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11-09-2005, 17:21
Hi, i just started playing orcs this very day, and i was wondering if i could get any help on what's fun to play with, what's good to start with etc.

Edit: Ok here's my fluff :) : http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11280

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
11-09-2005, 17:50
Well, first you need to make a decision: speed freaks or mob. A speed freaks army is one of ther fastest armies out there, and usually does very well. A mob army has hundreds of orks just running up the board. Unfortunately for the mod army, it takes you a few turns to get at the enemy, and this whole time hes been peppering you with bolter fire. IMO speed freaks are more fun....they are just so damn crazy! The also do very well in a tournament setting, and going speed freaks means you have less models to paint, which means less work/more play for you!

Since i know very little about mob, ill just stick to speed freaks, and let someone else handle the explanation of a mob army.

With a speed freaks army, speed is the key (no, really?!). You need to get around 3 trukks worth of slugga boyz in there, a couple squads of ard boyz, a nice sized squad of 8 bikers, and a battlewagon filled with the warboss and nobz. My friend likes to use a warboss in mega armour with a cybork body and some other goodies, and a retinue of 5 nobs with mega armour and cybork bodies. This essentially creates an ork terminator squad....that can dish out 10x the assaulty killiness than a regular terminator squad. These guys carve through everything. Last game i played with my friend i popped his battlewagon first turn, and his nobz and warboss just walked down the field, completely oblivious to all my shooting. In 5 turns, his retinue and warboss made it to my side of the field with only 2 nobz dead...(i had no ap2 excpet for plasmas and meltas..,.). This is a very expensive unit, but it is just so damn good. Nothing can stand up to them. I have seen a warboss and 2 nobz go through a Death company squad of 9 with a chaplain...that charged them. On the charge, from every single DC powerweapon, powerfist, and chaplain attack, only one nob was killed, leaving 2 nobz and the warboss to deal with them. They died...they all died. Of course, some lucky rolling was involved, but still....it was so crazy to see this! Ive never even seen a squad of khornate terminators fare so well...i was shocked.

Anyway, to summon up this overly long post, i suggest going with speed freaks. They may lack the the numbers and variety of a normal ork list, but are much more fun (and a much stronger army) to boot.

11-09-2005, 17:51
Use'n lots an lots a boyz ta squish da puny oomans to mush!

You're gonna need a warboss, it is required. Then you need at least 2 box sets of boyz just to be legal. If your opponent has many armor saves 5+ or worse, you should min-max your boyz with big shootas. Otherwise, stick with the choppas and sluggas, as they rip those termies a new one!

11-09-2005, 19:03
Well..I wanna play with a lot of slugga boyz since it fits into my fluff i just came up with(soon posting a new thread about it :) ) And i want to have some "technology" stuff (Killer kans, Ork dreadnought)

Any good idea on how to play? (With lots and lots of Slugga boyz)

11-09-2005, 21:28
Sounds like you want a good, propa' Ork mob army then! I've got a fair amount of experience with Orks (not playing them myself, but knowing several people that have/do), so I can regale you with a few pointers on what to do and what not to do.

First, a Warboss. Don't go for Mega Armour, it's too unreliable for what should be your most reliable model. If anything in your list can get the job done, it's da Boss. The combination of eavy armour and a bionic bonce gives him a 3+ save - this is good enough, though a Cybork Body helps against Powerfists and so on.

Next, Nob Retinues. They are good, no doubt. But are a massive point drain for what is in the end just one unit. I'd steer clear if I were you. Instead...

Skar Boyz. A good mob of 20 of these accompanying your Warboss are a much better bet! Throw in a Nob with a Claw and some long range gunz and you're in business witha good unit (S4 Orks are amazing).

Now, the main reason that the Ork "mob" army loses is because it simply runs out of models. Don't let this happen. Take at least two mobz of 30 Slugga Boyz (you are keen on this already, so you're thinking along the right lines from the start. props! :P). Then, if possible, add on another unit of 30 or so. You really want to be heading towards 150-200 models (more on this in a second). These units add the bulk to your army, fill up space, and make your opponent (who is of course playing marines - eeeeveryone plays marines! Right? Riiight?!) feel very worried. Further more, having 90 Slugga Boyz means that scooping 20 up from the enemy's first turn of shooting doesn't feel so bad.

Now, adding the extra models to your army. I really advise at least one unit of 25-30 Gretchin, preferably two. Use one to shield your Skar Boyz and another to shield one unit of Sluggas - Grot cover saves are a life saver against Heavy Bolters and what not. Now, to avoid spending billions on 60 metal Gretchin, go and buy a couple of Warhammer Fantasy Goblins - you'll have plenty of bits left over from your masses of Sluggas to "modernize" them.

Fast Attack is up to you really - they are all good in their own way, but beware. Sinking points into this section will suck away your ability to field the ridiculous number of Sluggas you will be needing.

Finally, Heavy Support. Dreadz and Kanz are both good. A combination of the two is often best - take a kitted out Dread and then 3 Kanz (armed in the same way -focused fire is the only way to shoot with Orks). Put these on the opposite side of your Ork mass to the Warboss, and then you've spaced out your really hard hitting stuff.

Other than that, make sure every mob has a Nob with a power Claw, and then the maximum number of heavy weapons it can carry (Rokkits are usuallu best if you are Slugga heavy).

Well, that turned out to be a lot longer and less coherrent than I had hoped. How Orky! Best of luck!

