luna Wolves. The machine shops and medicae facilities on every ship in the fleet is alight with work to advance and preserve human knowledge and to spread Imperial Truth as well as restore it to the universe. For this is the quest of the Luna Wolves, restoration of Imperial truth, bringing to justice the traitors from their ranks, and resurrecting the crusade to unite mankind and destroy the enemies who beset him on all sides.

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Organization and Characters of the Luna Wolves

The Luna Wolves are unlike the majority of Space Marine units as they do not prescribe to the index astares. They follow the organization of their first founding and tactical doctrine of the spear tip. This has made them outcast amongst their battle brothers as they do not hold their ranks at 1000 strong. In fact at last estimation the Luna Wolves were close to if not slightly over 5000 strong. This has been hotly disputed as it cannot be rightly attained to the exact numbers for the Luna Wolves do not report their exact numbers to the High Lords of Terra. In fact they seem to operate almost autonomously from standard Imperial Rule, as if guided by some other older or different mission. Though this is not to be known to be true or not. The Luna Wolves are split into Battle Companies each consisting of 1000 Marines, without Dreadnaught or vehicular support. As vehicles are held for long campaigns and Dreadnaughts are attached from the 1st Company and council to aid the Battle Companies. Each Company is lead by a Captain chosen by the council from the Veteran Sergeants of each company to lead that company. The Captains are then given a voice in the council but not a vote. The Council itself consists of the Ancient Dreadnaughts (ancient being considered over 1000 years in age) and the five founding Masters of the Luna Wolves. These Masters are the men who reformed the fractured and remnant loyalists into a legion whom they all had ties to in one way or another. They are:

Capt. Garviel Loken- Former Capt of the 13th Company Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, now main field commander along with Capt Saul Tarvitz of all Luna Wolf forces. He was the primary force behind the reformation and reconstruction of the Luna Wolves and it was by his guidance and ideas that the Legion took its name as well as doctrines.

Capt Saul Tarvitz- Former Commander of a company in the Emperor’s Children, who’s ties to Tarik Torgaddon joined him with the Luna Wolves forever more as he found himself more at home in their company than in the company of his own Legion. His aid and warning at the Isstvan III treachery saved the lives of many of the loyalists as well as united them in the field to stall the Warmasters plans. This and the classic ties between the Emperor’s Children and Luna Wolves united the two remnant loyalist groups into one, and placed Saul on a permanent leadership role within the reformed legion.

Capt Nathanial Garro- Former Capt of the 7th Company Death Guard/Dusk Raiders, whose actions in warning Terra with the Flight of the Eisenstein proved invaluable. And proved to be the salvation of the Isstvan III survivors. After the battle for Terra Garro tried to find a way to reconstruct the Dusk Raiders and serve the Emperor through them again. However with little to no gene seed and without the aid of the Emperor to create more he was forced to give it up and instead decided to aid his old friend and comrade Saul Tarvitz in his venture. This proved invaluable as they were able to find more loyalists Death Guard and together with the aid of the Interex find a way to suppress the hold Nurgle tried to enforce upon them.

Capt Iacton Qruze- Former Capt of the 3rd Company Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, who aided Capt Garro in his quest to deliver the news of the treachery at Isstvan III to Terra. It is through his steadfastness and loyalty to the old ways that the Legion was able to build on the doctrine to reform and come together. His abilities and knowledge of the times before the crusade and when the crusade was young has been invaluable. He now helps train the new marines in their studies as well as being a warrior in combat.

Vet Sgt Nero Vipus- Sgt in charge of Locosta Squad Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, who fought with Loken and Tarvitz on Isstvan III. He has repeatedly turned down promotion, in favor of staying with the squad he reformed from the survivors of the treachery. He now leads them and holds rank over all Sergeants, veteran and non in the Luna Wolves, as well as being a member of the 1st Company.

Other notable members are Apothecary Meric Voyen who after studying for a millennia on Terra was contacted by Capt Garro to research information on suppressing the hold Nurgle had on the Death Guard, with the aid of the Interex. Brother Chaplin Constantine Veraxis a former iterator turned space marine initiate, he is adamant about Imperial truth and will not stand for any theology or superstition. For him reason and science explain all, he leads the chaplaincy of the Luna Wolves. Brother Epistolary Arctrus Merdian, known to many as only Merdian he was the first to harness and master his psychic abilities as well as come to the knowledge of and ability to protect himself from the perils those abilities bring with them. He is the chief librarian and teacher of the art to the Luna Wolves.

