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12-09-2005, 12:50
Last weekend I finally brought my army back on the table to battle itís way through a local tournament. Being a bit rusty on the rules didnít stop me from having a great time and I must say that I am very proud of my Khornate Raiders Ö they performed well and havenít let me down (well, at least _some_ of them did their job). All in all they were about 20ish players with a wide variety of armies Ö some Chaos, some Dwarves, Slayers, Chaos Dwarves, High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Empire, Vampire Counts.
After considering all the words of wisdom given to me by the WarSeer members I gave the following list a try:

2000 pts of Khornate Raiders

Exalted Champion of Khorne (general)
- Sword of Might and Armour of Damnation
- riding a Chaos Steed and leading the Knights of Khorne

Exalted Champion of Khorne
- Berserker Sword and Enchanted Shield
- riding a Juggernaut of Khorne

Aspiring Champion of Khorne
- Great weapon
- riding a Chaos Steed and leading the Chosen of Khorne

5 Chosen Knights of Khorne
- full command, Banner of Rage

5 Knights of Khorne
- full command

2x Chariot of Khorne

5 Marauder horsemen
- musician, flails

3x 5 Warhounds of Chaos

3x Bloodbeast of Khorne

6 Furies

Not having played any battles for several years and having zero experience with Khornate and cavalry armies I had no idea what to expect. Ah well, be it mine or my opponents, the blood will surely flow so Khorne should be pleased either way.

The first battle was against a magic-heavy High Elf force Ö which should be interesting because I am fairly anti-magic (9 dispel dice!). His army looked well-balanced to me:

High Elves:

Lvl 3 archmage + Book of Hoeth
Lvl 2 mage
Commander + Boltthrower bow
Commander + Armour of the Gods and great weapon, pure of heart

10 archers
2x 5 Silver Helms
15 White Lions
20 Sword masters
2x 5 Shadow warriors
2x Bolt thrower

Battle 1:

After deployment the battlefield (about 36í deep and 72í wide) looked something like this. The Elves had concentrated most of their firepower (archers and bolt throwers) on the left flank, assisted by a unit of Silver Helms, Shadow warriors and the shooty Commander Ö the centre was strongly held by the infantry and his Archmage and the right flank had the other Silver Helms, Shadow Warriors and the hitty Commander.

To break through his defences I had prepared an assault on the left flank with the Marauders to lure the Sliver Helms, the Knights of Khorne to break through them and the Furies to go for the bolt throwers. The central advance would be a wide screen of Warhounds with Bloodbeasts between them, followed by the Chariots and the Chosen of Khorne. On the Right flank my Juggernaut rider and a final Bloodbeast would see if there was any fun to be had.

After that Ö most of the battle went according to plan.

The Marauders and the Knights of Khorne went right through the Silver Helms and found themselves behind enemy lines in the second turn Ö this initial success was a bit dampened by the fact that my Marauders got shot by the shooty Commander and his Shadow Warrior henchmen, my general bit the dust one turn later due to heavy bolt thrower fire (even when youíre playing Chaos, the random factor is not always in your favour) and the rest of the Knights of Khorne fell after that again thanks to that blasted Commander, his henchmen and the remaining bolt thrower (I really need to have a word with the armour smith). The Furies managed to take one bolt thrower down, but were perforated before they got the last one.

Meanwhile on the other flank the Juggernaut rider and his pet Bloodbeast were busy herding the Silver Helms into a corner Ö until the hitty Commander decided to save his men from certain doom and charged the Juggernaut rider (convinced as he was that it would be some kind of warmachine/chariot). After trampling the elf into the ground, the Juggernaut proceeded to track down the Silver Helms who by that time had been caught by the Bloodbeast.

The central advance was heading for the enemy infantry. After some diversionary movement by the Warhounds and Bloodbeasts an opening appeared (Fury of Khaine and Warhounds donít mix) and the Chosen of Khorne slammed into the White Lions. Several handful of dice later a somewhat pale looking opponent had to admit that Chosen of Khorne were a bit more deadly than he had expected. The White Lions disappeared into a red smear on the ground. The Swordmasters found themselves on the receiving end of two Chariots of Khorne Ö they broke and were ran down.

Iím pretty sure something nasty happened to the archers as well, but I canít remember what and when it happened. Magic didnít play a large role in the battle. He got stuck with crappy spells (only Fury of Khaine was useful) and everything was either miscast or dispelled Ö except for the Fury of Khaine from the Archmage which went irresistible every turn because of the Book of Hoeth. He cursed himself for not making him a Seer this time Ö that would probably have made a big difference.


