View Full Version : Does anyone play games with "special features" on a regular basis?

15-11-2007, 00:24
Perhaps as part of a campaign - it would be pretty cool to see those rules utilized a little...

Acropolis of Heroes, Arcane Ruins, Fell Ruins - they've all got pretty good rules, and I reckon they'd be a brilliant way of nerfing the irritation people feel when facing gunline armies - the gunline player has to adjust his tactics or else feel the pain, while the other player can look forward to taking advantage in any way possible

Variety is the spice of life - who uses them?

Hashut's Li'l Helper
15-11-2007, 02:16
our gaming club uses them on a roll of 6 on the d6 terrain table we have. it can be anything really, but for forest, hill, swamp, but many people use the features.