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Word Bearer
15-11-2007, 22:03
Just got back from playing my first game against the new High Elves and thought I'd feedback some of what I noticed and also give a little batrep.

So firstly, the two armies:
I was using my new Goblin list for the first time

Warboss with Great Weapon
2 x Lvl1 mages for defence

1 x 38 Gobbos FC Nets
3 x 30 Gobbos FC Nets

2 x 5 Wolf Riders, Bows, Spears, Musican
1 x 5 Spider Riders Musician

3 x Wolf Chariots

2 x Spear Chuckkas


Opposing army:
Prince on Star Dragon
Mage Lvl 2

10 Arches
14 Spearmen
14 Swordmasters
14 White Lions
5 Dragon Princes

5 Shadow Warriors
Bolt Thrower

So I was outnumbering him over 2:1 as should be expected, but with far inferior troops, as you've already gathered.

A quick run down of the battle.
Dragon spent the entire game flying about causing terror checks and breathing fire over my units which hurt rather a lot.

A failed charge from the Dragon Princes ( I elected to flee as a reaction) left them in the the open to a charge from one of my fully ranked units which he then chose to flee from. This opened up a path for my Giant to run through as it crashed into the side of the White Lions, along with a chariot at the in the front.
Chariots really are the way to go against HE, those impact hits really do hurt them if you can roll well.
Anyway, Lions broke and were cut down.

Elsewhere, Shadow Warriors were holding up my Wolf Riders as they tried to get at my Chukkas, Spider Riders got shot down by archers and my remaining chariots attempt to sneak up the flank.

Eventually I get the Wolf Riders around the back of the field and into the bolt thrower, they then over run into the side of the Dragon Princes which had just failed from a failed terror check, cause two casualties and run the unit down!

Swordmaster's really are a pain, after breaking the Spearmen by charging two chariots in the front, I try sending one in each flank and still they beat me off.

Overall result was a draw. My Chukkas proved utterly useless against the flying beast and animosity proved a real killer at horrendous times as is expected, but then bad luck also seemed to fall on the Dragon Princes, being unable to rally or pass any kind of save/Ld test. So was a rather even match I felt.

Thoughts though after actually playing against the new High Elves.
There really is no point in trying to win a head on fight against any of there units with the majority of units. To break them in the first round you really need to spend a turn or two trying to set up flank charges, or combining charges with chariots. With the low model count HE have this shouldn't be too hard.

Dragon's hurt, alot. Even though the thing never got into combat it really was the bane of my army. That breathe weapon stings and the terror checks don't help when you're a measley gobbo. Im sure this isn't SUCH a problem for other armies but in this game it really did alot. I couldn't help feeling though that a Star Dragon was just a little overkill for this game. A Moon or maybe even Sun Dragon would most likely have done the job just as well and allowed for more elite infantry (even tho he was already fielding a rather high amount).

Tactic's I found rather usefull against them. Using units the pull the elite's out of the battle line. In my case I sent my lone troll in as bait, the white lion's bit and as a result got a giant smashing in the side and a chariot in the front.
I'd also like to mention that this was my first game of Warhammer in almost 6 months and the first time I'd used the Goblin List since it's revision.

Anyway, I don't know if any of this drivvel has been of any use to anyone. Alot of what I've written may already be common knowledge, so if it is I apologise for wasting your time.