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15-11-2007, 14:23
Just a thought inspired by the dirty tricks thread in general discussion and a move I saw pulled by a minotaur player.

Using a DE hero with black amulet to kill off a powerful foe by getting it wounded so many times the number of bounced wounds kills off the attacking Lord.

Basically he used hw to attack a unit dispite being armied with GW and charging in order to win combat but not wipe out the unit he was fighting forcing him to stay put due to blood greed.

And I started wondering whether you have to attack or not if you didnt want to.

I.e. in a similar situation where a rebounding spell was in place could you decide not to attack at all with a character. Or else only attack with half your unit etc I know that it is a rare situation that would make it advantagous not to attack but they do occasionally come up.

So if required could you not attack with part of a unit say a character leading it or a part as in the case with minotaurs to avoid wiping it out

15-11-2007, 14:26
The rules specifically say that models must attack if able.

15-11-2007, 14:48
Page 32 BRB:

In any case, models in base contact with the enemy may not refuse to attack their enemies! :)