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Imperial Dragon
12-11-2007, 07:30
Lords and Hero’s
*High Born; Light armour, Great Weapon, Amber pendant, star fire arrows 214pts

Mage level 2, DS 150pts

Mage level 2, DS 150pts

**Noble; Elven steed, wild rider kindred 122pts

Glade Guard (10) Musician 126pts

Glade Guard (10) Musician 126pts

Dryads (8) Branch Nymph 96pts

Dryads (8) Branch Nymph 96pts

Glade riders (5) Musician 129pts

*Eternal Guard (20) full command 270pts

**Wild riders of Kurnous (5) full command 168pts

War dancers (9) musician, blade singer 183pts

Waywatchers (7) 168pts


12-11-2007, 09:27
Thats actually a really nice army, almost all asrai eh? Its a challenging force to play but it can be rewarding. Kudos on taking Eternal Guard, alot of people don't rate them but they are my favourite unit in the Wood Elf list.

Unless you have some theme going, I would try to find room for some Treekin, those guys are freaking awesome for their price. To really understand how good they are... go look at a Rat Ogre stats and rules.. and Treekin only cost a mere 15 points more.

I like your Highborn build... I would consider throwing on the Annoyance of Netlings so he can tie up nasty enemy characters and protect your Eternals.

With regards to waywatchers... they are an interesting unit. They can be game changing, or be a complete waste of points. I've seen them take down 4 Chaos Knights in a single turn and annihilate enemy characters silly enough to go hunting them. They are also great at their other duties, march blocking, war machine hunting. Just be careful with them and don't bank on their success.

overall, a very nice list.

12-11-2007, 22:13
Give your highborn the Bow of Loren for heavens sake! 4 shots with starfire arrows is much better. Alternatively, give him HoDA and Annoyance.

Give one of your mages the Stave if you can, its really handy. FYI I've found 3 Scrolls at 2K to be my bare min for woodies.

I noticed a lot of mispriced units there... 8 dryads with a nymph are 108, your Wild Riders should be 166

13-11-2007, 02:12
Overall I really like the list. I'd think about replacing the dryads with something else to make it an all-elf list but that's just for flavor, the dryads are rock solid.

I concur with Wreckage about the Bow of Loren. It is fantastic.

To get the points for it I'd suggest dropping one waywatcher and one wardancer. Six waywatchers and 8 wardancers are plenty in both circumstances. Any wardancer who's not on the fighting rank are just wasting their time and it's a rare day when you'll get more than 8 wardancers in contact (against a ranked infantry unit deployed 6 wide if you're crazy or unlucky enough to charge them in the face).

Overall very solid though.

09-12-2007, 01:45
with the bow of loren; would starfire arrows be better than bodkins??

guess it depends who youre facing....