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Bretonnian Lord
11-11-2007, 22:05
“The Elves have assembled atop the hill, milord,” Sir Benjamin muttered, gazing at the glittering steel of the High Elf warhost arrayed across the field. “They will not accept emissaries, only battle.”

“Then so be it,” Sir Eric replied evenly, carefully gazing at the enemy battle lines. The majority of their ranged firepower and cavalry was concentrated on the hilltop, although several units of Elves were stationed on the lower ground left of the hill. “Sir Leofric!” he called.

Sir Leofric came forward, gripping the army battle standard tightly. “What are your orders, milord?”

Eric had already begun walking to his steed. “Take your knights and follow me into their flank. Sir Benjamin, you will lead the charge up the hill.”

Another 2,000 points battle between my Bretonnians and my friend’s High Elves. He doesn’t have the new High Elf book yet, so we used the old army book for this battle.

After several losses to his Elves, I reformed my army list which brought me marginally more success (http://warseer.com/forums/fantasy-battle-reports/102197-bretonnians-vs-high-elves-2-000-points-very-long.html). After that battle, I reformed my army list again, swapping in some different units and combos.

As far as I could tell, his army listed stayed mainly the same, with the exception that he now had 2 level two mages and a prince instead of an Archmage and a level 2 mage. One way or the other, it would be an interesting fight…

Sir Eric’s Bretonnian Warhost:


Sir Eric, Lord
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse
-Virtue of Knightly Temper
-Cuirass of Fortune
-The Mane of the Purebreed
-Grail Vow

Sir Leofric, Paladin Battle Standard Bearer
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse
-Banner of the Lady
-Virtue of Duty

Sir Benjamin
-Barded Bretonnian Warhorse
-Virtue of the Joust

Damsel Meghan
-Bretonnian Warhorse
-2 Dispel Scrolls
-Level two wizard

Damsel Aelis
-Level two wizard


8 Knights of the Realm (Joined by Sir Leofric)
-Standard Bearer

8 Knights of the Realm (Joined by Lady Meghan)
-Standard Bearer

8 Knights of the Realm (Joined by Sir Benjamin)
-Standard Bearer

16 Peasant Bowmen


3 Pegasus Knights
-Standard Bearer


5 Grail Knights (Joined by Sir Eric)
-Standard Bearer

Total points: 1998

I don’t know the full details of his army list, but here are his models and some of the upgrades I know he took.

The High Elf Warhost:


-Blade of Seagold
-5+ ward save item

-Honor that lets you choose spells

-Ring of Fury
-Item that gives +1 spell

Standard Bearer
-Battle Banner


15 Spearmen

10 archers

10 archers


13 Dragon Princes


4 Repeater Bolt Throwers

Here’s what the board looked like at the beginning of the fight:


The fences represent the borders of the hill that some of the High Elves were on.

Bretonnian Lord
11-11-2007, 22:06
Sir Eric knelt by his warhorse, eyes closed and lips muttering inaudible prayers to the Lady of the Lake for her blessing in the coming battle. He knew that the Elves held the high ground and storming the hill would be a difficult task, but he was confident that the Lady’s warriors could win the day.

Finishing his silent prayer, Eric briefly glanced at his battle lines before donning his great helmet and mounting his horse. His loyal Grail Knights formed up around him, while his friends Leofric and Benjamin led their own sections of the army in preparations for the assault.

Before Eric had issued any commands, he heard someone scream: “Bolt throwers!” His eyes darted toward the Elvish bolt throwers, which were firing multiple smaller missiles rather than solid shots.

“Shields up!” He barked, and his Grail Knights obeyed swiftly. He felt a multitude of impacts against his shield and heard the hissing of arrows falling around him. After several seconds, he lowered his shield and glanced at his army. Their positions were littered in spent arrows, but not one Bretonnian had fallen.

“Praise the Lady!” Sir Eric yelled, brandishing his lance. “Forward, Bretonni! Charge!”

The warhost surged forward, eager for battle. Sir Benjamin and Damsel Meghan led their knights directly at the hill, while the Pegasus Knights landed a little bit away, preparing to harass lone mages or war machines. Sir Eric and Sir Leofric led their knights forward at the High elves on the left flank, as the Peasant Bowmen peppered the elves with arrows.

What happened: Roll for spells: His mounted mage got Vaul’s unmaking and Flames of the Phoenix, while his foot mage got Curse of Arrow Attraction, Fury of Khaine, and another spell I forget. Damsel Meghan rolls for Life magic, gets Mistress of the Marsh The Beast Cowers. Damsel Aelis gets Howler Wind and Master of Stone. The High elves got first turn, since I prayed. They used multiple shots for all their RBT batteries, two firing at Sir Eric’s Grail Knights and the other two firing at Damsel Meghan’s knights. Miraculously, no knights were killed by the missile barrage. On my turn, I moved all of my units forward, trying to close the gap so I wouldn’t suffer casualties from shooting/magic. I purposely left Damsel Meghan’s unit in charge range of the Dragon Princes, A) Because I knew I wouldn’t be able to outcharge them and B) I was hoping to draw his cavalry away from the hill so Sir Benjamin’s unit would have an easy time picking off the mages and RBTs.

