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10-09-2005, 20:08
just read this bbc story


i give it about a week, there is only so much 30 designers can come up with, compared to the thousands of ppl that will want to take the thing apart...

any one care to place guesses as to how long the security of the box will last?

Freak Ona Leash
10-09-2005, 20:16
A month tops.

Rabid Bunny 666
10-09-2005, 20:17
6 months, or 2 if the hackers terminally unemployed

Inquisitor Engel
10-09-2005, 20:22
This should really be in Computer games you know...

Why bother modifying it though? Microsoft took their inspiration from what the Mod crew did with the first X-Box, it IS a Media Centre, it HAS it's own fully fledged OS, it can talk to your PC, you can move movies and games, it can use MP3's as personal soundtracks now (Unlike before, when they HAD to be from a real CD...).

Sure you can't install Linux to "STICK TO TOO EVUL MICROSFOT OMG!!3!21!@~!~!@" but you've already given them your $300 (for basic) to $400 (For the complete package) by that point...

Some people are just never satisfied...

Sgt John Keel
10-09-2005, 21:16
Some people are just never satisfied...

I wonder why we keep sending stuff to Mars then...

To answer the question, the region coding and the requirement of original copies is just two reasons to crack it. And why not overclocking it, or using it as a cheap computer?


10-09-2005, 21:26
and ofcource there is the whole pride thing, beating the big company... just for fun!

10-09-2005, 21:27
I'll be surprised if it takes four weeks from the release date.

And, really, why not? It's a tool, take it apart and play with it.

10-09-2005, 22:05
Hahaha. Every time I see one of these claims I laugh, this will be cracked inside a month.

I wont be buying one, however, Im not a big fan of consoles in the first place, and I dont see why I should have to pay more money on top of my internet connection in order to play a normal game online and get updates for it. I can understand MMOs charging for such things, they need to run the servers and bandwidth, but if you can get matchmaking programs on the PC for free, why should Microsoft charge for it?

Im also not going to be buying a PS3, because of Sony's tard-tastic forays into the law over here. Illegal to chip a console? Well, sod you Sony, if I cant play imports then Ill just use an emulator on my PC.

Nintendo generally dont have any games that interest me, so no next-gen consoles for me.

10-09-2005, 22:23
Anyone with computer security experience knows that if someone has unrestricted physical access to the hardware then no security is going to hold out for long.