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15-11-2007, 04:36
well tonight was my first go at my friends High Elves with their new book
here is what we fielded


GrandMaster with Shroud of Magnus and Bronze shield
Battle Standard Bearer on Barded Warhorse with Sword of Sigismund
Battle Wizard level 2 with 2 dispel scrolls on barded warhorse
Battle Wizard level 2with 2 Dispel scrolls

knightly order x 10 with Full Command and steel banner
Knightly Order x6 with full command upgraded to inner circle
Knightly order x6 with Champion and musician
Knightly order x6 with champion and musician
crossbowmen x10 with champion and musician
crossbowmen x10 with champion and muscian
pistoliers x5 with musician
pistoliers x5 with musician

My spells: Metal ( Distillition of Molten Silver,Law of Gold)
Heavens (Seccond Sign of Amul, Uranon's Thunderbolt)

High Elves

Prince on Middleweight Dragon
Mage level 2 who chooses his spells and i think a dispel scroll
Mage level 2 with dispel scroll and an extra powerdice

Spearelves x10
Spearelves x15 with Full command
Shadow warriors x5
Silver Helms x8 with Full command
Dragon Princes x6 with banner of Ellyrion and a gem that gives them coldblooded of sorts
Dragon Princes x6 with fullcommand and warbanner
Tranoc Chariot

Spells : Metal ( Distillation of Molten Silver, Spirit of the Forge)
High (Drain Magic,5+ ward save spell, Flames of the Phoenix)

ok here goes
Turn one:
not much happened we pretty much moved models slightly, the magic ppahse saw a single DP killed by a bolt of lightning and a few spearelves killed by crossbows.

Turn 2:
We both moved up the field, DP charged one of my small units of knights but i fled and he failed his charge, my pistoliers and crossbows killed 4 more spearlelves in the small unit and they fled to the edge of the table.

Turn 3:
I charged his 15 spearelves with one of my small knight units in the front, i killed a few but the combat ended a perfect draw, and regrouped my fleeing knights.I blasted uranon's thunderbolt and killed 4 DP and tried to finish them off with Distillation of molten silver until i realised they are immune to flaming attacks :(,my cannon misfired, he then charged in to help his spearelves with his chariot and survivng DP champion, my knights fled and were run down by the champion of the DP, he also charged my knight unit taht had fled again with his other DP's and this time went right through them, and finally he moved the dragon from behind the forest he was hiding behind to charge my big unit of knights next turn.

Turn 4:
not wanting my big unit to get charged i charged the spearlves and chariot that held last turn with my big unit of knights, he decided to hold thinking i was out of range but a roll of 6 for my steel banner just got me in range,i charged one of my xbow units into his shadow warriors, i shot the Prince with my cannon, my guess was perfect, i hit the prince and wounded him but his 4+ ward saved his butt, in the magic phase i tried to destroy one of the princes magic items with law of gold but a dispel scroll foiled that. in the HTH phase my knights ran right through the spearelves and the chariot and made the mage nearby panic right off the board, my xbow men were butchered by the shadow warriors( SoA + hatred really hurts)

Turn 5:
I killed that annoying DP champion with Uranon's thunderbolt, shot the remaining Spearleves with my last unit of xbowmen and both pistolier units and turned my large unit of knights around. He then sent his remaining DP into my cannon which stood no chance and his Dragon into my inner circle knights which held thanks to a lucky challenge and a good roll on my part.

Turn 6:
i charge the silverhelms with my big unit of knights which ends in a failed charge after the silver helms flee, the pistoliers move away from the shadow warriors, in the magic phase i try casting distillation at his last mage but his scroll comes out. in HTH his dragon causes my inner circle knights to flee from outnumbering.he rallies the Silverhelms and tries to get some points by blasting my mage with his Distillation of molten silver but miscasts and rolls a 5 which allows me to blast his mage with Distillation of molten silver an liquify him lol

So here are the loses
great cannon
knights x6
knights x6
inner circle x6

High leves:
mages x2
Dragon princes x1
Spearelves x2
Tiranoc chariot

Result Draw

i thought the game was a lot of fun, he really had no luck in his magic phases and i was really lucky in mine, my shooty was pathetic as always( 5+ to hit is so horrible) so far i don't find that SoA is that bad but then again he had no SM but i wouldn't charge those anyway

15-11-2007, 10:50
wat the hell is up with that HE list? 10 spear elves no comand????? other unit only 15 elves?????
but good little Bat Rep. btw why did you charge the shadow warriror rather than shooting them with the Xbows?

16-11-2007, 00:19
he olny took those small units of spearelves because silverhelms are no longer core so he needed core units.

And i charged the shadow warriors because i thought that 7 attacks hiting on 4+ would be better than 10 attacks hitting on 5+, i was so wrong lol

16-11-2007, 18:38
Handgunners work very well so do hellbalsters so i would get some of those they can slaughter so many but your list wasnt bad.

16-11-2007, 21:19
hellbalasters are rubbish normaly and only acceptable when you fork out for an enginner to up the BS. i though HE only needed 1 core choice?

16-11-2007, 21:48
I was hoping HE would fall apart, but they held on... darn...

Good report.

17-11-2007, 15:17
actually they only need one less core choice than normal so in a 2000 point game they only need 2

17-11-2007, 15:19
and i agree about the Helblaster, when the new book came out i played many games with my beloved tool of death and it was contently blowing up and only taking a few models with it. for the chance you have of rolling a misfire and then have to roll to hit which is usually around 5+ i would rather have a Helstrom any day.

17-11-2007, 17:33
amen. the helbaster has 1/2 a chance of malfuntioning a turn! i used to have 2 as they had such potential, now they've had thier potential taken away but still just as likely to blow up in your face. i could be cynical and claim GW wanted as all to go out and buy new shiney expensive helstorm rocket batteries but i refuse to belive they'd ever do something like that lol!

Gazak Blacktoof
23-11-2007, 10:27
I've not had to face one yet but I seem to remember them being way OTT last edition -when they didn't misfire.

They are still potentially very nasty so they control a section of the board, you don't want to put elite infantry in front of one in case it goes off well and you loose 300-400 points in one go.

The dragon didn't seem to have a huge impact on the game, taking big monsters is always problematic against the empire I suspect these elves would do much better against an army without warmachines.

If you can squeeze one into your list the warbanner is always worth taking.

That last magic phase is ridiculous BTW.

23-11-2007, 18:24
yes but that very rarely happened! trust me i took 2 for nearly the entirety of the second edition and they wern't that good, just had potential. the changes have been totaly knee jerk to tone them them down to stop everybody whining when thier 'super unit of doom' got mashed. there were plenty of ways of dealing with the helblaster like all warmachines

Gazak Blacktoof
23-11-2007, 18:31
Most ways to deal with a helblaster result in at least one unit getting blown to pieces- it usually costs more to get rid of a helblaster than the damn thing is worth.