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13-11-2007, 15:19
Good Evening Viewers!!!!

Having some 40K under my belt - but only against a limited number of foes.....I've read the terms MECH Tau and MECH Eldar a lot on here but am a bit fuzzy as to what MECH brings to the table.

Can someone give a few def's of what it is and why it's generally railed against......



Brother Loki
13-11-2007, 15:23
Mech stands for mechanised, meaning that all infantry have transports. In a mech army, everything moves. Mobility is key - the ability to concentrate massive firepower on a small part of the enemy force, annihilate it, then do the same again somewhere else, or move to sieze objectives. In mech eldar, infantry are in wave serpents and heavy support is falcons or fireprisms, while mech tau uses devilfish, hammerheads and battlesuits as their main elements.

13-11-2007, 15:24
I play Mech Wolves. Mech normally means everything is moble. Troops are in Transports etc... The biggest thing is it brings speed. Which means you can out flank and hide easier than a footslogging army can. With Mech Tau and Eldar it means that the "skimmer rule" comes in to play also which makes killing Fish and Birds very hard.

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Captain Micha
13-11-2007, 15:34
Mech Tau, and Mech Eldar are simply this, mechanised forces. They are very mobile, which gives gunline players alot to whine about because they do not stay in one place and exchange dice rolls back and forth. Mech Eldar have one nearly indestructible vehicle in the falcon. The tau's advantage is they can potentially fire their weapons as if they were a fast vehicle.

13-11-2007, 15:39
The term is also used in the military to refer to the use of tracked armoured vehicles, particularly armoured personnel carriers, to move troops that would otherwise have marched or ridden trucks into combat. Mechanization dramatically improved the mobility and fighting capability of infantry. In the armed forces of industrialized countries, all infantry is typically mechanized, with the possible exception of airborne forces

As taken from wikipedia.

13-11-2007, 15:47
Mechanised- Imperial Guard Doctrine.

"The regiment is uniformly mounted in Chimera transport vehicles, and specialises in mobile warefare. All Guard Infantry units must take a Chimera Transport regardless of if they normally have this option or not."

Not often seen, as the chimera is massively inferior to the Eldar and Tau tranports, but a good definition nethertheless.

13-11-2007, 15:57
Wow......that's what I thought it was at first - but given the level of hatred thrown it's way from time to time I thought there HAD to be some `uber` element to it vis-a-vi the Tau or Eldar.

I can see how the Eldar get an advantage with the Falcon above a Rhino......interesting.

Thanks for the replies!


13-11-2007, 16:20
Mech Xenos gets a bad rap. Mech Tau is a high level build that can really mess with gunlines, but has some serious counters (zillas, necrons).

Mech Eldar has two formats: aspect warriors in wave serpants, which is a good but fair build, and the dread triple-falcon with harlies and fire dragons build, which relies on three nearly unkillable falcons to set up very winnable assaults for their cargo. While not invincible, it's a very strong build at 1500 and 1850.

13-11-2007, 16:33
Wow......that's what I thought it was at first - but given the level of hatred thrown it's way from time to time I thought there HAD to be some `uber` element to it vis-a-vi the Tau or Eldar.

Yeah, Eldar and Tau Mech will get a lot of flak...they can be very tough to deal with. It took a lot of experience before I could be competetive against the triple Falcon of doom.

A good build? Yes. A cheesy, uber build? Nah, it just takes practice to beat 'em.

13-11-2007, 16:38
With the way army lists are going, Mechanized is almost strictly better than footslogging it.

Mech Eldar, Mech Tau, Mech Anything Chaos, Evil Sunz...

Transports for everyone!

13-11-2007, 17:25
Mech eldar are the real power army. 3 tricked out falcons are almost impossible to kill in 6 turns, and when they each have harlequins of fire dragons inside it gets ridiculous.

Mech tau bring 3 hammerheads, some suits and firewarriors in fishes. They are very good, but not quite as good as eldar.

Imperial guard and marines can also do mech, but due to nonskimmer transports they ra enot as good. Mech guard, apart from stormtrooper armies, are pretty bad. Marines are ok with lots of rhino mounted squads with a powerfist and 2 special weapons.

Orks have the kult of speed, which is good as they have fast, open topped vehivles to get their klaws into combat. Dark eldar are similar - fast and deadly.

13-11-2007, 18:38
How does a mech-esk force go on in escalation games? Do they suffer?

I have 4 wave serpents, but 2 still lie unassembled. I'd considered >2 a bit too much in non scoring points tied up in transports for a 1500pt game. I guess I'll find out this week in my first games how mobile I'll need to be.

13-11-2007, 20:15
Nope it gives you even less turns to hurt them and they come out with full SMF and guns blazing at their targets first.