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10-09-2005, 21:50
Can you still use the Empir War Wagon in games and if so where do I find rules for it in the latest edition

I'm still playing the game, at its BEST, in the Realms of Chaos days and have to play with my mates in the modern edition

HACK COUGH not very amusing I must say

And also is there any rules for putting a Empire Wizard on a Wyvern??

Or is that gone as well? :confused:

Lady's Champion
10-09-2005, 22:07
No Wizard Wyvern sorry

I'm sure I've seen War Wagon rules though...

10-09-2005, 22:23
yeah its called an upgrade for the steam tank, thats where you will find the war wagon.

11-09-2005, 11:01
For the real war wagon rules, check out the Ravening Hordes army list for Empire.