Nice and exciting battle, great opponent, lots of fun. Having lots of units in a Chaos army certainly intimidates some opponents and the speed of it all can be quite scary. Keeping all those bloodthirsty maniacs in line can be done but when the fighting really breaks loose itís better to make sure there are always several targets (simply chose the right one) than trying to carefully place charge-arcs or block with warhounds.


Chosen of Khorne for providing pure, raw hitting power and smashing right through the heart of the opponents line of defence.

Juggernaut for intimidating an entire flank into avoiding him and smashing a puny elf into the ground :evilgrin:

next battle, ... Dark Elves (typing it now)

PS Oh yeah, it was "just" a Minor Victory (13 points worth). It could have been more, but my expensive cavalry failing about every save against shooting there was to make cost me the Knights of Khorne including the General and half of the Chosen ... costing me a lot of points :cries:

12-09-2005, 14:04
One question.

3x Bloodbeast of Khorne?

You can only have these things in a Demonic Legion can't you?

Anyway thanks for the report, keep it coming.

bloodbeasts are the spawns of khnore, your thinking of bloodcrushers

12-09-2005, 14:07
Damn you beat me to it, I just removed the message. :o :o

Ah well there it is, my ignorance, for all the world to see. ;)

This statement still stands btw:

Anyway thanks for the report, keep it coming.

12-09-2005, 15:13
Battle 2 ... against the Dark Elves

Lord on a Dragon + Shield of -1 strength (AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!)
2x lvl 2 mages (oh goody, points spent/wasted on magic!)

20 Witch Elves
20 Spear elves
10 Executioners
2x 10 crossbow elves
5 Harpies
4x Bolt throwers (AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!)

As soon as I saw my opponents army I knew this was going to be a very hard fight, with me probably on the losing side. According to the rules (?) a large monster could look over any terrain, which meant that bloody dragon could always park himself behind it and out of reach while still able to charge me Ö and all the time I am trying to advance while keeping an eye on that dragon he would be peppering me with those 4 lovely bolt throwers of his.

The crossbow elves protected both of his flanks, the infantry formed a solid line in the centre and the bolt throwers were placed somewhat between them. There was no chance to avoid the dragon and the only way to be save from the bolt throwers was to get stuck in combat as soon as possible. So I deployed again with a screen of Warhounds and Bloodbeasts, Marauders and the Chosen would try a flank attack while the rest of the heavy hitters would advance behind the screen.

He got first turn Ö ouch. I lost a unit of Warhounds, half a unit of Knights of Khorne. The dragon flew to the right flank, landed behind some terrain and looked very menacingly at me. Not too bad (yet). I moved everything forward. One chariot placed himself as bait for the dragon with the other chariot and the Juggernaut rider nearby to catch the lizard should he bite.

He bit.

Right into the chariot, snapping it in half.

The dragon did not stay around to gloat over his victory though, but overran off the table. That didnít worry me that much because the chariot and Juggernaut rider were still around to catch him next turn. Being all knowledgable about the rules I knew for certain that a unit canít move when they get back on the table (did I mention my rule knowledge was a bit rusty?) Ö so when he got back the dragon simply flew over my brave rearguards and threatened the Chosen Knights on the other flank. Ah yes, the Chosen Ö *sigh*. They should have been in combat by now, but when they got charged in the rear by some Harpies (brilliant move by the way) they killed them all and ofcourse just had to overrun back the way the came from (Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!).

Anyway, my very expensive Chosen knights of Khorne then got themselves charged in the flank by the Dark Elf Lord on his huuuuuuuuuge dragon Ö which miffed all their attacks :D Looking a bit confused about still being alive they decided to make the best of it and proceeded to throw the enemy general of his monstrous mount and kill the bugger during the next round. They held the dragon at bay for the rest of the battle before finally dying in truly heroic fashion.

In the centre a Bloodbeast was fighting with the Witchelves, munched on some elves but got killed by poison Ö just in time for another Bloodbeast and a chariot to finnish the job. The Juggernaut rider got back from rearguard duty and decided to up his ego by charging into the unit of Spear elves, soon to be joined by the Executioners charging him in the flank. Normally this would be a bad thing, a lone character fighting a fully ranked-up regiment while being flanked by another unit Ö Juggernaut-riding bloodthirsty lunatics swinging Berserker Swords over their head are however hardly considered normal :angel: A few rounds later none of the Executioners remained and the remaining half of the Spear elves decided they had seen enough of their own blood and ran for it.

The Marauders had by that time completed their extreme-flank manoeuvre (damn, those tables are big), and were just in time to charge and destroy a unit of Crossbow elves with a bit of help from the Aspiring Champion.

