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11-11-2007, 15:37
So I am looking at doing Skaven for my next army and was wondering what people ran for characters in their list. I was thinking a Warlord, BSB, and 2 Engineers but I wanted to see what other Skaven players ran.

My list is going to be 3 units of 25-30 Clanrats, 3 units of 20 Slaves, and a mix of everything else. Suggestions?


11-11-2007, 16:38
I usually take, 3 warlocks and a grey seer, or 2 warlocks a warlord and an assasin - depending on the enemy.

My usual setups:

Warlord - fell blade [str 10 d6 wounds], heavy armour + enchanted shield [3+sv]

Warlock - take supercharged war power, warp energy condenser, warp blades [warplock pistols are a waste of points really]. Then for the other 50pts i take storm daemon [extra warplightning on 1D6], eye of the horned rat [+1 dice to power pool] and warpscroll [whole units takes str 3 hit and takes a panic test on a single casualty] on each of my WE's and then 2 warpstone tokens. Although storm daemons the most crucial if you take just one.

Grey seer - screaming bells a must for LOS purposes, the +2 power dice, magic resistance 2, and its awesome powers. I also give him warpstone amulet, eye of the horned rat if not already used and 2 dispell scrolls.

Assassin - smoke bombs if he's running on his own, if not its a waste. I take a weeping blade [+1str multiplied into d3 wounds] or blade of black fury [+2 A]

Plague priest - sword of might [+2str] and a warbanner [+1CR]

Chieftain - weeping blade/blade of black fury if not used, shield heavy armour

Thats how I run things anyway.


11-11-2007, 16:39
Above post by me sorry.


11-11-2007, 16:48
I run a warlord, a BSB and a warlock engineer.

I give the warlord heavy armour and a shield.
I give the BSB the banner of the swarm and heavy armour.
I give the warlock engineer just enough equipment so that he can cast warp lightning on three dice at a 9+, use his storm daemon and then if things look bad throw a dispel scroll.

I then use all of the remaining points to field a horde of skaven.

If I run out of models before I run out of points, I might throw the gouger on the warlord...

It's a skaven army... take skaven.

The second warlock engineer can be pretty effective, but often won't do as much as a few extra units of giant rats, or units of 4 globe throwers.

11-11-2007, 21:46
I'll agree with JohnnyTHM: No need for killy characters!

My favourite set-up is:
-Warlord, heavy armour, shield, halberd
-Chieftain, BSB, Banner of the Storm (no need for armour, he's lurking at the back anyway)
-Engineer, no equipment, 2 dispel scrolls

Cheap, protective, effective!!!

(but, on the other hand, Grey Seer, 2 Enginneers and a Plague priest works equally well..)

12-11-2007, 01:25
My current army usually fields:
Warlord with Warpstone Armour, Shield, uh... wow it's been a long time since I played! Usually a great weapon b/c that's what it's modelled as, he'll either use a hw or gw depending on who he's fighting (and howmuch blowback armour saves he wants to make)
Chieftan with Banner of the Swarm
Warlock Engineer w/ upgrades & storm deamon
Assassin w/ either Weeping Blade or Warp Stars depending

Sometimes I go with another Engineer instead of the Assasin though.

12-11-2007, 22:21
I have 2 lists. Depends on if i want to use much magic.

The magic is seer (on bell) 2 warlocks and a chieftain.

The second is Warlord, 1 warlock (w/ 2 scrolls), plague priest and chieftain. I almost never buy magic weapons since 95% of the time a great weapon is just as good and i like to be budget on heroes for this list and spend the points on masses of troops :).

Sometimes ill make the chieftain a BSB for both lists.

Best value hero for me is chieftain with great weapon, heavy armour and a shield. For the points you pay he is great value.

20-11-2007, 16:41
I have found an assassin with warpstone stars to work great, especially whe placed in a unit with gutter runners with poisoned throwing stars. Skirmishing with movement 6 means you can dance around the whole army and throw your stars against everything you don't like. 3 str5 d3 wounds from the stars is especially nasty against chariots.

the gutter runners are there mainly as a screen but they can dish out some damage on core troops too.

I tend to take a plague priest with the blade of might and a warpstone amulet for 4 str 5 attacks too, which is nice against anything that isn't a character. He's also got toughness 5 and a 4+ward save for survivability which I think is ok for a hero.

A warlock engineer and a grey seer give me some magic capabilities. Storm Daemon is a really nice surprise when your opponent is out of dispel dice, or when you need him to waste some.

You could also take bands of power for the plague priest if you're particularly confident that you'll dominate the magic phase, but I find that it usually gets dispelled after the first time you reveal it.

20-11-2007, 16:47
grey seer on bell.
3 warlock engineers.

Thats how my 2 local skaven players play it :/

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
27-11-2007, 05:40
warlord- IMO should be equipped with one of the following weapons- sword of might, GW, weeping blades, halberd, or the gouger (for challenging), the languiser sword( comboc well with the BoP). For protection either warpstone armor (for use in challenges), Or heavy armor, and the enchanted/regular shield. If you feeling adventurous and you can dominate the magic phase without the seer then try out the bands of power for some extra killyness.

grey seer- I agree that the bell is a must if you have the points. if you do then also invest in the teneberous cloak for that important ward against missles, the eye of the horned rat, and a dispel scroll or 2.

Warlock- Go for the max kit on this guy (minus the pistol), and either a storm deamon, or if you have a seer; then try the death globes or a brass orb for a little surprise skitterleap action

Cheiftain- I like them as BSBs with either the banner of the swarm, or more often the storm banner (simply cause its awsome). If you want something a little different youse him as a cheap guided missle with a skitterleap fom a seer with the brass orb against a slann or something as simply juicy and slow.:evilgrin:

Plague Priest- I like them simple with either a plague censer, or a flail and maybe the bands of power. I think they should be there to add a little strength to a frenzied plague monks unit.

Assassins- These guys are close to my heart as I still play the eshin list from SoC. I like my basic assassins equipped maybe 3 ways: 1) weeping blades, smoke bombs 2) warpstone stars (for killing chariots, ogres, and warmachine crews), or 3) bands of power, THW. as sort of a guided missle again.

Hope I helped you out with your choice.

Oh and i usually run one of these:




27-11-2007, 12:49
Right now, I use a warlord with a halberd and a battle standard bearer. Thats it!

27-11-2007, 19:18
Seer on Bell with tenebrous cloak & EotHR
BSB with reroll amulet
Engineer with gear, daemon & scroll

Warlord with reroll amulet (sometimes a weapon like weeping blade)
BSB with Storm banner
Engineer with gear and dispell scroll
Engineer engineer with gear, storm daemon, dispell scroll