View Full Version : Fun Mixed Army/units for fluff in Apoc. (FMAFA)

14-11-2007, 09:08
This thread is dedicated to developing FMAFA's or Fun Mixed Armies/Units for Fluff in Apocalypse. Essentially, since your allowed to take allies as you wish as long as you have reason any army pretty much has access to any other army which tehn allows you to take advantage of all sorts of near fluffy options. The first FMAFA I've been thinking about doing was taking the Tyranid Hive Mind Brood and combining it with a necron army.

Basically I replace the Zoanthropes with Pariahs and the Tyrant Guard with, say tomb spyders and finally the tyrant with perhaps a C'tan or better yet "an Eidelon" (A c'tan that I call by a different name so there isn't a god coming to fight in the battle).

The stats remain identical of course to the tyranid Hive Mind Brood but with this set up you get a neat Uber Pariah effect to make a morale themed necron army. Yes its technically a tyranid owned datasheet so they're technically allies, but still. It seems pretty cool.

Anyone else thought of any counts As allies using FMAFA's?

14-11-2007, 09:12
'Nids and Ork speed freaks. They're not actually allied, as the orks are running from the 'nids and your opponent just happens to get in the way.

14-11-2007, 09:20
Hah! That would be entertaining indeed. Hard to imagine speed freeks runnin in the opposite direction of scrap but I suppose they've got a kunnin' boss whose got it all planned out. Or of course, if it was a three enemy battlefield, I could see that being an orky taktic.

"Awright boyz, ere's wut weze gunna do. We gonna go get do'se bug boyz down der'e n' ride em into da umie lines. Den' wen da umies don put up good and proppa we'z can still krump da bugz!"

"You sure iz smart bozz."