End of Turn 1:

With a mighty roar, the Elvish Dragon Princes spurred their horses into a gallop, rumbling down the hill toward Damsel Meghan’s knights. At their head rode the proud Elven prince and his standard bearer, bearing aloft of shimmering standard that radiated magic. Several Bretonnian knights were struck down by the Elven charge, but despite the carnage, the Knight of the Realm Champion wounded the Elvish prince before fleeing with the rest of his unit, the Elves in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, the Elvish Bolt Throwers continued raining death upon the Bretonnians. The sky was darkened by the multitude of arrow shafts, and a Pegasus Knight fell to his death as his proud steed succumbed to its various wounds. In addition, two Knights from Sir Leofric’s unit were transfixed by the Elvish firepower, much to the Bretonnians’ grief.

Sir Eric, eager to engage in close combat and silence the Bolt throwers permanently, ordered a charge, and the Bretonnians let out a cheer as they spurred their mounts into the fray. Sir Benjamin’s unit smashed into the Elvish spearmen, utterly destroying them with little resistance. Sir Eric and his Grail Knights cut down an Elvish archer regiment and the crews of one Bolt thrower fled before Sir Leofric’s wrath. The Pegasus Knights flew down from the skies in fury, causing an Elvish mage to run in terror.

What happened: His Dragon Princes charged Damsel Meghan’s unit. Surprisingly, the Dragon Princes and his Standard Bearer do no wounds, although his Prince does kill two knights. My Knight of the Realm Champion, however, surprisingly scored a wound against the Elvish Prince! Despite this, Lady Meghan’s unit fled 9 inches, with the Dragon Princes trailing with 7 inches.

His magic is ineffective, because I used all of Meghan’s dispel scrolls.

His Bolt throwers scored 3 wounds on my Pegasus Knight unit, killing one and leaving another half alive. Two Knights of the Realm from Sir Leofric’s unit were also felled by a bolt thrower volley.

In my turn, Sir Benjamin charges the spearmen and wins combat with no casualties. He elects to reform toward the Bolt thrower on his right as the spearmen run off the board. My Pegasus Knights charged one of his mages, who also flees off the board. The bolt thrower Sir Leofric charges is abandoned when the crew flees, but they’re still on the board. Sir Eric’s unit defeats the Elvish archer regiment and reforms to face the Bolt Thrower still manned by a crew as the archers fall back with 3 men.

End of Turn 2:


Sensing that their enemy was near defeat, the Dragon Princes charged headlong at the fleeing Knights of Damsel Meghan’s unit. The Knights of the Realm panicked and scattered, leaving the battlefield with all haste.

The Bolt throwers, still acting with discipline despite the chaos around them, pivoted on the spot and focused fire on the Pegasus Knights and Sir Eric’s unit. One more Pegasus Knight was downed by the heavy fire, and three of Sir Eric’s Grail Knights were killed by the withering hail of arrows.

Seeing that the Dragon Princes had left the vulnerable Elf mages and bolt throwers open, Sir Eric rallied his men and ordered a charge up the left flank. Sir Benjamin’s unit destroyed another Bolt thrower battery while the Pegasus Knights chased a fleeing Elvish mage. Sir Leofric charged at the remaining Elf archer regiment while Sir Eric and his Grail Knights avenged their loss on another bolt thrower.

What happened: His Dragon Princes charge Damsel Meghan’s unit, who flees off the board. His Bolt throwers kill another of my Pegasus Knights and fell 3 of my Grails! His magic is once again ineffective thanks to Damsel Aelis using all of her dispel scrolls.

In my turn, my Pegasus Knights charge his remaining mage (who had fled away from the battle hoping to escape) and run him down. Sir Benjamin’s unit charges the bolt thrower on the hill and Sir Eric takes down the last bolt thrower on the left flank. The fleeing bolt thrower crew from last turn rallies but is killed off by a hail of arrows from the Peasant Bowmen.

End of Turn 3:


Bretonnian Lord
11-11-2007, 22:07
The Dragon Princes, having chased off the Knights of the Realm, reformed the entire regiment to face towards their next quarry- the Damsel Aelis.

The remaining bolt thrower fired a last volley at Sir Leofric’s unit, felling two more knights. The remaining elf archers who had rallied fired shots at the Peasant Bowmen but to no effect.

Sir Leofric charged at the remaining bolt thrower, killing the crew in vengeance for the deaths of his knights. Eric and Benjamin coordinated their units at the crest of the hill, watching the Dragon Princes in the valley below reform to face Damsel Aelis.

Damsel Aelis, however, was agile and before the Dragon Princes could even begin to charge her she slipped past their flank, causing disarray in the Dragon Princes as they lost track of her.

