View Full Version : Xbox 360 and Region 1 DVD's

15-11-2007, 17:29
Does anybody know if UK XBOX360's play Region 1 DVD's?

15-11-2007, 18:57
Nope, they're region locked sadly.

However, the HD-DVD drive add-on will play US HD-DVDs.

The pestilent 1
15-11-2007, 18:59
If you have a normal DVD player then you can hack them to be Region free.

16-11-2007, 07:44
Or just buy a region free DVD player. We always buy them as we have quite a few region 1 and 4 stuff.

Our last was a 30 cheapy from Argos.

16-11-2007, 09:32
The majority of dvd players here are multi-region (one advantage of being so close to asia) and several vendor websites even tell you how to change the settings if they start locked to one region.

We have 5 dvd players in my house, 3 are multi-region, the other 2 are in the computers (and we can't be bothered hacking them).

16-11-2007, 20:48
Ive played region one dvds on my 360 before, never had a problem

Inquisitor Engel
16-11-2007, 23:03
However, the HD-DVD drive add-on will play US HD-DVDs.

Because there's no region encoding on HD-DVD's. ;)

Amazon.co.uk FTW! Not that it matters... since I have a Blu-Ray player too...:eyebrows:

19-11-2007, 01:08
Thanks for the replys guys.