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13-11-2007, 20:48
Can anyone give me a really good source for the cream of the Imperial Guard? I'm wanting to do some fiction but I can't find much to go on.

13-11-2007, 21:18
Schola Progenium or else veteran IG units. The best 10% or so are creamed off by the Inquisition as Stormtroopers, the rest are palmed off onto the Guard.

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14-11-2007, 00:51
Can anyone give me a really good source for the cream of the Imperial Guard?

Storm Troopers as they are known in the main IG 'dex are one of the products of the Schola Progenium, the "military orphanage" that is the source of other great hits, like the ranks of the Commissariat, some of the Inquisition, and more than a few Sisters of Battle. Commissars are often fast-tracked through the Storm Trooper program so that they can be kick-**** mortals, too. They're rarely deployed in larger formations than squads, since there's a few other Guard formations with the purpose of forward infiltration, strike-and-fade, or elite drop troops. And if you believe Ciaphis Cain, they're not often reinforced in the field due to the extremely close-knit community they tend to form within the regiment to which they're assigned. Considering they're usually products of the Schola, they can vary through all the personality archetypes of the Imperium, from over-the-top Emperor-botherers to hard-as-nails pragmatists.

Other variants are recruited through the ways and means of the organization that's come to adopt their unit. Inquisitorial Storm Troopers are a mystery sometimes, since they're usually thought of as a regiment seconded to the Inquisition, but after a while that assignment might become "permanent," and who knows what happens after that. Grenadiers (the codex unit) are "elite infantry" from a regiment's homeworld that receives Storm Trooper level training but who aren't Storm Troopers from actual Storm Trooper regiments. In the EoT Cadian list, for example, they were supposed to be Kasrkin or elite "inner guard" depending on how you play the list.

As to actual sources...Storm Troopers are used in Caves of Ice, but they only tend to play major roles in novels that feature strong Inquisitorial protagonists (or antagonists). EG, Bleeding Chalice. Malleus talks about Kasrkin some, too.

14-11-2007, 00:58
Stormtroopers show up in Necropolis, too. Well, I think they're technically grenadiers - The 10th company of the 50th Royal Volpone regiment is described as having carapace, hellguns and other cool shiznits. Since they're not Schola Progenium, they're essentially Grenadiers.