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16-11-2007, 08:40
i'd like some feedback on a character for my warband (rest still to be made)

Marcus / Desperados

43 75 52 55 65 69 67 82 66
Weapons: knife, stubber +2 reloads, revolver with 12 manstopper rounds.
Armour: carapace on chest & abdomen, flak on all other location except head.
other: 1 photon flash & 1 smoke grenade.

Marcus used to live on a hive world close to the eye of terror when a plague erupted among the populace, turning all who died into mindless undead.
he was recruited by Inquisitor (still to be named) of the ordo hereticus who recognised marcus talents, marcus was quick to take up the offer and after helping the Inquisitor purge the hive they went offworld.
(this is as you might have noticed still work in progress)

so what do you guys think of him so far? is the carapace too much?
i thought it would fit scum like marcus too grab the best protection he could get.

i rolled his stats by the way so they are random.

16-11-2007, 09:01
Rolling stats impresses no one. However, as it happens, these are pretty good. Very strong in shooting and Nerve, but that's justifiable: after all, there has to have been a good reason why Inquistor (still to be named) thought he was worth dragging along after him.

You may like to make the Inquisitor a member of the Ordo Sepulturum, as they have a particular interest in the threat of pandemic disease, especially where it may be being used as a weapon of the Imperium's enemies within, without or beyond.

How about a model?


16-11-2007, 10:00
I don't see a problem with random stats - a little bit of chance adds interest to an otherwise totally customisable character. Sometimes even gives you talking points when coming up with character story.

Speaking of which I'm looking forward to reading a little more on his background and how he survived on his devastated homeworld before the Inquisitor showed up (good opportunity for some Resident Evil-inspired aceness :D). How did it affect his prsonality? What happened to his family/friends/gf?

Does he have any skills as standard (not necessarily the basic desperado skills - possibly shaped by his exploits on his homeworld)?

16-11-2007, 20:53
Rolling stats: Not my cup of tea, but far from the most offensive thing to do in Inquisitor.

I would start with at least one skill, because even on a very basic level they add character.

I definitely would not recommend Ambidextrous or Gunfighter, since they get used so often for characters is two pistols that I wonder why they included the modifier in the rulebook in the first place.

Deadeye Shot is a good skill for a guy who fights Zombies by "Removing the head, or destroying the brain", Dodge is a good one for someone who runs away instead...

I wouold personally recommend Force of Will - this guy has become so used to seeing his friends go through the horror of ressurection and attempt to kill him that he's a completely jaded, merciless killer. Force of Will is somewhat controversial - some people think it should be reserved entirely for psycopaths and robots - but I think it would suit his character well.

17-11-2007, 22:39
i actually only told you i rolled them because some we "maxed out" for a desperados and to assure you i didn't "cheat" but enough on that.;)

more background is on the way (be warned i'm not so good at stories :cries:)
i also started on the rest of the Inquisitors retinue. (a scribe, a veteran guardsmen and a priest)

i will be making these in 28mm though (don't shoot me) since although the 54mm make for nice display pieces (and imperial statues) i won't be using them for gameplay, mostly because nobody else i know has them, also because my terrain is better suited to 28mm.

i had been thinking about skills and i definately didn't want to use the over(ab)used ambidextrous / gunfighter for him since.... well their over(ab)used.
force of will i could get into, it does seem like a suitable skill for someone who's been through so much.

also this is the first character i've really made (next to an inquisitor version of darth vader that is) so be gentle.:p

as for the inquisitor himself he was on the planet to investigate recent "civil uprisings" and the potential involvement of chaos but that might still be changed.
(where did you find reference to the ordo sepulturum precinctomega?)

well that's all the news i got so far cheers.

oh and i'll probably use this guy to convert him from

17-11-2007, 22:59
It's a great model. I know someone who made an Inquisitor out of him.

The Ordo Sepulturum were in the Thorian sourcebook...that's the only place I know them from.

Got a model for Darth Vader? :p

18-11-2007, 22:09
no unfortunately no model, darth vader was my 1st character and seriously overpowered.
(apart from a power sword, power armour and alot of bionics he also had a whole lot of psychic powers and retarded stats)

but i have decided on talents for Marcus (and the others)
i will be using force of will & hipshooting to emphasize the horror he has seen and the tactics he had to employ (running battles) to survive on his homeworld.

the rest of the group sans stats (the witch-finder is the previously mentioned scribe he will have pathetic physical stats)
Inquisitor Darlan Reave
weapons: dueling pistol, neural whip
armour: carapace on chest, heavy robe on all locations except head
other: average bionic eye with range finder & motion predictor
talents: leader

'Deathwish' carlsson veteran guardsman
weapon: chainsword, bolt pistol, 3 frag grenades
armour: carapace on all locations, closed helmet
other: re-breather & photo visor / advanced bionic eyes(in helmet)
talents: nerves of steel, true grit

Josef Elric priest
weapons: laspistol, hammer
armour: flak on chest, abdomen & groin, heavy robes on all locations except head.
other: average bionic leg
talents: word of the emperor

Pjotr Angler witch-finder
weapons: auto pistol, knife
armour: heavy robes on all locations except head
other: higly advanced bionic brain with psi-tracker
talents: -

(the heavy robes add 2pts armour to a location 1pt of which is ablative)