By then it was time to add-up the kills Ö. which was a good thing because the Bolt Throwers were running out of Warhounds, Bloodbeasts, Knights, Furies to kill. Thanks to the brave (and a bit lucky) fight to the death of the Chosen and the carnage caused by the Juggernaut rider I had enough points for a draw (on the losing side by some 200 points though). Another 10 points in the bag.


Shooting sucks and medium magic has no chance against me, he never managed to cast a single spell. Not sure how to handle big bad flyers with this army though. Eventually I plan to have a Daemon Prince to lead the army, maybe thatís enough.


Again the Chosen Knights of Khorne, for totally destroying those murderous Harpies on their backs, killing the enemy General against all odds and distracting a dragon for the rest of the battle by pretending to be great dragon-snacks.

Again the Juggernaut rider for causing great bloodshed all around. :evilgrin:

Coming tomorrow, Ö the battle against the Dwarves

13-09-2005, 12:31
Final battle, against the dwarves.

This should be a nice battle Ö always liked the little buggers. They donít run away, hate magic and at least try to put up a decent fight. If it werenít for that nasty warmachine fetish they all seem to have they would be the perfect opponent Ö ah well, not every race can be as perfect as Khorne.

Taking a quick peek at his army made clear that this was a dwarf army with definite preference for hand to hand combat! I like that.

The dwarves:

Dwarf Lord (built like a tank and hit first)
Rune smith
Thane Battle standard (very expensive anti-magic rune!)

20 Dwarf warriors
20 Dwarf warriors
20 Dwarf warriors
20 Iron breakers
10 Crossbowmen
10 Thunderers
1 Cannon
1 Stone thrower
1 Gyrocopter

Deployment was a bit more tricky this time. I have a strong dislike for those kill-your-very-expensive-chariots-in-one-shot cannons. When deploying my customary Warhounds and Bloodbeast vanguard it quickly became clear that the dwarves were concentrating almost all their forces in the centre and on the left flank Ö with most of the firepower (handguns, crossbows and stonethrower) on the hill in the left flank and the cannon between the centre regiments. Only one regiment of warriors was protecting the left flank, so I deployed a cavalry detachment over there to break open that flank Ö The Chosen, the Marauders and a chariot should be enough with the Furies to occupy the stonethrower. The last unit of Warhounds was sent off towards the extreme right flank, the second chariot kept out of sight from the cannon behind some terrain and all the remaining units deployed behind the vanguard to advance through the centre.

Winning first turn made thing a lot easier and all my units advanced at top speed (except for the Bloodbeast on the centre-right who was obviously still digesting some witchelves and krept forward a breathtaking 3 whole inches :mad: ). The dwarves reacted in a true time-honoured traditional manner Ö in other words, they shot the crap out of me. First shot fired at me was a cannonball heading towards my general. His knightly henchmen did try to warn him, but he was obviously too busy doing what Khornate generals do during battle (foaming at the mouth, screaming battle-cries, shaking fists, making rude gestures) and he was shot clean of his horse.


That silly bugger managed to get himself shot in every single battle and in those three battles he only got to swing his sword for one round. I think I have to re-evaluate his position in the army after this.

The stonethrower got very close to splintering my chariot, the missile troops on the hill took aim at some Warhounds (I think) and the Gyrocopter cooked the Marauders Ö who for obvious reasons were not happy with that and the survivors headed back home (taking the cooked bodies with them ofcourse, why waste a good meal?) The dwarven Lord advanced his retinue of stalwart warriors forward to stop the advancing Chosen and the centre line of infantry advanced a bit.

Well, anybody who places his generalís regiment in front of a unit of Chosen Knights of Khorne is obviously looking for a fight Ö and the Chosen were ofcourse more than happy to oblige. My Aspiring Champion put forth a challenge and the dwarven Lord excepted (yes!) This took him effectively out of the fight so nothing could interfere with my Chosen while they were trampling the dwarven warriors into the ground. During the challenge my Aspiring Champion couldnít scratch the heavily armoured dwarf, but he managed to avoid getting wounded himself so all in all I was happy with that. Meanwhile the Chosen killed 10 of the dwarven defenders on the charge and seconds later all the dwarves were legging it Ö but being short-legged as they were it didnít help and they were overran during the pursuit. Intimidated by this display of carnage the nearby thunderers panicked and ran from their firing position on the hill. Meanwhile the Furies were just finishing their snack of stonethrower crew and started looking around for desert.


The rest of my army was still advancing towards the dwarven central line Ö except for the Bloodbeast that was too busy removing some left-over witchelf from between his teeth, he moved yet another staggering 3 inches.

