View Full Version : 1999pt torniment army list

15-11-2007, 09:09
Starting to get ready for a 1999 torniment. So no lords allowed.

Army as follows:


Noble: Great weapon, longbow, shield, foebane, shadow armour: 155pts
(with the shadow warriors)
Noble: Bsb, Warbanner, heavy armour, great weapon: 132pts
(with the pheonix guard)
Mage: lvl 2, powerstone, dispel scroll, silver wand: 185pts
(with swordmasters 1)
Mage: lvl 2, jewel of dusk, dispel scrol: 170pts
(with swordmasters 2)
Core: 216pts

12 spearmen: 108pts

12 spearmen: 108pts

Special: 1041pts

Chariot: 85pts

chariot: 85pts

6 shadow warriors:96pts

17 pheonix guard: full command, gem of courage: 265pts

13 swordmasters: full command: 255pts

13 swordmasters: full command: 255pts

Rare: 100pts

2 great eagles: 100pts

The plan is to have the pheonix guard up front flanked by spearmen. Behind them the swordmasters flanked by the chariots. Front line is human shield. If enermy charges pheonixguard hold while other 2 flee. Enermy will ever crash into swordmasters or fall short, meaning i can charge with chariot and swordmasters.

Also means chariots can counter flank attacks by fast cav.

Great eagles can support the shadowwarrior group of watch the rear. Also good for throwing 1 at fanatics etc (or prechargeing chariots)

Mages are just there to counter/drain magic and shield of saph

shadow warrior unit to take out warmachines, chariots, mages you name it if its been placed badly. If not just to herass enermy and maybe even rearcharge.