These men are but a few of the many that lead the Luna Wolves and fight for them. But as such you must know how each company is organized. For they are broken down into squads of ten men, each with their own sgt or vet sgt as per cases be. Each company is allotted Devastator units for heavy weapon support and uses. Though most if not all squads opt out for two assault weapons as they most always are on the move. Each company is also allotted Reaver or Jump Pack units for use when needed. These troops excel at hit and run attacks as well as close combat. Though all Luna Wolves have been extensively trained in the use of their bolter weapons while fighting in close combat and are proficient to a degree even the fabled Grey Knights are envious of, but when you take into consideration many of the Luna Wolves have been alive for far many more a year than any of the Grey Knights this comes as no surprise. Dreadnaughts as stated before are a part of the 1st Company and are sent as attachments to the companies as needed for their attacks. Vehicle units are only taken out as needed as the use of them is normally against standard doctrine in combat tactics of the Luna Wolves. But they are on hand for when the attack needs that extra bit of muscle only an armored vehicle can bring. Land Speeders are rare in the Luna Wolves as they do not follow the mass troop ideals of the legion. Yet some are kept on hand to aid in combat if the situation requires fast on ground reconnaissance that only they can provide. Lastly scouts do not exist in the Luna Wolves. For they are all full marines or in training, yes some in training are sent on small recon missions but this is such a rarity that it has not happened for over a millennia as the training of marines is done on ship or on an outpost world facing simulations or wild alien beasts.

Look of the Luna Wolves

The Luna Wolves wear heresy era and pre heresy era armor. This is sometimes slightly modified with more current pieces of armor to create the best protection available or even to the extent of upgrading armor to artificer status. This armor is painted in an off white color, without a legion symbol. This is due to the fact that all accepted the Luna Wolves as the legion name and origins as their own. This is due to the connection between the Luna Wolves and the Emperor’s Children and their history together as the Luna Wolves training up the Emperor’s Children as a legion to beginning with. This acceptance by the Emperor’s Children gained the acceptance of the Death Guard as they saw the off white to be like the color of their own legion and with the fact that Saul Tarvitz accepted the color scheme, it solidified the Death Guard’s stand. All trim on the shoulder pads is colored as per the color of the originating legion of which the member came from or in the case of new recruits the gene seeds origin. This would be black for Luna Wolves, purple for Emperor’s Children, and green for Death Guard. While all high ranking members wear gold trim with the legion color being worn on the main section of the should pad. Also all Capt in the legion wear helms stylized after the captain’s helm of the Luna Wolves pre-heresy, so that all have the brush on the top, as well as all members carry a close combat blade, in the form of a combat knife or in officers and sergeants a combat sword. Members of the Luna Wolves prefer plasma weapons in the form of plasma pistols and plasma guns as they are able to use these on the move or in the case of the pistol in close combat as well. All Luna Wolves are trained to fight in close with a bolter and their combat blades, to this they are taught extensively and as such all carry bolters unless otherwise as a badge of rank or deemed a weapons specialist. All Luna Wolves Sergeants and Above take an Oath of the moment which is attached to their armor as a reminder and worn all throughout the battle and kept as a memorial to the battle afterword. These are then saved in the remembrance halls of the battle barge for memoriam to the battles won and lost as well as to the battle brothers who have served. Though all troops take an Oath of the moment only the Sgt and Above wear it into battle. Another notable difference in Luna Wolves is the amount of hair on each of the battle brothers. Since they do not prescribe to the monkhood of the rest of their brethren, which has outcast them among them, they do not keep clean shaven heads and their gene seed is 100% pure so no mutation to cause the lack of hair exists. Also bionic limbs and replacement is common among those who have been in service for many years, for it is hard to go so long without some scars or damage done.
Game Definitions

Ok so here it is what does all this mean for the Luna Wolves in game terms. Well for starters their combat doctrines which go with Significant Divergence from the Codex Astares to give us:

Trust You Battle Brothers- to give us the close combat and bolter feel as well as to show their years of experience in fighting with these weapons together.