The Gyrocopter went after the Furies to get revenge for the death of his mates, but managed to cook just one Ö leaving four very angry steamed-up Furies. The remainder of the dwarven firepower managed to shoot down a few Knights of Khorne, but yet again not enough to stop them from threatening the crossbow dwarves on the hill. The dwarven infantry advanced yet again and placed themselves in front of the forward vanguard while covering eachothers flanks Ö just daring the Khornate raiders to charge them.

Excited at the chance of some more bloodshed, both a chariot and je Juggernaut rider each charged a unit of dwarven warriors. Only to discover that thereís a reason why dwarven warriors are called the most effective defensive infantry Ö so they both bounced off again and started running back to their own lines :cries: . The dwarven main line wasnít able to take advantage of this victory however because now they were engaged by the three Bloodbeasts (even the one with the full tummy decided he liked some more food anyway and charged ahead top speed) Ö each of them attacking and holding a unit, effectively taking two regiments of dwarven warriors and a regiment of Iron Breakers out of the battle.

The cannon managed a final shot at the Knights of Khorne who had just charged and overrun the crossbow dwarves befored they themselves were charged by the Warhounds that had taken tho long route across the right flank. The Chosen charged the thunderers with predictable results.

The Bloodbeasts were slowly munching their way through the dwarven units and only the Iron Breakers finally managed to kill one of the monsters, only to find themselves stuck in an awkward position behind one of the other units. The now rallied chariots and Juggernaut rider joined the fight and quickly destroyed both units of dwarven warriors.

Ö the Iron Breakers, shocked by the bloodshed all around them panicked and also ran off the table. Since the Gyrocopter had found itís nemesis in the claws of the Furies it was a total whipe-out, no dwarves left to kill or scare away.


Once more a great opponent, fun battle and lots of killing. The flanking attacks worked according to plan, the central attack I totally screwed-up but the Bloodbeasts saved the day and in the end I was lucky the Iron Breakers panicked because there was nothing close by that could take them out the hard way Ö but it would have been a Massacre either way so it didnít really matter. Still, earning 2800 victory points in a 2000 point battle does wonders for your ego. Damn Iím good! ;)


The Bloodbeasts of Khorne, for holding the line against 3 fully ranked infantry regiments and still find time to snack on the occasional dwarf or runesmith *burp*

next up, the evaluation of the army and it's performance

15-09-2005, 16:16
The evaluation

With all the fighting done and the reports written, thereís nothing left to do but have a few thoughts on what happened, how everybody performed Ö and most important, how things could be improved. Not that Iím not happy with all the results (minor victory, draw, massacre), but ending up on fourth place means there certainly is room for improvement.

The units:

Exalted Champion of Khorne (general) @ 203 pts
- Sword of Might and Armour of Damnation
- riding a Chaos Steed and leading the Knights of Khorne

What can I say. He ended up very dead in all three battles and only managed to actually fight for one whole round. Not exactly results to be proud of. Originally I had planned for a Daemon Prince to lead the army, but I couldnít get the conversion done on time for the tournament. Itíll be a lot of work, but I hope Iíll have him finished for the next tournament Ö if not then Iím stuck with this loser again.

Exalted Champion of Khorne @ 240 pts
- Berserker Sword and Enchanted Shield
- riding a Juggernaut of Khorne

Originally included mostly for the ďfun-factorĒ of it. A nice little simple conversion on a not so often seen miniature wielding a not so often used magic weapon doing crazy things Ö whatís not to like about him? This madman did end up however playing a decisive role several times during the tournament. He is excellent at charging large regiments of regular rank-and-file infantry and the 9 strength 5 attacks are on average enough to even win or tie those battles. Should he break he usually outruns the pursuers with his 3d6 flee-movement (and losing his frenzy is not really a bad thing, it gives more control). Another use for him is charging characters in units, thereís not much that can stand up to the large amount of attacks he generates. Well worth it when properly used I would say.

Aspiring Champion of Khorne @ 137 pts
- Great weapon
- riding a Chaos Steed and leading the Chosen of Khorne

Another character I included to fill the points my not-yet-ready Daemon Prince had left open. He did his job, but I canít say the Chosen Knights of Khorne really needed the additional punch. There were no chariots or opportunity targets around to go after either. He did however excel at removing the Dwarf Lord from the fight, but the Unit Champion could have done that as well. I would probably include him again if I had points left over, but otherwise he will also be left at home next time. I prefer the Daemon Prince and Jugernaut rider set-up.

