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11-11-2007, 21:55
So I was looking at some Terminators and Scouts I purchased recently and I was reminded of the good old days of Tyranid Attack and Space Hulk. I figured it would be cool to play a mission that would suit five Terminators and ten Scouts. Then it occurred to me that I'd be interested in seeing how other people did with this mission. So I'm posting guidelines for the mission and asking people to play and post how they did as the attacker, the defender, or both!

Raid Mission: Terminatus
Attacker: 1 Scout Squad (broken into combat squads), 1 Terminator Squad. The scout squad sergeant has a teleport homer.

Defender: One platoon of Imperial Guardsmen: One command squad and four tactical squads, and one special weapon squad. However, they may have no weapons with AP3 or lower.

The Imperial Guard occupy a series of three bunkers joined by trenches and with a forward trench 12" in front the bunkers in a 2'x6' area adjoining a 2'x6' broken no-man's land of rubble and buildings. The Imperial Guard set-up is done first, and then the Space Marine scout squad is placed second with the 1'x6' area opposite the board from the Imperial Guard set-up area being the nominal Space Marine deployment area. The Imperial Guard have sentries in the forward 1'x6' area of the trenches, following the mission rules for sentries. The Imperial Guard have the sustained attack mission rule that can be negated if the command squad of the platoon is wiped out.

The Space Marine objective is to capture all three bunkers. That counts as a major victory. Capturing two bunkers earns a minor victory. Capturing one bunker earns a loss. Capturing none earns a major loss. Corresponding a major loss for the Space Marines is a major victory for the Imperial Guard, and a loss for Space Marines constitutes an Imperial victory. The game lasts for eight turns, with the Space Marine player going first.

11-11-2007, 22:31
Quite easy for the defender to win, as there are only 3 scoring units for 3 objectives.

Like the idea though

11-11-2007, 22:37
That's why it's a challenge. :)

12-11-2007, 00:23
Why the special weapons squad, given it's not part of a standard platoon?
Just make it 5 standard squads, or drop them entirely , to help balance the scenario. Also remove the recyclable guardsmen, its not needed.

Any guard commander would load up on heavy bolters and grenade launchers, and wipe out the scouts fairly easily. Terminators now drown, either in firepower, or bodies in combat. Doctrines make it even worse.

How it would play out.
You'll lose a comabt squad tryring to remove one guard squad from such heavy cover, and there will be two Guard squads for each bunker. To ensure you have any effect at all, you'll need to task both scout squads on one area. You would be very lucky to have more than the remnents of one comabt squad left if you suceed in taking it at all. You'll go for one of the bunker complexes at the left or right of the board, as the middle one would ensure you're caught in a nasty crossfire from the other two.

You now have effectively unsupported terminators. At best, they're facing two guard squads in heavy cover, with another two free to back them up as you have no units left to threatern the third bunker.

There is one condition that would make this work much better. Night fighting. Negates the Guards overwhelming long range firepower. With that, and as many flamers as possible in the attackers force, they have a chance. They use the dark, conduct short range firefight against one unit, win that, and move on.

12-11-2007, 00:48
Bunnahabhain: So, I take it you haven't actually tried it yet, and don't think you're a good enough player to squeak a minor victory? ;)

Edit: Sorry, I just realized that might come across as kind of rude. People on the internet can be so prickly, as well as insensitive... What I meant is that you're missing the point. It is stacked in favour of the Imperial Guard. To pull off a minor victory is a challenge. That's the point, to give people a challenge and see how well they can do. It's definitely the sort of game where you want to trade sides afterwards!

12-11-2007, 01:28
Oddkly enough, I haven't tried it yet, but I can see how it will play out well enough.

Given the decent cover, the marine player will have to concentraite alot of firepower on a squad of Guard, or assualt them. Assualt means taking a turn of fire from several squads, which will reduce the scouts down to a size that can be dealt with by a squad in hand to hand. Trading fire withthe guard would be very silly, as they have better cover, and more heavy bolters.

By imposing night fighting, the guard have to get close, which means the guard player has to choose when to move, and when to stay still, which makes it far more tactical for them as well. Without it, the guard player can just sit in the trenches, and blaze away. Night fighting leaves it one sided, but more intersting.

13-11-2007, 01:27
I think you should actually try it. If only to see how accurate your preconceptions about it turn out. I'd certainly be interested in hearing about that.

13-11-2007, 01:57
I think that it seems fun, but I would remove the guard options for a heavy weapon and a special weapons squad, as the heavy bolters would quickly deal with the scouts, with no save and all. I also think that the trenches would be plenty, unless the SM player is allowed to buy options (like two assault cannons).

13-11-2007, 07:52
As a challenge I think it would garner better bragging rights if you did it without two assault cannons in the Terminator squad. Mind you, I think a Terminator squad armed with a heavy flamer would do better.

The Song of Spears
13-11-2007, 17:46
I love the idea. And i think i will try it out sometime.

Here is what we will set up:

Terminatus Assault:
10 scouts =
1 with a sniper rifle allowed to break from group "with orders"
all other scouts come with bolter, bolt pistol, CCW, frag grenades, sergeant has shotgun and teleport homer, allowed to use combat squads rule as normal (ignoring the sniper)

5 terminators, 1 with a heavy flamer and one with a assault cannon, the rest with normal loadout, seargeant has a power weapon and storm bolter.

3 bunkers, each with 10 guardsmen who have 1 heavy bolter and 1 grenade launcher per bunker, the rest of the guardsmen have lasguns, plus VOX casters

1 command squad with junior officer (the heroic one left the field after gaining them this location)
JO has carpace armour, CCW, Plasma pistol
JO command:
5 guardsmen with lasguns, laspistols, CCW, frag grenades, carapace armour, VOX caster (for JO's use)
1 medic with narthiscum and reductor thingys

Set up:
bunkers are 3+ cover

table is 6'x4', with bunkers being 10" from long table edge, and 18" apart.

Terminatus scouts enter via infiltrate, with caveat, no closer than 18".

Scouts can use teleport homer to call in the termis in any round they want during the movement phase.

bunkers need only be cleared of Renegades by Terminatus unit, no need to sit on it.

trenches set up as per OP statements. (if this scenario proves too easy for the Terminatus Unit, then 20 more guardsmen with lasguns and VOX casters will be inserted into trenches, but with no special weapons)

gotta make sure there is plenty of cover for Terminatus group to use. Prolly a few 3+ cover treaches to hop from

Renegades get first turn.