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14-11-2007, 07:10
I just copied/pasted this from a couple others sites I post on, hope some of you enjoy!

I just gave Big Q (Phazael) a call back this morning, and we're going to meet up for some breakfast, so I have to hurry up and head out! 70 mile ride on my motorcycle in cold weather doesn't do well for my Persian blood! Just wanted to give a quick recap of what's happened thus far...

GAME #1:

I faced Tim Lewis and his Ogre Kingdoms...Tyrant, Slaughtermaster, 2 Butchers, 1 unit of Bulls, 4 units of Ironguts, Gnoblar fighters, Gnoblar Trappers, Scrap Launcher, unit of Yhettees, 3 Rhinox Riders, 3 Bull Rhinox Riders! Game was decided on 2 key fights, but Plagueriders whopped up on the regular Rhinox Riders, while Flesh Hounds charged the Bull Rhinox Riders and tied them up for 2 rounds of Close Combat, which allowed me to set up 2 brutal combo Charges on them...I win win in Turn 6 when I killed the last of his models...

Big Q (Phazael) brought the Double-2nd Gen. Slaan list and battled Tim's dad Jack and his Dark Elves...Jack gave Big Q everything he had, but in the end Big Quentin's stronger Army and much better generalship won the game.

GAME #2:

Now my Daemons were paired up against the infamous and fellow SoCal GW League player Ron "Mother-may-I" McLaughlin...we've only played once before, and that was about a year ago in the first round of a big Strategicon RTT, where my Daemons (then Khorne/Tzeentch) trounced his Lizardmen Slaan Army. Now his Greenskin Horde set to do batle and try for revenge...but a couple key dice rolls, and some over confidence on his part costed him the game, and I wiped out everything except his general, bsb, their unit of Orcs...another Massacre for the Daemons!

Big Q (Phazael) now had a Magic-fest battle on his hands, as his LA Battle Bunker nemesis Adam Goti and his Tomb Kings marched to war! I believe Quentin made a tactical mistake in not going for heavy Magic Missles and it ended up costing him the game...but I'll let him tell that story!

GAME #3:

Ok, I had to once again face Adam "Soul-Sucker-Hobby-Killer" Goti and his Tomb Kings...Tomb King, Liche High Priest, Icon Bearer, Tomb Prince, 2 Liche Priests, Casket of Souls, 2 Skull Chukkas, lots of Skeleton Bowmen (3 units), Chariots, Ushabti, 2 Tomb Scorpions, Tomb Guard...game was probably the most mellowist of the 3 we've had thus far (last time I threatened to rip his arms off and beat him with them!) and many of the other players and shop regulars gathered around to watch...Adam tends to whoop up on everyone there, and has a winning record against Big Q (Phazael) I believe...it was a tough tactical battle, that was basically decided off of Army List and Dice Rolls...in the end, I killed everything, and all's he had left was the Tomb King (3 wounds on him), 1 Tomb Guard model (standard bearer), Icon Bearer (1 wound on him) all 3 formed into a unit stuck in combat with Bloodcrushers, Plaguebearers, and Nurglings...and a Liche High Priest running from my Exalted Daemon...another Massacre for the Daemons!

Big Quentin (Phazael) had to battle Ron McLaughlin now, and I didn't get a chance to see the outcome of the game...

With just 2 games left for today, I'm pretty sure I'll be fighting Big Q's Lizardmen, and probably Jack's tough Dark Elves....

DAY 2:

GAME #4:
Well, it was time to face the music...Big Quentin's (Phazael) Double-2nd Gen. Slaan Army was the next highest in Battle Points, so we set up and he rolled all his Spells...As we were placing units, he told me that his whole Army was built/designed with defeating me and my list in particular, everyone else was "secondary"... ...this was going to be a good game!
Ok, so Turn 1 goes by, and he had some bad dice rolls, and starts belly-aching about how he's going to loose the game to me because of dice... ...game goes on, and his Magic really starts doing a number on me, putting key wounds on this unit and that, and his Magical Item choices totally rocked where needed. In the end, I did get lucky in killing off one of his 2nd Gen. Slaans (not the Army General though), and his unit of Temple Guard capturing their Banner. Two and one-half hours had already passed by, and the Game was suppose to be over, yet we had just finished Turn 4...Big Q (Phazael) was in position to maybe make a good comeback and capture a lot more points had we gone on to Turn 5 each, but then I'd be able to make a swing back in Turn 6 because of my Bloodcrushers...we had a half hour lunch to go eat with, and I was hungry, but Big Q wanted to continue on...my hunger (and sleepiness) had the better of me, and I just called it at that point. He (Big Q) was a bit miffed that I didn't want to play on, as this was a chance for him (with good dice rolls) to pull out his first win over me. We did stop, and he was sure at this point that I had the game won, but I knew it was a Draw, because at 3,000pts you need over 450 VPs for the win...once everything was tallied up, I was ahead by 428 VPS...so a Draw as I predicted.

NOTE: Once I got home and was re-tallying up each game's VPs I realized the Big Q and I made some mistakes, and I actually gained about 2,200 VPs+ against him, versus the 1,500 VPs+ he gained against me...

