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15-11-2007, 01:37
... at least I hope so!

This is a 500 point Border Patrol force, using filthy animals (Beasts of Chaos) since my Mortal Warlord's Marauders can't be everywhere at once!

As far as I remember, the Border Patrol format stipulates
*exactly one Hero, maximum 125 points
*at least one ranked infantry unit of 10+ models
*no magic banners
*either a Special or a Rare choice, which may not be 2-for-1 even if normally allowed so
*no more than one War Machine OR Chariot
(Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

Beastman Border Herd
Bray-Shaman, lvl 2, bray-staff: 116 pts
10 Bestigors, full command: 150 pts
5+5 Beast Herd, Foe-render and musician: 80 pts
5 Warhounds: 30 pts
5 Warhounds: 30 pts
5 Mounted Marauders, flails and shields, musician: 91 pts

Total 497 pts

The Plan
Stick the Shaman (Death Lore) in with the Bestigors, who are deployed six wide. Ambush with the Warhounds if appropriate, otherwise use them as normal (screen/bait/divert, flank, kill war machines). The Herd clears forests, the Horsemen are the mobile reserve (read: relatively expensive and easily killed).

That's it!

Little Aaad
15-11-2007, 15:17
Yeah, I personaly don't see why you dont just have two herds, saves you lots of valued points and I dont think there is much of a difference with a character in it. Good list, however.

I dont think the MH fit the fluff. I would drop them in order to take a unit of mino's or something, they are more fluffy. Also, the herd transfer would help this.

15-11-2007, 23:16
Minotaurs are out on the basis of, I have none. I could take Centigors instead of the Horsemen, making the list 'all-beast' instead of 'motley Chaos scum' themed.
Would have to feed them one unit of 'Hounds, though...

No, on reflection that's okay. There shouldn't be multiples of units anyway.

The shaman is there to provide an additional dimension to the warband. Easily bored, I want stuff to do in more phases than movement and close combat.

Beastman Border Herd, v2
Bray-Shaman, lvl 2, bray-staff: 116 pts
10 Bestigors, full command: 150 pts
5+7 Beast Herd, Foe-render and musician: 88 pts
5 Warhounds: 30 pts
5 Centigors, shields, Gore-hoof and musician: 116 pts

Total 500 pts

Thanks for the reply!

16-11-2007, 10:30
Personally, I don't see the Bestigor's doing too much... But that's me... they seem too small for too many points...

16-11-2007, 15:08
The Bestigors are brave*, fast, strong and tough...
(*kind of)

Given the set conditions, I would have to import Marauder Foot if I wanted a cheaper ranked unit. Which I don't, I have a liking for the baddest, bully-est Beastmen there are.

Yes, I could make them cheaper by dropping the command group for them... but that would also make them a lot weaker.

Results will be edited in after tomorrow.

Results: three wins (new High Elves, Ogre Kingdoms and Vampire Counts), one loss (Chaos Mortals).

How did the Bestigors do? Well in all they passed about a dozen Psychology tests, defeated Spearelves and Yhetees (twice) and got eaten by one Aspiring Champion and a twenty-block Skellies. They didn't do badly, but would quite probably be surpassed by a twenty-block Marauders.
The Centigors were very good, as always. And the Beast Herd was ... well, they are obviously not a heavy unit.
The shining eight-pointed star? The Bray-shaman. Oh, yes. Single-handedly killed two opposing generals with his magic, did ALL the damage against the Chaos Mortals (four out of four Chaos Knights, four out of six Warhounds, Spawn, and half a unit of Marauders), and held the Ogre Butcher magic at bay (-ish)!

And that's it... Bye!