Ravening Wh0re
12-09-2005, 10:53
Now, adding the extra models to your army. I really advise at least one unit of 25-30 Gretchin, preferably two. Use one to shield your Skar Boyz and another to shield one unit of Sluggas - Grot cover saves are a life saver against Heavy Bolters and what not. Now, to avoid spending billions on 60 metal Gretchin, go and buy a couple of Warhammer Fantasy Goblins - you'll have plenty of bits left over from your masses of Sluggas to "modernize" them.

Alternatively, you can use gnoblars

12-09-2005, 11:08
Good plan - their noses are a bit more Gretchin-y in hindsight. Anything but Night Goblins really...

12-09-2005, 11:28
Now, to avoid spending billions on 60 metal Gretchin, go and buy a couple of Warhammer Fantasy Goblins - you'll have plenty of bits left over from your masses of Sluggas to "modernize" them.

And if you put it into practice, this is what they'll look like:







12-09-2005, 12:04
Wow! Cool gretchins Thoume!


12-09-2005, 12:17
Yea, they were good fun to paint, infact more fun than the rest of the army suprisingly...

If I allowed myself I would go for two squads of 30 or even a full grot army, but I have a whole cuboard's worth of unpainted/unfinished projects to plough though first!

Anyway, seeing that orks are most likely to face marines most of the time, it could be a good idea to add burnas to your slugga mobs so that you can have a few power weapon attacks in close combat...

Gonka Koff
12-09-2005, 14:00
I play Blood Axes, where you can get kommandos as troops. A nice strategy is to have a couple of infiltrating Kommandos. Deploy them close together, and let them spearhead the rest of the mob. Sure their odds of survival are quite small, but remember that all shooting at the kommandos would otherwise have been directed to your furthermost slugga mob, thus slowing down the horde.
Another horde strategy is to have cheap, large size squads of grots places in the front line of the mob. These guys will earn their point back easily: They give the boys behind a 5+ cover save (each successful save removes a grot). Not until you have used up 25% of the grots as saves for the orks, they need to perform a morale check.
When the horde reaches enemy lines, the enemy will often want to charge your sluggas to remove the waagh initiative bonus. If the grot line is still there he'll have to assault the grots, good for you, you'll waagh him next turn.
Bring some fast buggies to be able to grab objectives, the horde will most probably turn into a small crowded brawl in the later stages of the game (like 5-year olds playing soccer, -everybody is running after the ball), the buggies will be your chance of manoeuvring.

Do not send scarboys or tankbustas in the front line, as the front line will be wiped out pretty soon, they may aswell be cheap.

Use cover, but not overdo it, the most important thing is to move fast.

Take some small squads of shoota boys or flash gits with big shootas (skip the nob here, make it cheap instead) these boys shall harass the enemy from the rear of the horde. They will most probably not receive any fire from the enemy, so take small squads. But remember to walk with these guys too, they can still fight, even if they do not have any choppas!

Bring rokkits into the slugga mobs, and maybe some ammo runts as well. Who knows, you might actually hit something big?

Be restrictive on the burnaz, as they only kill at close range, you'll do that in close combat anyway!

Scorcha buggies can be devastating to 4+ save units. Bring one or two to keep the opponent weary.

As for HQ, please have a look at the cyborks, they really are a mean buch of maniacs, do not overtool the painboss, as he will never be as good as a cybork anyway.

Sorry if this post is a bit long and unstructured, I did not intend to write this much from the beginning, but I just couldn't stop, I like the boys :chrome:

/good luck,
Gonka Koff and the boys

12-09-2005, 14:10
think 2 things:

1) what kind of army would you like to play?
2) what kind of models would you most enjoy painting?
3) what kind of army you think would be fun to play against?

yes, I have some problems calculating to three, but those are important things... you AND your opponent should both enjoy gaming, so there is no point of making an army that would be the best to beat the crap out of the enemy, as even an idiot could win with that. So take models you like, and that you would like to paint, and use them. If you can win, that is much more rewarding than with the models that you never liked that much, but that are "t3h Ub3rbestest!!!111" and can beat the enemy most easily.

This way you and your friends can have the most fun, and isnt that the reason of all this :)

15-09-2005, 17:50
My internet has been off for 3 days now! Thanks for all the nice posts everyone! Well i WILL have a Warboss and nobz with mega armour, it's to cool to be kept out of the army! And i'd have to come up with new fluff if i skipped them.

Well, my orks will be like, jungle orks, and i'll get kommandos, Slugga boyz (With camoflague! :D ) And ofcourse my Warboss and his nobz. I'll problaby get grotz to, or my ladz will problaby be fryed pretty fast...

Well i'll post an army list(1000 p) soon so tell me what you think about it :)

And, check my first post, i'll put a link to my fluff there now :)

15-09-2005, 18:07
Wooh nice gretchins :D Maybe i'll do like that, saves me a lot of money (i think..?) So how do you buy gretchins if you buy them in their original form (metal...)?

15-09-2005, 18:19
Blister packs of 4 apiece are availiable from GW. in Canada they cost more in cash then points... You can always look around for the old edition gretchen plastics, which were one piece plastic with one pose, but cheap.

That converted goblin squad looked superb IMO. I actually recently took up orks and that looks like the best idea.

15-09-2005, 23:01
orks are loads of fun i've been playing them exclusively for over 4 years. Everytime i have tried to start a new army i would just go back to playing my orks (with extra bits of course!). Right now i'm not playing any GW game, i'm waiting for the ork dex to come out before i assemble yet another ork army with a twist! (look out guys its gonna be fun!)