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13-11-2007, 13:31

When a character is set on a War machine (such as the Anvil of Doom) you obviously can't actually line him and the Anvil guard up in front of the Anvil when charged. Therefore how do you actually know who is eligible to attack who or can anyone that is eleigible to attack anyone in this situation?

On a similar note. When a unit charges a war machine you line the crew up in front of the War machine. In the next turn another unit charges the war machine but in it's rear. Obviously the War Machine itself is in the way now so what happens?



13-11-2007, 23:09
The best would be to have proxy models or just empty bases to line up. Otherwise you have to line them up theoretically they would each go on a 20 mm base so 60 mm total, and then just decide where the character is.

When rear charged I'd just ignore the warmachine, either move it out of the way temporarily or place the chargers in contact with the machine but resolve the attacks towards the crew as normal.

14-11-2007, 02:14
A warmachine does not block movement nor charges and unless stated that you want to attack the warmachine you always attack the crew, although of course you can only attack the warmachine if the crew flees, otherwise you always have to attack the crew defending it.
The character in the warmachine will just move to combat with the crew and the character is always on the center as per rules of placing character and unit champions etc etc.

14-11-2007, 05:12
...and the character is always on the center as per rules of placing character and unit champions etc ...
An old rulebook you use, young padawan. To read the new one, you must try... :D


14-11-2007, 12:52
Just additional info:

Final alignment is determined by the charging unit and therefore the chargers have greater control in determining who could fight whom.

The diagram for charging warmachines shows that the warmachine crew (and hence character) must be ranked and placed between the charging direction and the warmachine just *before chargers are moved* (or maybe during).

Using a Spear Chukka with an Orc bully and Shaman as an example, charged by Fast cavalry with a champion.
The Orc player will probably prefer to have the Shaman in the corner (to minimise being singled out by attacks) and the Orc bully in contact with as many models or the weaker models (if any) in the charging unit.

It is possible to position the Shaman in one corner and the Orc bully in the centre.
However the charger, if wider, has the choice of shifting his charge slightly to get more models in btb with the Shaman.