GAME #5:
Now, for my final game, I had to play Tyler, who's a young teenage kid, about 15 or 16. Because there's only 12 players now, they have to pair players up according to who hasn't played who, and Battle Points. I figured I'd be playing Jack and his fighty Dark Elves, but Jack was doing poorly and had only won 1 game thus far, and 1 Draw I think...so "poor" Tyler had to face me, and it's kind of funny for several reasons!
*Everyone was giving him the "awe, you're going to get smashed" look
*Another Lizard Army w/Slaan!
*He's the young guy that my buddy Fernando was talking smack too before the game, and then beat Fernando!

So Tyler didn't seem up to the game at first, but I talked him out of his stupor, and told him "Hey, it's just a game, and it's the last round, let's just roll some dice and have fun with it!" He began to laugh, and we then placed Terrain and he rolled for his Magic...(I didn't bother rolling, I just take the default spells).

Tyler had a 3rd Gen. Slaan in a big unit of Saurus Warriors w/Tepok Spawning, and an Old Scar Lord riding a Carnosaur. 2 Skink Shamans rounded out his Characters (each w/2x Dispel Scrolls, Lvl 2). 2 units of Skink Scouts, a 2 pack of Salamanders, one unit of 4 Kroxigors, 2 more Skink units, and one unit of 8 Saurus Cav w/FC. After the game, I went over his list, and how "I'd try to play it" to try and help him out...

The game was pretty much straight forward fighting! Tyler didn't "turtle up" in a corner of the board and try to zap me or shoot me up, he came forth to fight! By Turn 2, almost every unit if his was in Combat expcept the general's! Kroxigors got tied up by Flesh Hounds for several Rounds, Furies wiped out 2 Skink units, Flamers blasted 2 Skink units to death, his Salamanders blasted most of my Flamers. Nurglings tied up Old Blood on Carnosaur for 5 rounds of Combat! Plagueriders whooped up on Saurus Cav, but they held, then they got counter charged by both Bloodletters and Chariot of Nurlge, wiping them out, Overrun by Bloodletters saved them from 3rd Gen. Slaan's unit...once Nurglings died, I charged in with Bloodcrushers, did 4 wounds, and won Combat, broke him, and crashed into his other unit of Saurus Warriors (who just popped my Plaguebearers!). Chariot of Khorne 'pops' against 3rd Gen. Slaan's unit after a couple rounds of Combat, but this opens up a triple-combo charge by Bloodletters, single Plaguerider left and the Chariot of Nurlge (all to the front!). I kill 12 Saurus Warriors, break his unit and run them down!
One of his Skink units double-shots my Exalted Daemon and kills him! Turn 5 was over, and the game was over, I had managed to eventually kill almost everything, but Tyler put up a valiant battle, and killed a good chunk of my Army!

So, in the end, I take Overall, a newbie player named Fred wins Best Appearance (Orcs'n Goblins) and Tyler recieved the Misfire Award!

Another fun Tournament at the LA Battle Bunker, and I faced some tough opponents (Ron McLaughlin, Big Q, and Adam Goti) and a couple of newbies who were a total blast to play against! (Tim Lewis & Tyler).

14-11-2007, 18:55
congrats! seems like a hard tourney, some of those lists were downright abusive...

14-11-2007, 22:49
Much thanks SevenSins! The Tournament was tough, but fun as always! Most of the players down at the LA Battle Bunker are a good group of guys to play with, and range in age from 16 years old, to 40+...

I did expect the lists to be a bit strong, as it's not too often you get to field 3,000pts of your "toys" and play in an official Tournament!

Lord Tzeentch
15-11-2007, 00:08
Very well done with your Deamons, it's nice to hear about deamons ripping things apart:)

May i ask is this Adam bloke a nice player of abit of an ****? The reason i ask is because you said you would beat him with his own limbs :D

15-11-2007, 18:13
Thanks Lord Tzeentch! I've now played Adam 3 games, and the first 2 were just gut wrenching...he's so dry in personality, and then he trys to "fiddle" with his Movement and the Rules...the last LA Bunker Tournament (2,500pts) we got into a heated arguement over his Skull Catapults ability to shoot or not shoot after a Misfire and specific roll...he inisted that his Tomb King Magic negated the negative drawback of not being able to fire for 2 turns, and I agreed with him, but it only works if you cast the Spell on the unit, and he never did...so he insisted that he didn't have to, and that the Tomb King Magic phase was a free Shooting phase..."sure, if you cast the Smiting Spell I said, but you didn't!" He then claimed that there's some errata out on it, and I pulled out all the existing erratas, and it's not there...this kept up for several minutes, and finally I lost it, and threaten to beat him with his own arms, after I rip them off his skinny little shoulders!...:rolleyes:...I shouldn't have lost my temper, but he's very manipulative with the rules, and I refuse to loose to someone like that in such a way...the Judge had to come over, and once we showed him all the evidence, he ruled in my favor...

I'll give Adam credit though, this last game (3rd one) was a bit better, and since I know his manerisms, it was a bit easier to deal with him...

Lord Tzeentch
15-11-2007, 21:08
Sounds like someone who only plays to win IMHO. Lol bet he was scared when you lost it.

Once again well done on your Victory over the vile undead with the loving and caring Deamons:) Keep them coming