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12-11-2007, 18:42
...would be appreciated. Its my first attempt and I have read some of the attempts of other folks and read the responses of what are good ideas and what are bad ideas. Hopefully I avoided some bad ideas.

Iron Sons
Iron Scions

(Have not picked which one I like better or if I am going to use something totally different)

Colors: Still working this out. (So far I am looking at Black and Bleached Bone)

Symbol: Going to use Iron Hands symbol in a different color.

Battle Cry: For Him we are forged in Battle!

Created in the 23rd Founding they were drawn from the Iron Hands Geneseed. After its founding they were given a small strike force of ships to serve as a base of operations until such a time as a Home World could be found.

Late in the 39th Millennium a small part of the North Eastern Segmentum Pacificus that was covered in numerous warp storms cleared revealing four unexplored star systems. The Chapter was near the area and was sent by the High Lords of Terra to investigate the area and bring any worlds that they found back into the folds of the Imperium of Man.

The four systems were heavily infested with Orks which were little more than feral in nature as Ork’s are when they have no advanced foes to battle. This accounted for the first and second systems that the Marines discovered. Each world in these first two systems was cleansed of Orks and on some of the worlds the Marines discovered Human ruins which meant that humans at one time inhabited these two systems but were slaughtered by the Orks. In total 4 habital worlds/Moons in the 1st and 2nd systems were cleansed of Orks and would be ready for human population once colonists could be sent. In addition in the second system in orbit around the 6th planet they found a Relic.

The Relic was a ship, a massive ship of unknown type and origin. Once they boarded the vessel they discovered it still fully functional and better yet of Human origin. They discovered that the Machine Spirit controlling the weapons was awake and active and ready to repel any who were not from Mars or Terra. In the ships logs they discovered the ship had been approached by what appeared to be an Ork Rok and it was driven off by the fire power of the ship. The Chapter Master/Iron Father identified the ship as Imperial in nature and dated it back to the Age of Strife and was sent out with one of the various fleets that Mars had sent out during the time to establish new Forge Worlds.

After the Orks in the 2nd system were destroyed the Techmarines returned the ship to full operational status and it was added to the Fleet and they continued on toward the third star system. The ships Machine Spirit revealed to the Techmarines that the ship was known Leo Ingluvies (Lion's Maw). This became the flag ship for the Chapter as it was large enough to support the complete Chapter. The remainder of the fleet was converted to meet various needs of the Chapter.

In the third system the Chapter found human populated planets. They also discovered more advanced Orks. The Ork Rok was composed of what appeared to be a large asteroid to which multiple engines probably from some space hulk and other smaller captured ships attached. The Rok was laying siege to the 5th planet in the system. As they approached the Leo Ingluvies received a message from the Planet, Goregon V which was a Forge World. Later it would be revealed that a legend of the Leo Ingluvies existed on the Forge World as a ship lost ages past when they first left Mars and arrived in the Goregon system. They had believed it was destroyed or lost in the Warp. Within days the Ork Rok was destroyed and the all the Orks on the Forge World were dead. Flamer teams spent weeks burning Ork bodies to prevent a future Ork outbreak on Goregon V. The Chapter Master met with the Fabricator General of Goregon V and welcomed them back into the Imperium of Man. They also received an accurate star chart of the quad system area.

There were still many worlds in this system that were still under attack by the Orks as well as planets in the 4th system. Over the next century the Chapter virtually eradicated the Ork population from the four star systems. All the time the Forge World of Goregon V supplied weapons, armor, ammo, etc… to the Chapter. This created a strong ties and when the High Lords of Terra saw the work the Chapter had accomplished they awarded the neighboring planet Goregon VI to the Chapter to call their home world. They would be allowed the recruit from Goregon IV which was a feral world.

All total the Chapter was responsible for the saving of a Forge World, the Feral world of Goregon IV and 11 additional habitable worlds/moons in the four star system, and the recovery of the Leo Ingluvies.

Over the Millennia they have come to believe that the Emperor and the Machine God are one and the same. They believe that to better understand the nature of Flesh the Machine God made himself into Human form and as such became the most perfect of Humans as only the Machine God could have done. This belief has been shared with the Local Forge World and little of it is spoken of outside the Chapter.

Special Notes: (Still need to come up with Names for the Members)

Holy Relic: Given to the First Chapter Master/Iron Father, it is a tome from the Forge World, Goregon V. It is called the Pretoria Machania. It is a Great Tome of Ancient Lore.

Early in the Chapters history they suffered a staggering defeat at the hands of an unknown Eldar host and as such many of their veteran leaders and commanders were almost lost. To avoid this vast loss of knowledge and skill so early in the Chapters History many of the leaders were interred in Dreadnoughts so that they might pass the wisdom on to the remainder of the Chapter. This gives the Chapter an unusually high number of dreadnoughts as the elders still take to the field. In addition each Dreadnought remains with his Company as those are his Brothers in Arms. This battle has become known as the Battle of Sorrow. The 2nd Company was most devastated by the attacks of the Eldar. As such they lost their Company Capitan and both of their Devastator Teams to the man. Both the Company Capitan and the two Sergeants (one of who had been promoted to Veteran status) from the Devastator Teams were interred in Dreadnoughts, the Company Capitan in a standard configuration Dreadnought and the two Veteran Sergeants in Hellfire configuration Dreadnoughts. As a memory to them and their men that were lost the 2nd Company no longer fields Devastator Teams. As the Centuries passed these three Dreadnoughts continued to serve the Chapter and still do in the 41st Millennium as Veteran Dreadnoughts.

More recently they suffered a defeat at the hands of the Ork Warlord Gurglack Three Eye the Tyrant of the Goregon system. The 2nd Company Chaplin attempted to engage the Ork Warlord in hand to hand combat. His battered and broken body was thrown over one hundred yards and landed in one of the trenches the marines had built. While the Chaplin did not kill the Warlord he did wound him, destroying his three eyes rendering him blind. Before he could recover t the 2nd Company Secondary Assault Squad rallied and slew the Warlord and his retinue. The Chaplin was the interred into a Dreadnought becoming the most recent hero to continue to fight for the Emperor. He still partakes in the daily Rituals that are required of the Chaplains. In that same battle the 2nd Company Standard bearer and the Assault Squad Sergeant were also mortally wounded and interred in Dreadnought bodies.

In total the 2nd Company fields 6 Dreadnoughts.

Veteran Dreadnought/Standard Configuration/Former 2nd Company Captain
Veteran Dreadnought/Hellfire Configuration/Former Veteran Sergeant Primary Devastator Squad
Veteran Dreadnought/Hellfire Configuration/Former Sergeant Secondary Devastator Squad

Dreadnought/Standard Configuration/Former 2nd Company Chaplin
Dreadnought/Hellfire Configuration/Former Standard Bearer 2nd Company
Dreadnought/Furioso Configuration/Former Sergeant Secondary Assault Squad

Leo Ingluvies: An unknown class war ship that was recovered by the Chapter as they explore the Goregon systems.