5 Chosen Knights of Khorne @ 370 pts
- full command, Banner of Rage

Gold. Pure gold, thatís what these guys are worth! They have the combat-power to punch through the enemy line even where itís at it strongest. Theyíre not dependent on flank-charges or characters to do the job, they will either break-through (and over-run) the enemy or seriously maim it. Since they have a high initiative and donít need charging for high-strength attacks they will just keep doing what they did during the charge Ö carnage! There are not many units that can provide this kind of hitting power, or withstand it for that matter. If I can find the points they will definitely stay in the list.

5 Knights of Khorne @ 260 pts
- full command

Excellent unit to put some muscle behind a breakthrough on the flanks. When deployed in the centre I prefer to hold them back until either the Warhounds or the Bloodbeasts are messing up the opposing line of defence by redirecting or fleeing from charges or by simply locking them in combat. For full frontal assaults they do benefit from having a character with them or the support from a chariot. I wish I had more of these units.

2x Chariot of Khorne

I had to learn it the hard way that a single chariot charge does not guarantee a broken opponent at all, not even when weíre talking about a Chariot of Khorne and not even when the charge comes from the flank or rear Ö because thatís doesnít matter one bit when youíre ďonlyĒ US 4. When sticking to the plan they worked perfectly though. I usually deploy them as the final wave of the attackers. They will not do anything until they can either support a cavalry unit with a charge, double charge a unit or just wait until itís time to mop up the survivors. Works very well Ö too bad there are no longer Marauder Chariots though because these things are a bit pricy at 150 points a piece.

5 Marauder horsemen
- musician, flails

One unit ready, the other one still under construction. I must confess that I am a bit disappointed about the performance of them. Before the battles I had high hopes about flanking opponents, luring them into deadly ambushes and finishing unit with clever rear-charges and such. In reality they just died most of them time. Next time I will use them in a slightly different role: instead of fleeing to lure chargers to my Knights of Khorne (something Warhounds can do as well, but cheaper), they will follow behind the Knights to take advantage of holes in the lines, slip through a wreak havoc behind the lines. The one battle where they did manage to do that they were a lot more point-efficient.

3x 5 Warhounds of Chaos

Cheap, expendible, flexible Ö I love these doggies. They screen and guided the frenzied hard hitters during the first few turns, redirect and lure charges after that and the remaining doggies spread out after that to deny and claim table-quarters. Absolutely fantastic!

3x Bloodbeast of Khorne

A lot less random than I expected and great for messing-up your opponents plans. During all three battles they had no problem reaching the fighting and when they did, they were there to stay! Itís not the amount of kills they make (although they do like the grab characters from the front-rank and gobble them up), but itís their staying power against regular infantry that does the trick Ö toughness 5 rules!
It makes things a lot easier for the killers (Knights and Chariots) when the targets are nailed to the spot by the Bloodbeasts.

6 Furies

Good unit, did their job. A unit of 6 is capable of taking out one target, but tends to get killed before it can take out a second. I am planning on adding another two, so Iíll see how that works out.


All in all Iím happy about they way the army performed. Mostly as expected, but there are some things Iíll try in another manner next time. The biggest change will be the inclusion of a big flying nasty killer (Daemon Prince) eventually.

Ö any hints, tips or questions are always welcome ofcourse.


15-09-2005, 16:59
One thing you could do is put one aspiring champion in one of the chariots...

Especially if you put the one with the berserker blade in there you get lots of casualties on your charge...and a better survival chance if your chariot gets stuck in combat or flanked.

Beware war machines though.

17-09-2005, 06:27
Great list, great attitude, great reports. Really a pleasure to read. Keep up the good work.


17-09-2005, 11:17
Great list, great attitude, great reports. Really a pleasure to read. Keep up the good work.


I agree :D

17-09-2005, 11:47
Mounting a character on a chariot ...

I've heard this before, but I must confess that I'm still not convinced. One of the main advantages is the US 5 flank or rear charge ... but in my eyes that's also one of it's main weaknesses. A Chariot of Khorne that has to wiggle itself into the flank or rear will have a tough time achieving that without getting side-tracked due to frenzy. More important, he will also take a very long time getting there ... a move of 7 inch and no marching is very slow, a charge in turn 4 would be most likely (if I can pull it off at all).

Putting in a character with the Berserker Sword does give it tremendous combat-potential though, so even frontal charges on it's own become a viable option.

I may give it a shot, but I think I'll stick with two Chariots of Khorne and a seperate Juggernaut rider ... three dangerous units work better for me than one very dangerous and very pricy unit and one "regular" one.

Thanks for the nice compliments ... I like writing them as well so you can expect more in the future. :)