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Von Wibble
16-11-2007, 20:36
The High Elf army I will use in general.

Prince Tethion - Rides a Sun Dragon.

Has Star Lance, Armour of Caledor, Talisman of Loec. 455pts.

L2 Mage Cyreath - Has Dispel Scroll, Silver Wand. 175pts

Noble Dratheliall, has Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Heavy armour, GW. 142pts

19 Spearmen, fcg. (Noble goes here) 196pts.

18 Lothern Sea Guard, shields, fcg. 259pts.

15 Swordmasters, fcg, Banner of Arcane Protection. (Mage goes here) 280pts

15 White Lions, fcg, Lion Standard. 280pts

6 Dragon Princes, banner of Sorcery. 250pts

2 Tiranoc Chariots . 2 x 85pts.

2 Eagles

1 RBT.

Idea is that the White Lions and 1 chariot can cover a flank defensively whilst the DPs and 1 Chariot deal with the other, leaving a killing ground for the foot units. The Dragon is a trouble shooter.

I know the Radiant Gem is not necessarily popular but I want a dispel dice as well as a fighty character to babysit the spears. I go for Heavens as the first spell is very useful at all times (I switch to this unless I get Second Sign). I have a small concern over how well protected the prince is also.

The army should be strong in movement and OK in combat. Magic and shooting are not so strong but can manage a small role - mostly removing enemy support. Much as I dislike RBTs I have 1 to provide cavalry killing and an additional threat vs chariots.

I had 1 game with it vs hordes of chaos - a massacre entirely because my general and dragon princes charged and murdered his general plus chaos knights - and he failed a bunch of panic checks.

Any thoughts on how to improve the list??

16-11-2007, 20:43
If i'm right loth sea guard still have bows (i haven't seen the new book yet)
so a unit of 18 is going to find it quite hard to loose all those arrows yet be in a good cc formation
maybe adjust for 2 units of spearmen and a smaller unit of bowmen

Von Wibble
18-11-2007, 13:48
The Sea Guard deploy on the hill provided in 3 ranks of 6.

Can't see how I can afford spears and archers for these.