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Monkeys always win
12-09-2005, 06:51
This army is very much a one trick pony, but it does its trick VERY well. ANY &all coments would be appreciated.


HQ -

Paladin - Questing vow, Sword of the quest, Barded warhorse + shield = 145
Paladin - Banner of defense, Virtue of duty, Questing vow = 135
Paladin - Armour of agiluf, gauntlet of the duel,lance,shield = 101
Damsel- level 2, 2x dispel scrolls = 145


2x Units of 9 KOTR, command, 1 with banner of chalons, =240


7 questing knights, Valourous standard, command = 265

3 pegasus knights, command = 195

`1500 points!

Any opinions would be appreciated!



12-09-2005, 23:06
The list seems solid, but I think you spend to many points on magical banners. And in 1500 pts battles, maybe you should try more units of 6 knights, rather then less units of 9.

Monkeys always win
13-09-2005, 06:09
Units of 9 kill more! Also they survive longer.

Also, there is a reason for all my banners but i cant remember....... :wtf:



P.S - All you reading this, post what you think! i NEED IDEAS!

13-09-2005, 16:38
Damsel on foot in an otherwise entirely mounted army seems a little silly to me. You've got 24 points left, might as well give her a horse. (though, the damsel on foot is a much better looking model than the mounted damsel).

I haven't played much fantasy, but only having 4 units in a 1500 point game seems a little on the risky side. As does having over 1/3 of the points available in heroes. That might just be me.