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14-11-2007, 17:20
Random question came to mind when thinking of killing steam tanks!

If a Giant attacks a steam tank and headbutts the steam tank the effect is to lose 1 wound and the model losses its next attack. I.E. IF the model is yet to attack then the model cannot attack back that turn and if the model has already attacked that turn it is unable to attack next turn.

Steam tanks attack via the expendation of steam points and cannot attack in the giant turn. So if a giant headbutts a tank in the giants turn I think it could be argued that the attack i.e. the steam tanks expendation of steam points has occured and hence it has in essence already attacked. Its next attack will occur next turn and therefore the headbutt would prevent it from attacking in the next turn.

I realise this is a slightly gippy thought process but have the GT this wkend and I dont think people with double steam tanks come for the sporting behaviour lol!

Thoughts; an interesting situation or is it the straw clunching of a desparate man?

14-11-2007, 18:06
1) The Giant is still flesh and bone - headbutting a steam tank made of Nuln steel will force the Giant's head into his butt.:D

2) Seriously, this is a good question which is similar to any 'attack nullifying abilities or magic' involving impact hits, discussed here:

If Impact hits are regarded as "attacks", then Headbutt prevents the Stank from Grinding.
If not the Stank grinds as usual.

Gorbad Ironclaw
14-11-2007, 18:35
Impact hits are not attacks. Magic items that removes attack doesn't work against them, or any other non-standard forms of attack either(like the Giant ones actually), so the Giant Headbutting a Stank wouldn't do anything but give it a wound.