View Full Version : me choosing armies again... Hochland empire!

12-09-2005, 19:19
ok, yet another army idea...

this is what happens when i change armies.. sad isnt it...

well, my next idea, a hochland empire army.

it will be using the core list (thats a first for me! :rolleyes: ) and will be based around the background of the people of hochland being ainly scouts and hunters, with some solid regiments of millitia rabble, and city defense forces.

as for lords and heros, id take captains and enjineers, as heros, on horseback, or foot, with hochland long rifles, or longbows, on their own, generaly shooting characters, and working with the skirmishing, or scouting archers.

i will also take a pair of lore of life wizards, as worhsipers of taal, working alongside the hunters to keep the forests clean of beasts, and other nasties, using the power of the forests themselves.

as for lords, im a bit stuck. im thinking elector count as a master hunter, with the dragon bow and a great weapon (woodsmans axe), although hed be terrebly innefective.
i coult take a wizard lord, as a master druid, but then it turns into a taal army, instead of hochland.
so it may be the master huntsman with dragon bow... although should he go with the huntsmen, or a unit of something else, liek greatswords, or another unit?

for core, im set on multiple units of archers, and a unit of huntsmen, to bulk it up (i will be using brettonian archers, with all the brett livery filed off. they look more like a bunch of rag-tag, individualist hunters), with a pair of milita units, as thecommon rabble, and a large unit (30) of swrodsmen, to go with the lord, most likely.
all these will be using the militia, and swordsmen mixes, to create a unified force, but still a force of hunters, and the swordsmen will use swordsmen models, with most likely some milita heads mixed in.

for special, im thinking pistoliers, (though i couldve sworn they were rare choices...) as mounted huntsmen, with crossbow pistols, and hunting spears, to take down the big beasties of the forest. say, 2-4 medium sized units, using the new wood elf ponies, because theyre cheap, unbarded, and look wild, and woodland-y. if their to big, i guess ill be ordering some unbarded ponies...
i dont really want greatswords, as they go against the sort of forest patrol idea, unless i model them as woodsmen with great axes... although i could always whip upa unit of 25-29 (with the elector count).

for rare, some DOW crossbows most likely, or duellists as hunters...
maybe even some mixed in races.
though most likely they will only be halflings, as they are woodland-y arent they?

anyway, whaddayathink?, would it work? is it beardy, cheezy/whatever?
and most of all, does it seem cool?
lists will be made and posted in army lists asap.
thanks, NB

12-09-2005, 20:05
Seems good, why not take an elector count and great swords with griffon banner. Model the great swords as great axes and give them a properly woodland image.

12-09-2005, 20:23
Priests of Taal use Beasts magic. At least thats what Bagrain the Abbot of La Maisontaal did in that famous scenario. Taal is the God of Beasts. Life wizards would be worshipers of Rhya I think.

12-09-2005, 20:37
aaaah, ok, rhya it is, if your right

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
13-09-2005, 00:29
I thought hochland was famous for its rifles?

13-09-2005, 00:53
It's famous for the huntsmen that use them. That's what the technology was developed for, hunting.

13-09-2005, 07:34
well, i would load up on handgunners, but then id end up with a static, unmaneuverable, boring army.

im going for a forest patrol type thing. only a few rifles, mostly hunting bows.

13-09-2005, 12:06
so it may be the master huntsman with dragon bow... although should he go with the huntsmen, or a unit of something else, liek greatswords, or another unit?

can't do that unfortunately, as Huntsmen are scouts. he could happily join a unit of normal archers, or attempt to run across the board full tilt to join the huntsmen :p . though i think that role would be more suited to a captain, there are far too many instances in fantasy fiction where someone's second in command happens to be a master tracker/hunter/whatever!

13-09-2005, 18:13
oh no, i probebly wont be scouting the huntsmen.
to me, their just better acrhcers, that deploy last, giving me a better chance of a +1 to first turn, and i can deploy them where their usefull.

as long as they dont scout, can the lord join them?
or if they scount, but are in the deployment zone, can the character join them?

13-09-2005, 19:18
after the first turn yes, he can only be set up with them if they do not scout.

13-09-2005, 19:27
Wow . . .at first I thought it was a "hoochland" army list. Orange juice and beer . . .yum.

Sounds like a fun project.

14-09-2005, 10:19
hoochland? sounds like the scottish pronunciation of hochland to me! paint with liberal sprinklings of tartan all round NB!

14-09-2005, 11:38
oh god...

hey... the hochland colours are red and green...

i could do a 'variation' on them...

Captain Queensland
15-09-2005, 15:57
Personally I'd like a 'Sharpe' themed Empire army, with Sean Bean leading it (LOTR model)!

16-09-2005, 10:29
I think it sounds like a good idea. though maybe 1 life wizzy and 1 beast wizzy?

16-09-2005, 16:09
hoochland goddamnit! ;p

i dont like special characters, so no,

Captain Mustard
21-09-2005, 08:48
Personally I'd like a 'Sharpe' themed Empire army, with Sean Bean leading it (LOTR model)!

Yeah, and you could use the old ratskin models with the muskets as the "chosen men", and to represent a variant of the huntsmen as they are armed with handguns.