View Full Version : 1500pt dwarf army

16-11-2007, 18:00
I quite like my army for 1500points however i only seem to be able to beat the average players and would like to know how to improve it to beat the more experienced players.:skull:
Kraggi the Quick 137
shield, rune of cleaving, rune of fury, rune of fury, rune of stone.
Master engineer 130
handgun, rune of stone, rune of fury, rune of cleaving.
Thunderers *14, shields, full command 235
Thunderers *14, shields, full command 235
Quarrellers *16, shields, full command 217
Ironbreakers *18, full command rune of courage 289
cannon rune of forging 125
organ gun 120

16-11-2007, 20:39
talk about missile orientated
maybe some warriors?
I know all dwarfs can fight but you should have more than that one unit of cc troops

20-11-2007, 13:18
almost a gunline?

23-11-2007, 12:16
worked incredibally well against you ha