View Full Version : 3000 Point HE Realms Army

11-11-2007, 00:32
OK, just trying to make a list showing the united High Elves... The Archmage goes with the Swordmasters, the SCs go with their respective units and the Noble goes with the Dragon Princes...
Unfortunately, I'm 49 points over budget :( Could I have some help?
Thanks :)

Archmage 345
Level 4 wizard, Annulian Crystal, Folariath's Robe

Caradryan 175

Korhil 140

Noble 196
Lance, Dragon armour, Barded Elven Steed, Battle Standard Bearer, Banner of the World Dragon

Dragon Mage 435
Level 2 Wizard, Sacred Incense, Dispel Scroll

10 Archers 110

10 Spearmen 90

15 Lothern Sea Guard 248
Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Arcane Protection

14 Swordmasters 310
Bladelord, Amulet of Fire, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Sorcery

14 Phoenix Guard 280
Keeper of the Flame, Armour of Caledor, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Ellyrion

14 White Lions 280
Guardian, the Amulet of Light, Musician, Standard Bearer, Lion Standard

5 Dragon Princes 275
Drakemaster, the Skeinsliver, Musician, Standard Bearer, Standard of Balance

5 Shadow Warriors 80

Tiranoc Chariot 85

3049 points