Cleans and Purify- to allow the use of 2 assault/special weapons by replacing one of the heavy weapons. This is to show their preference for the assault and constant on the move fast hard hitting drop force.

Eye to Eye- to show their lack of fast attack and dislike for land speeders and absolute non use of bikes units.

We stand alone- to show the fact that they are outcast amongst their battle brothers, and at odds with the inquisition, so they will not and do not have allies. And feel they can rely only on themselves.

Now these doctrines regretfully don’t give me enough to pick from, for if I could I would add 2 more, one that would not allow me to take terminator armor and another which would be heed the wisdom of the ancients and be able to take more dreadnaughts. But seeing as I can’t I have opted out to just on principle go this route, and if need be on a future occasion switch out one of the two advantages to replace it with heed the wisdom of the ancients. In the end the main thing once must remember in the way I have built this force is that it is an infantry force, brought to the field via drop pod. So the whole army will deep strike in. Just as the Luna Wolves were always famous for, their assaults.

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dear lord you must structure that some more. I can barely read that big pile 'o text

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Ok there we go restructured and hopefully now easier to read and get sine feedback on.

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Your gonna have problems when the HH books get to that part as some of the characters might be death.

Also Garro can't be part of the luna wolves as he was to become one of the first inquisitors

10-11-2007, 18:08
I understand that I might need to tweak this concept as some books come out. But as is stands with the current book DOA the characters are all alive and or implied they might be alive. Also the books do not once say that Garro becomes an inquisitor, Also there are NO SM inquisitors on SM Grey Knights. So fluff wise Garro can not have become an Inquisitor and as for him becoming a Grey Knight, well it could happen it could not have happened. I do not think though that he would have as it is implied that they were a legion or partial legion formed like that of the adeptus custodes and probably even more secrative and shadowy that the Sisters Of Silence aka original Sisters of Battle.

heretics bane
10-11-2007, 18:09
Wasnt he in the death guard? and what exactly do you need help with?

10-11-2007, 18:20
I think we can safely say that Garro and Qruze both form some important part of the Inquisition, as i've said on numerous occasions they may in fact become Death Watch with members of the Adeptus Custodes forming the Grey Knights (in a Second Founding like the Astartes).

I think its ok for the most part but with so much of the background in a state of flux why out so much effort into something that can be changed within the next year or two?

Personally i'd suggest a Pre-Heresy army eith those characters, Garro with Death Guard, Tarvitz with Emperors Children and Loken and/or Qruze with Luna Wolves?

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In the end he and several others are told my Malcador the sigilite that they will be called for a special duty in time, in the last part of the HH artwork books it mentions that malcador bring several figures efore the emperor that are to become the first inquisitors.The Sigilite comments on each their specific reason for beeing chosen for this duty.

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Ok ty for the info Dreachon and Ultamar. I can rework it to drop the death guard remnants or just those 2 figures, but more than likely the whole of the death guard as they probably would not have joined forces in a venture like this with Garro leading forces elsewhere for the Imperium. Though I lean more towards the remenants becomming of the death guard becomming the deathwatch instead of grey knights as all grey knights are atuned and trained pyskers, to a degree that would be hard for them to acheive as standard death guard remnants.

Traitor Legions
26-12-2007, 12:09
I like your background write up its great.

I'd change it a little with extensive use of Orbital Bombardment ,drop pods deepstrike and Speartip eliminate enemy command structure. Will aid 1st founding Space marine chaptors (maybe under supervison of the grey knights) and has regular vists from the Inquistaion/grey knights to check purity and aid with supplies. What you think?

Decoration and modeling will have many purity seals on their armour to show the honour.

What colours would you use for the off white? what actual GW colours skull white? with dry brush fortess grey?space wolf grey?codex grey? or a wash?

Trim i was thinking command gold?

normal squad member chaosblack maybe grey?

26-12-2007, 14:23
any rivalrys with existing chaos lords. i mean abaddon almost killed loken and saul will despise lucius so add that