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13-11-2007, 02:33
So Slaaneshslave's idea for a worst army tournament was so popular the local GW battle bunker is sponsoring the event next weekend. You build a list that can't possibly win and so does everyone else. You then trade armies with your opponent and try to beat the horrid list you built with the horrid list your opponent built.

I'm torn between two lists (wood elves which is tough and ogres). Keep in mind the primary restrictions that it must be a legal list and you must own the miniatures. I'm thinking the ogre list is likely much worse but give me your thoughts:

Wood elf 1k:
General-Waywatcher noble with Asyendi's bane and dragon tooth arrows 142 pts (he loses killing blow because he has the magic bow and arrows)

Waywatcher noble with Hagsbane arrows and biting blade 157 points (again loses KB from magic arrows, -1 armor save won't matter much)

Glamourweave Spellsinger level 1 with Daith's reaper (forest spirit can only join forest spirit units which this army has none of and a 50 point magic weapon that lets her reroll her one WS4 S3 attack and enemy has to reroll successful armor saves)

11 Gladeguard with full command and banner of zenith 181 pts (command don't help GG much and zenith banner prevents marching within 12" but they have to deploy normally [not scouting])

10 GG scouts with full command 194 points (banner should be easy VPs for the opponent as 10 skirmish WS4 T3 guys won't last long in melee)

6 Glade riders with champion (kind of useful but really rather fragile)

Total 999 pts

3 power dice, 3 dispel dice, 30 models. Primary downside is that wood elf shooting is actually fairly powerful and 30 shots a turn could be too effective.

Ogre Kingdoms:
General-Bruiser with HA, iron fist, Brace of handguns, Great Skull, Wallcrusher and biting blade (214 pts) (nobody is going to be casting at him so the great skull is just a 35 point +1 to armor save, biting blade makes -3 armor save but nobody is going to have good armor, wallcrusher...so what)

Bruiser BSB with heavy armor, dragonhide banner 219 pts (reroll 1s on charge and immune to ice magic?!, in a 1k army the ice queen won't show)

Bruiser with greatweapon, Seigebreaker, HA, brace of handguns, Cathayan jet 214 pts (seigebreaker and GW makes GW wasted points, cathayan jet 3+ ward vs magic that won't be coming at him anyway)

3 bulls with full command, light armor, iron fist

3 bulls with standard and champion and lookout gnoblar, light armor, iron fist

two tiny units with points wasted on champions. the lookout gnoblar is there to even the points to 1000 on the dot.

2 dispel dice, 9 models. Primary downside is that they cause fear and the units will generally have US 12-15 which may actually work in theiri favor.

So, which is the absolute worst?

13-11-2007, 02:42
I'd rather face off against the ogres... but it might actually be a worse army with less bruisers in it... :p

13-11-2007, 02:45
Hmm, would you bulk up the bull units to 5-6 each or make a 3rd unit? My fear is MSU actually works for ogres so keeping all eggs in 2 small baskets is the notion. Are the bruisers too tough? I really don't play ogres, I just have the models laying around.

13-11-2007, 02:57
Bruisers can hit hard, it'd be a truly pathetic army if you gave him one bruiser and two units of like 7 ogres.

13-11-2007, 03:00
Interesting, I'll look into the math of that.

The 7-bull unit with full command still only weighs in at 351 points with full kit. A US 21 fear causing unit is nothing to be trifled with in a worst army list.

13-11-2007, 03:38
watch - some skaven dude is gonna bring an army of 500 slaves... one failed panic check, BOOM YO ARMY IS GONE

13-11-2007, 12:28
Fair enough. Give him one unit of 20ish ogres and one of 3. Theres no way to make effective use of a unit of 20 ogres... or is there?

13-11-2007, 12:34
ogres are worse. just my blunt opinion as i don't know enough about woodelves to make a more detailed judgement call. but a 9 model army is not even a 1 hit wonder, its a 0.1 hit wonder (maybe)

Little Aaad
13-11-2007, 20:42
I bet somebody will take lots of poorly kitted dwarfs with no shooting.

13-11-2007, 20:43
btw can you let us know how it goes? i'm espcialy interesting in the skaven slave army, 'run-run, flee-flee!' lol

14-11-2007, 00:50
I'll try to remember to post outcomes. The problem is you must OWN the models.

Even our most obsessive skaven player only owns about 150 slaves. Also since slaves can only be taken in a 1-to-1 ratio to 'mainstay' units you really have to take clanrats as well.

Skaven are expected to be a real competitor for worst army because they can kit out a warlock engineer as their general who has Ld 5, 1 attack and tons of magic items which let him generate power dice but not the item required for him to actually cast warp lightning.

14-11-2007, 08:35
id say max out on tooled up heroes.

the less models you have the better well worse i guess

and have really expensive units!!!

14-11-2007, 16:45
ok, some 1k lizards, ( i have stopped using lizards atm)
skink chief with spear and Amulet of itzl 99
skink chief with staff of the sun replesdent and blowpipe (whos going to use a 12" X2 shot weapon at str 3 when you can use a 18" X3 shot weapon at str 5?) 98
scar vet BSB with totem of prophecy and itzl, riding a coldone (the banner causes fear, as does the coldone) 223
6 swarm bases 360
10 saurus with full command 150
11 skinks 66
total 996. the skink chiefs are as good as teh average empire captain, if not worse, and with only 11 skinks in 1k, if anyone uses this list they will struggle

14-11-2007, 18:24
ok, to make the ogre army worse, have one character, minimum number of bulls, and the rest into gnoblars. The choice rule regarding gnoblars forces him to deploy them in one enormous unit. Sucks to be him. Works even better with Skaven.

14-11-2007, 21:07
I have to think that gnoblars with static CR 4 combined with bulls, one in the flank would be a really effective combination. Also, I only own a batallion box of ogres so I don't have that many gnoblars. I think 3 bulls with a champion is a worse unit in general terms given its absence of combat res.