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14-11-2007, 12:58
As there is much discussion about the new HE, I thought I would get everyone's thoughts on my list as well. I've played HE for a while in previous editions but they have been set aside for the better part of a year and I thought I'd bring them out for the new edition. Let me know what you think about this list:

Archmage, Lvl 4
Robe of Folarith, Talisman of Saph., Staff of Solidity

Dragon Mage, Lvl 2
Guardian Phoenix, Silver Wand

20 Spearmen
FC, Warbanner

20 Spearmen

5 Dragon Princes
FC, Banner of Ellyrion
215 pts

19 Phoenix Guard
FC, Banner of Sorcery
365 pts

14 White Lions
FC, Lion Std.
235 pts

2 RBT's
200 pts


I have 20 pts leftover and the Warbanner is not really necessary but it falls short of a great eagle. I am considering whether to take the Guardian Phoenix and just take 2 scrolls instead as a solo 5+ ward in practical terms means it'll take 3 wounds to kill the rider instead of 2. Not sure that its worth it for something that is maneuverable enough to avoid many of the pitfalls and landing in front of a gunline would kill him regardless. I had also contemplated taking SM's and a lion chariot instead (i like the model and it may do okay supporting the DP's) of the PG but I like the PG models better and SM's are still a bit fragile. Any thoughts?