View Full Version : Cheap Exodites, a crazy idea?

14-11-2007, 22:40
Ok, this idea was lit up by the Guardian armor thread (120 Guardian horde Eldar army idea), but the seeds had been sown far longer time ago.

The idea of an Exodite Eldar isn't new, but I got to thinking how I would make it. At first I thought about getting wood elves and fit them with shuriken catapults. Easy and a set of 8 catapults cost like 2-3 bucks from bit stores. Heavy weapons on cold ones, not very expencive either.

Storm guardians might end up costing a tad more, but not much. Same as with normal guardians, just replace the catapults with shuriken pistol/ccw. Any elf mage will make a good warlock. Wave serpent might be ok with some bits and pieces on it to make it look more rural (mout a big plow on the front?).

Ok, then the leader. The 120 Guaridian swarm was planned to be fielded with an Avatar at the lead. I got the idea to get a Wood Elf treeman and model it to look like it's made from wraithbone. Wraithguard from Dryads the same way. Model some weapons on there.

Maybe some CC units from wardancers and warwalkers from some gun mount dinosaurs. Jetbikers or something riding cold ones.

An utterly stupid idea? You be the judge.

14-11-2007, 22:44
Sounds great, Exodite Eldar have always intrigued ==Me== and this sounds like a good representation.

I love the idea of an Avatar as a forest spirit, maybe a Wraithlord could be a exodite riding a big dinosaur (stegadon? or HE dragon sans wings).

14-11-2007, 23:29
Its how I did my handful of Exodites.

14-11-2007, 23:33
This does more belong to the modelling forum.
Anyway, I get the feeling that this army looks too much like Wood Elves and not close in any way to Eldar. Getting some Eldar armour (e.g. legs) and tribalize some Eldar stuff might be a better solution than just giving everyone a shuriken catapult.
As inspiration, look at Urban War/VOID miniatures from the Viridian fraction, that has lots of Imperials riding Dinosaurs. Or the Codex Exodites.

14-11-2007, 23:35
Dragon Knights as Jetbikes and elite dragon knights as shining spears and I think the army is done.


15-11-2007, 03:35
you want to convert 120 models though?

I got an even weirder idea for ya...

Blood Angels

Blood Angels can take jump pack marines as troops, I believe they get Furious Charge?
s4, t4, 3+ 12" movement can be explained as being dragon knights. the i4 still means striking before anything not Eldar.

Death Company= the most elite of the dragon knights, if you want to go wood elf influenced, they are the Wild Hunt

Furioso Dread= Carnosaur sort of stompy dragon. Flame thrower=fire breath.
Or one of the small battle armors Exodites wear to herd dragons.

Terminators could also be represented by dragon herding suits. Or ignore their use

Bikes could represent heavier quadraped dragons? Or dragon herding armor (dragons move fast, yeah, so you want something to catch up to them.)

Landspeeder= a Vyper, or a flying dragon.

and foot Exodites, Rangers? Scouts of course!
s4 shotguns= practically a shuriken catapult anyways!
Explain the s4 t4 as... dragon hide cloaks? Dragon fang swords, ah this detail doesn't matter too much.

Exodite Eldar are suppose to be a tough, hardy people. They live on planets, so battles would be more defensive in nature. Retreat is never an option, so the staying power of Blood Angels Space marines vs Eldar works philosophically.

The main reason for this over regular Eldar is a fast moving troops choice that is good in hth. Eldar Jetbikes are nice, but they stay 12-18" to pepper with guns.