View Full Version : Age of Empires 3 Demo OUT NOW!

11-09-2005, 20:02
I alert you as the Age of Empires 3 demo was released last week and it rocks! Get it now!


Hippy In Peril
11-09-2005, 21:46
It's so...It's so beautiful :cries: .

Looks great, I might actually buy this one.

12-09-2005, 15:53
I'm DLing the demo off of Xfire. Along with the Bet on Soldier demo \o/

chaos god
14-09-2005, 02:34
It looks like a great game. Amazing landscapes and detailed warriors. Im going to buy the full versaion for sure. Cant wait until it hits the shelves.:)

14-09-2005, 04:38
holy crap! and the minimum requirement is 1.4 Ghz!
Even though I meet the requirements, I think it's time to get an upgrade in the processor soon... T_T


14-09-2005, 06:43
i got it, looks ok, only 2 missions so its abit short, but there is skirmish...

the cards look like a good idea, allows you to customise the way you play!

15-09-2005, 20:04
I'm amazed by the graphics as well. Some people don't like the bloom effect, but I love it.

And the ragdoll effects... :D

15-09-2005, 20:21
Meh. Rubbish.

Bad zoom, clunky, buggy controls, no tactics. I'll give this one a miss.

The Machine GoD
16-09-2005, 03:10
Failure compared to the old age of empires. Definatlly not worth it. I feel like i was playing warcraft3 with all the unit limits.

16-09-2005, 10:50
:D I don't think it is a disappointment. I think that is a knee-jerk nostaligic feeling you are having. It seems to have fairly intuitive gameplay and extensive playing time. I won't be disappointed with the full game. :D

16-09-2005, 11:01
Funny, I just completed AOE: Rise of Rome th eother night...

I bought it when it came out (150 years ago or whatever) and my computer at the time was too slow to run it. Then I found it again, dusted it off and started playing - surprisingly it does run OK on my new machine.

I'll have a go at the new one, at least the demo (for old time's sake).

Freak Ona Leash
16-09-2005, 11:03
Meh. Rubbish.

Bad zoom, clunky, buggy controls, no tactics. I'll give this one a miss.
Arent those all trademarks of the AoE series?

16-09-2005, 11:14
Does it have anything actually new, except better graphics and maybe a unit or two?

The first two were boring as hell, why make more of the same?