View Full Version : 2250 DE balanced list could work??

09-11-2007, 21:35
Here's my latest idea off 2250 DE army:

Highborn: Crimson Death (two-handed, S6), Heart-stone of Darkness (4+ward), HA = 211

Noble: BSB, Crown of Black Iron (5+ward, immune to high&light magic), HA = 134

Noble: Dark Pegasus, Seal of Ghrond (+1 DD), HA, Sh, Lnc, SDC = 166

Sorceress: 2x DS = 140

15 Warriors: Sh, RXbows, St, M = 195
15 Warriors: Sh, RXbows, St, M = 195
10 Warriors: Sh, RXbows =120

15 Executioners: FCG; Banner of Murder (+d6" on charge) = 240

6 Cold One Knights: St = 192
6 Cold One Knights: St = 192

5 Harpies = 65

4 RBT = 400

PD: 3 DD:4+2DS models:89 shoots/turn: 104

On the center Exec accompanied by 15 Rxbowelves on each side. GEn and BSB close to those. Blocks of 15 RXbowelves shooting volleys until enemy gets closer than changing formation into 3x5. Flanks protected by CoKs. RBTs & small Rxbowelves unit on a hill or wherever safe. Harpies & Pegasi rider misson is to march block.

I wonder if 6 standards isn't too much... that's 600VP extra for the enemy if he captures them... but with BSB on field IMO I have to maximize static CR points as much as posible.

Any opinions and feedback how would it work??

09-11-2007, 21:53
It could work, but I think you'll have trouble fitting it all in with basically your center being 35 models wide plus the space inbetween the units. This wide frontage will also make it difficult for your bolt throwers unless you have a hill.

It's not the list I have problems with, it's the tactics.

09-11-2007, 22:01
Er...it's a balanced list isnt it? You said so in your title.
Balanced armies always work as they are balanced.

Looks fine.
No need to explain what the item's do though.