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13-11-2007, 19:41
Hey all. Some of you might remember me wanting to expand on my current Wood Elf army,which is currently sitting at 1000 points. This is my latest idea in regards to making it a full 2000 point list. Please let me know what you think.

Level 4
Ranu's Heartstone
Dispel Scroll

Great Weapon
Light Armour
Alter kindred
The Helm of the Hunt
Hail of Doom Arrow

Wild Rider kindred
Elven Steed
The Spear of Twilight

Level 1
A Cluster of Radiants
A Pageant of Shrikes

10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

8 Dryads-
Branch Nymph

8 Dryads

20 Eternal Guard-
Standard Bearer
War Banner

5 Glade Riders-

8 Wardancers-

5 Wild Riders of Kurnous-
Standard Bearer
Wild Hunter



13-11-2007, 22:40
Having Eternal Guard without a Noble to put in them is not a great idea. Put a BSB Noble in there if you're going to have them.

I think you have too much CC units and not enough shooting... some waywatchers or scouts might be nice.

Pageant of Shrikes is a strange choice... Annoyance would be better.

Glamourweave is a waste of points, just stay out of LOS and spend your points on something better. My favorite set-up is a Weaver with Calaingor's and 3 Scrolls.

Wild Riders don't need a Noble. They hit hard as it is, and hav LD9. War Dancers on the other hand can benefit greatly from a little extra LD and hittiness. (Especially in subsequent rounds the Noble can really turn it around...)

Definitely get a Great Eagle. 50 points is a steal for how versatile they are...

14-11-2007, 01:00
Hey Caligula, been a while since I saw you post, trust you are well.

To the list, I concur with much of Wreckage's suggestions.

Glamourweave isn't really all that helpful in most circumstances. The hearthstone is similarly underwhelming. I'd look into the wand of wych elm which at 55 points is a big investment, but rerolling your dispel dice is truly awesome.

The troops seem generally well done. I don't care for eternal guard but if you're taking them put a noble there as mentioned.

I'd look at getting a warbanner for the wild riders since a single bad round of dice and you could be moving 3d6 in the wrong direction.