What happened: Sir Leofric loses two Knights of the Realm to the remaining bolt thrower battery, but destroys on the charge. Eric and Leofric’s units converge on the crest of the hill, preparing to meet the Dragon Princes’ charge…

However, the Dragon Princes were being kept busy by Damsel Aelis. Since she was an individual character, she was much more agile than the entire Dragon Prince regiment, and used her full movement of 8 inches to slip onto their flank and past their line of sight.

End of Turn 4:


The Elvish Prince, angered by the destruction of his army and of the human wizard’s attempts to evade him, detached himself from his Dragon Prince retinue, intending to find the wizard himself while his unit prepared to charge the enemies who had claimed the hill…

What happened: Realizing that his Dragon Princes wouldn’t be able to charge my mage, the elf player detached the Prince from the unit and maneuvered him so that he would be able to charge Damsel Aelis next turn, since the Prince had 360 degree line of sight and would easily be able to catch and kill Damsel Aelis…

However, Aelis had one trick up her sleeve- Master of Stone. With all of his mages dead, the Elf prince couldn’t dispel Damsel Aelis’ magic (Aelis rolled a 13 with three dice, he rolled a 7 with his two dispel dice). Three strength five hits, three failed armor saves, and two failed ward saves later, the Elf Prince was dead and the Elves surrendered.

End of Turn 5:


Bretonnian Lord
11-11-2007, 22:08
Sir Eric smiled grimly as he surveyed the battlefield. They had suffered casualties-indeed, many of his bravest knights lay dead- but the Elves had been completely routed by the death of their Prince at the hands of Damsel Aelis. The battle was decisively won; Eric muttered another silent prayer to the Lady for her guidance on this day.

End Game Results and Conclusion:

Overall, a hard fought victory for the Bretonnians. I think I’m finally getting the hang of fighting the High Elves, although once my friend lays his hands on the new Elf army book I’ll have to get used to losing streaks again.

My friend blamed his loss (and I have to agree with him) on really bad luck. First turn, his bolt throwers do nothing and continue to do minimum damage the entire game. His magic phase is shut down by Dispel scrolls and Pegasus Knights. The final nail in the coffin was when his Prince was killed by Damsel Aelis’ Master of Stone spell- something extremely uncommon but happened to him because of bad luck.

I think tactically I did the best I could have. I got rid of his Bolt throwers and mages fairly quickly and drew off his force of Dragon Princes for several turns on a hunt for Damsel Meghan and her knights, which allowed the rest of my army to rampage behind his battle lines and then seize the hill.

I’m looking forward to the next battle I have with my High Elf friend, hopefully he’ll have the new army book by then. I’ll be sure to post results of the battle and see if I need to re-think my army in order to win against the new High Elves. Dragon Princes 2 attacks each, Speed of the Asur, yikes!

Surviving Bretonnian units:
-2 Grail Knights
-1 Pegasus Knight
-11 Knights of the Realm
-Sir Leofric, Sir Eric, Sir Benjamin, Damsel Aelis
-16 Peasant Bowmen

Unit Citations:
-Damsel Aelis, for not only stopping the High Elf magic phase but also scoring two wounds on the Elf Prince with Master of Stone, which sealed the game.

Thanks for reading!

11-11-2007, 23:30
sounds like it went pretty well

12-11-2007, 02:23
Nice battle... I am a Bretonnian and high elf player... but I have to go for bretonnians.

For the lady!

12-11-2007, 18:11
nice batrep.
i may sound like an idiot, but how do you make those pictures???
i keep seeing them and i coant work out how

Bretonnian Lord
12-11-2007, 18:58
Just go to this website:


Then just drag and drop the formations, changes colors/size if you want to, then take a snapshot of it, upload the picture at a site like photobucket or imageshack and paste the html of the picture on a forum. :)

12-11-2007, 19:19
cheers, bret lord

12-11-2007, 20:03
good report, i do like the blend of story telling with explination. btw you do know that his dragon prince caracter can't have 360 vision if he is mounted. mounted caracters are reduced to the standard 45. also thanks on the link, i might even have a go at writing a report all i need now is a (willing) victim and a cunning plan :evilgrin: looking forward to you next report!

12-11-2007, 21:04
Very nice battle report I enjoyd reading it and thanks for the link to that awesome program!

13-11-2007, 10:59
Thanx for the report and even better thanx for the link to that site :D no more paint for me :D cheers

13-11-2007, 18:41
good rep, and easy to follow with nice fluff.
I do believe you made another error though as the lone mage couldn't have marched that close to the DP's (unless I'm wrong again of course)

13-11-2007, 18:53
no, you are correct sevensins

Bretonnian Lord
13-11-2007, 20:39
We were playing sixth edition rules (Haven't got 7th edition rulebook yet because we're poor bums :D) and I *think* individual characters can march near enemies in 6th edition, not sure though. If I did it wrong then :mad: